Also in Revision Madness: Anne Stuart

Krissie just posted about her own revision turmoil.  Her story parallels mine, except she is convinced of her own vision (as she should be) and I keep second-guessing mine.  Well, she’s Anne Stuart, Drama Queen and Romance Legend; I’m the slut peasant in the kitchen, thinking about bok choy and Tamari with a side of strawberry ice cream.  Still, it’s heartening to know she’s gung ho, and her book is really good, so now I’m feeling better about mine.  

Conclusion: Friends are important in a writing career.  Krissie is essential.

3 thoughts on “Also in Revision Madness: Anne Stuart

  1. Also, everyone’s path to writing is different. Some authors are more confident in their vision than others. (Says the one who isn’t confident at all. Except on Tuesdays. I’m good on Tuesdays.)

    Yay for friends!

  2. Cue Bette Midler singing, “‘Cause you’ve got to have friends…..”

    There’s a good reason that you and Krissie and Lani called your communal blog Reinventing Fabulous. Yes, you are already fabulous (hence the rabid following of your blog), but periodically you have to find new ways to reveal that to the public, because the reading public has a very short memory.

    I also think I remember that just before that blog went dark, Krissie had to find a new publisher (and she never got to publish the final book in her Kristina Douglas/Fallen Angels series. That drove me nuts!!!!!! I still want to know how it ends.)

    Let’s face it-you guys work in a very difficult industry. And although Krissie is still fighting for the integrity of her work, she is still working. So ask the Girls Upstairs what makes Nita’s story so compelling for you and use that as a filter for the next time you look at it.
    The last time you reported a breakthrough, it was because you reminded yourself of the characteristics of “a Crusie”. It isn’t writing the same thing over and over to take your strengths with you when you try something new.

    All of which is very easy for me to say because I couldn’t write a book to save my life. This is an ineffective way of saying that I have faith that you will find a way.

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