Cherry Saturday, August 24, 2019

Today is Knife Day.

One of the things I did in revamping my kitchen was to buy four good knives, which was probably one more than I needed.  My daughter suggested CutCo knives which are pricey (to say the least) so I bought a paring knife and a chef’s knife, figuring those were all I’d need.  Then I realized I needed a good bread knife and Epicurious suggested Mison and I bit and bought their bread knife, which is great and about half the price of CutCo (although still pricey).  Later I went back and added a Sanku which I also love but which is probably so close to the chef’s knife that it wasn’t necessary.  And of course I still have a full panoply of cheap knives which I use to open boxes and bags and do general utility stuff, pitching them as they break or dull because really, CutCo and Mison have me covered.  Broke, but covered.  

A good kitchen knife is a wonderful thing.  Happy Knife Day!