Admin Note: Writing/Romance

A while back (a long while back), I did a series of writing posts on another blog that I called Writing/Romance.  I took that blog offline for admin reasons, and an Argher just asked for the conflict box post back, so I think what I’m going to do is keep the old blog defunct and just do a. Writing/Romance category here.   So the Conflict Box post is back up here.

Let me know what other stuff you want me to move front and center in the reposting job; eventually everything but the old Cherry. Saturdays and Happiness Sundays and general admin posts will go back up, but there are hundreds of the suckers and it’s taking me awhile.

11 thoughts on “Admin Note: Writing/Romance

      1. I assumed all the Writing/Romance ones would be reposted. Is that possible? Also, He Said/She Said with Bob? 0:D

        1. Eventually all of the Writing Romance stuff will go up again. I’m just slow. If there’s anything you want right away, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it up. At least that stuff is do-able; there were only about thirty posts in that series because I never got to character, although I will.

          I don’t think I even have the He Said/She Said stuff. I think Bob kept it. I’d have to dig for it.

          1. To me, “He Said/She Said” would make a good book. I loved it and I’m not a writer. Aspiring action/romance writers ought to eat it up.

          2. We had that plan but then we decided that if we had to work together any more, we’d kill each other, so we ended the partnership for health reasons.

        2. Yes, me too! I found it stashed on some weird interweb spot, but it went away before I could get through all of it (because I couldn’t help reading the hundreds of comments)

      2. That’s one of them. There was also the workshop I went to in NYC years ago (the year I stalked you with chocolate, lol) that talked about the 5 act book and beats within the acts, and making sure there was a beat of some kind in each scene? I remember it particularly because I came home and looked at the book I’d just finished and wrote it up scene by scene. Any scene in which I couldn’t fill in the “this is what happened” box got cut. (Including one of my favorite witty banter scenes in which the beat box read, “they ate dinner and chatted.” Nope.)

        My next book I was really aware of making sure something happened in each scene that moved the story forward. That was the one that got me my agent. The beats info was what I’d been missing to move my writing to the next level, so many books later, thank you again. xxx

      3. You did seem to have very different personalities, for sure. Maybe it could use some intermediaries. “He Said, She Said, Their Therapists Said”. LOL I did enjoy it very much though.

        1. It was great for the books, and he was a terrific collaborator, very open-minded and worked his ass off.
          It was, as he said, when we were in the same zip code that we wanted to kill each other.

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