Working Wednesday

I’m chopping veggies and diagramming scene sequences so I can chop Nita. Also shaving Veronica and scrubbing floors.  Thinking seriously about making chocolate chip cookies.  

Also working on a new Krissie project (remember the Pig?  The bat case?  The Krissie Bag?): she has this kind of cart thingy that uses to walk around stores since her knees are shot, and while it’s a lovely blue, it’s plain, and she wants fancy.  We discussed options–make it look like a little kid’s bike with streamers and a pink basket, turn it into a unicorn, make it a circus wagon– but in the end we went with Gypsy Caravan.  The problem is, it’s all tubes, no flat surfaces except for the seat, and it has to fold up, so it’s going to take some cogitation.    Right now I’m looking at how the bones of the wood caravans are often painted in contrast to the flat panels, and the use of painted flowers.  I’ve ordered some light blue pin striping tape to start with, and I see some crocheted Irish roses in my future along with double stick tape.  But I must think about this first.  It took me weeks to do the Pig, if you remember.  The Pig is retired now; it was starting to fall apart.  I believe the bats are still in circulation.

So what are you up to?

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  1. Not too much to show for a week’s creativity, as I’m still plugging away at yarn projects after work. So, I’ve shared a couple of pictures of the cats. One is Wendy, who was on some serious cat calming drugs for her trip to the vet (for a regular checkup). She’s fine. I’ll be dosing Stanley up tonight and again tomorrow, since he needs a dental procedure. Hopefully, it will cure his bad breath!

    The other is Teddy. My husband was using the ironing board to fold some clothes and Teddy had to be in the midst of it. But then he got bored.

    Have a great week!

  2. The gypsy caravan idea reminded me of one of my favourite customers and his wheelchair. The wheelchair had a silver plaque on the back inscribed: “U.S.S. Enterprise”

    I worked on teaching Master Ten to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight. It was delicious, and he’s feeling pretty proud of himself.

    Other than that, I’ve spent the day working on getting everyone where they needed to be, which is no small task.

  3. Pig? Bats?? Pics???

    My grandparents have those carts. You could paint the seat, spray paint the basket? It amuses me to picture a little horse in the basket being pushed around. XD I worry with dangly things, like a little skirt for the basket. It could complicate the folding.

    I havent accomplished much. One little hexagon in the blanket. I did find my passport, thank god, and finally send in my 401k changes. I rsearched things for my car. Been crossing things off the adulting list, which is hard but good.

    I’m debating how I want to a store recipes. I’m taking my mom’s main ones and ones I’ve found and liked, and I have the cutest trapper. It’s a question of notecards, then in a sheet protector, long hand on paper/protectors, type or and print/protectors.

    I also bought clearance yarn. I’ve already bought more yarn than the current stash buster will remove. >.>

    1. I scanned favorite recipes years ago when my niece asked for family recipes. Now I put the scans in Dropbox when we travel so I can whip up scones and such.

      Jenny, I ‘d love to see the walkers you have decorated in the past.

      1. Oh, they weren’t walkers. It was two suitcases (Pig and bats) and a bag.
        They’re back in draft form. I’ll dig them out.

          1. Love the posts – and it’s fun reading through the old comments, too. Not that I’m procrastinating.

    2. I have an organized friend who put all my recipes in those plastic sleeves and in 3-hole punch notebooks [by type of food] for me. In theory it’s a great thing. Reality: I grab what I need, then [maybe] put it in a manila folder when I’ve used it–or on the table until such time as I must move it. Best of luck with that project!

    3. I’m liking the digital copy idea, but I like to work with a printed copy, too. So, type and print seems like the way to go. Easy to add pics in, too. I’m OCD enough to be that person, Judy. XD but I like thinking with an eye towards the future. Perhaps a fire to worry about, or easy to share or print or make the book for kids down the line. My boyfriend’s Mom made him that same trapper, and I love it. Thinking of doing that for my siblings. So in that case, definitely typing. Im not handwriting three copies, I’ll freak out over typos and the like haha that gives me until June toget this project restarted, since I had this idea before and floundered. My mom is already organizing hers, so that helps!

  4. My work today consists of calling and changing my automatic credit card accounts, somebody tried a fishing expedition on one card so it’s been replaced. So of course i’m replacing the others. It does make you take a hard look at how you spend your money, though, which is not a bad thing.

  5. I’m outta town this weekend, so preparing for travel: cleaning house, making sure all is ready for the cat sitter, paying first-of-the-month bills, and oh yes, packing. And I baked bread last night and organized notes from a meeting on Sunday into a chart. I love charts; they give the illusion of control.

  6. It’s been a mostly quiet week, or weekend (which ends shortly – my work-week being non-traditional.) I have Amazon Prime, so instead of firing up all my retired series dvds, I streamed The Boys and Jack Ryan with some Good Omens on the side.

    I worked on my accounts, also. I’ve too many credit cards, it seems. Bad for credit to have not enough or too many, and I don’t know where the line is drawn. There was a point these past ten years when I was ecstatic that I paid cash for everything or did without, and had no monthly bills except rent to the dotter, and the land-line phone. Now? land line and cellular service, credit card payments, car payment, computer payment, trash pick-up, rent, insurance, property taxes on the car… life, in progress.

    I also finished all my reading in progress as mentioned here, and moved on to A Clean Fake Marriage Romance Collection by Victorine Lieske. I don’t know what “Clean” is supposed to mean, unless it’s “no sex.” Here is me, shrugging shoulders. Nothing new on the little Kindle, yet, and the PC isn’t cooperating at the moment. (I’m on the Chromebook.)

    Time to go to the paying job.

    1. I hate the amount of bills, too. I’m agog at all the little things we all sign up for and how they add up and how most people don’t realize. Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Audible, Pandora…. Office365!!!! Everything is a subscription now, which drives me batty. I buy them, but going battier every pay period….

      1. It’s less the amount of the bill, too, and just all the trickles of money leaving….

      2. Thanks for the reminder. Audible, McAfee, Downpour, but not Office 365 – I have authorized copies of every Office since 1997, including 2019 Professional. It’s an employee benny, just $10 each. The dotter wants me to subscribe to CBS. She’s a closet Trekker and wants to watch Picard.

        1. I bought the version I could of the last Office Suite. I’m sure that will eventually fade. argh. I mooch as many subscriptions as possible with offers to pay half. Likely will get the new Disney one and share that since it’s my turn….

  7. Working frantically at work before boss leaves again for almost 2 weeks – which will leave me underpaid but relaxed. Looking forward to some home projects while she is gone.

  8. Working on trying to get a plan for potential retirement at some point, and feeling a bit unsettled.

  9. And I think you have a knack for picking birthday cards, Jenny. I remember laughing at the bat card, and also at your description of another one, that warned the recipient not to run away with Diego, or something like that.

  10. Monday was the start of a fun family project when I pulled the cord of the vertical blind to open it and have the right side fall from the frame. All the slats started to tumble so I gathered them and waited for my husband to have his morning coffee before I told him. You know how one thing leads to another, well first the curtains had to come down then all the stuff that was on the radiator cover was moved. Then the radiator cover was removed, which brought out the vacuum for the dust bunnies that have been collecting. The framework was screwed back in place and oiled with WD40. The cover is back in place with all the assorted plants and stuff. We waited till this morning to put the slats back and everything is good to go. The funny thing is we set out a couple of years ago to replace the blind and changed our minds with thinking it was good for the last twenty years it will be good for a few more.

  11. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for that trip down memory lane! I remember some great posts about Lani and her girls. As well. I hope they are all well and happy. Wishing you all well!

  12. The pig was inspiration for my Iron Man suitcase. It looks like the suit is inside but not disassembled like the one in the comics. Will try to post a pic on Insta.

    I had a killer day. Worked like mad. No pics worth posting. 🤷🏻‍♀️

        1. I thought the EXACT SAME THING. Only unlike Jane it took me forever to arrive at SIL = son-in-law. I need another cup of coffee.

    1. Oh, they look great, so happy.
      I thought he was her second husband. Then I got it: your second son-in-law because you have another daughter?
      Anyway, congratulations!

      1. I should have been clearer – I didn’t want to break everyone’s brain today!

        Yes, second daughter to get married with her first husband. 🙂 First daughter was married last year, so we’ve had weddings in our future since February 2017. It feels odd to not have any big event in the offing.

        1. And I thought the sister-in-law was performing the wedding (minister? Judge?)

  13. I’ve just finished the horrid proofs – cannibal stew and all. Am planning to spend the next two days in my gardens, recovering. Am also (again) chasing contacts to try and line up more work. Hoping to take a fortnight’s holiday at the end of August, but need to be earning until then.

    Think I’ve already shared about making jams and jellies at the weekend. Then Tony the handyman rematerialized after a couple of months’ absence, and yesterday I helped him rig the clothes rack over the stairs, which made me happy. I suspect it’s about 100 years old – it was in our house in Sheffield, which my grandparents bought new in 1924.

    I want to type up my research into wall shrubs and climbers, so I can work out what I want where. It’s starting to gel.

    1. Can you post a picture of the clothes rack. It sounds fascinating but I cannot picture it mentally.

        1. Yes please. I have a clothes rack (older than I am, though not 100) and stairs….

  14. I finally finished quilting and binding and removing the “water-soluble” pen markings from a quilt. The pen wasn’t as water soluble as it claimed, but the inter webs came to my rescue as did Dawn dish soap.

    It took approximately 30 hours to mark, quilt, and bind the quilt. I’ve been working on it for a few months now.

    I also made some progress on the kitchen. Doors are prepared for painting this weekend. The kitchen table was returned and a different bought. Likewise with a rug. We’ll see how it all comes together in 2 weeks or so. Also, have a plan for when we’re installing the backsplash. Still have to decide on which tile…

  15. I can’t see if anyone has said this because I’m on a weird interface, but that word is a slur.

    I STILL talk about the pig suitcase! At least once a year, usually before or after flying, I dig up the post and mention it. I love how it has the spirit of Hello Kitty while still being very much its own unique creation.

    Today I am job hunting and writing stuff I don’t want to so we can get this book to our consultant. Or at least the first half of it. And tonight, we record a new video for the crowdfund for our second book: We’ll be revealing a new perk in honor of the last two weeks of the campaign. Self-publishing is neverending self-promotion and I am tired, but my co-author has published traditionally before and did not love it.

    1. Thanks for the reminder about “gypsy” being a slur. I knew enough to not use “gyp” (thank you, Associated Press style), but just did some googling and got better educated.

      1. I just learned this week that grandfathered (as in being exempt from a new rule) is a reference to white men not having to be able to read to vote if their grandfather voted

        1. I just looked up “gypsy” and “to be grandfathered” and I don’t see a need to avoid either of them.

          Of course, everyone should choose which terms she wishes to use. I’m not trying to change anyone else’s mind.

          Also, I like learning the histories and changing meanings of words and phrases. Thanks!

          The only phrase I’ve dropped from my vocabulary lately is a verb: “to trump.”

          1. Krissie said that’s it’s only pejorative if it’s used as a description of people. Gypsy skirt and gypsy caravan are different usages as is the description of actors as gypsies. Not sure what to replace any of those with since they’re a particular kind of description. Also, my head hurts.

  16. I made vegan cupcakes last night. A first for me.

    Cleaning and more sorting to do. Have w-a-y too many clothes and fabric. And shoes. Being ruthless second time round.

  17. Finished two huge projects–a webinar and an annual report–and am now back to The Website That Is Taking Forever to Write. I am determined to come back tonight and announce that I finished.

  18. I wish you hadn’t mentioned chocolate chip cookies. Now I want to make some. Memorizing lines for an audition tomorrow for Young Sheldon. Cross your fingers for me. And lots of fiddly bits of stuff on the computer. Sending out audio promo codes for a promotion I did with AudioBookBoom. The have a good deal. I paid a one-time 12.00 and so far I have twenty requests.
    If you like audiobooks take a look at their list. Very eclectic.
    Happy Wednesday.

  19. Lots of stuff this week-dentist-check, doctor-check, lawn mowed-check (Monarch flitting around the milkweed, Yes!), tomorrow haircutand Friday dog grooming and visit to local Board of Elections office.
    Also messing around with a cross stitch for the “Tiny Pricks Project”.

  20. Because my life isn’t crazy enough, I volunteered to foster a stray mama cat and her four newborn kittens. A good Samaritan rescued them, but the local shelter is more than full (kitten season) and all their regular fosters are more than full, and I have an empty room upstairs that I only use to store things in… So, fostering kittens. (My three young ones are all around two and crazy and my older guy is 13, so I have never been less inclined to take in another…hopefully this will keep me from getting too attached.) Mama is very friendly and affectionate, although terribly skinny. She clearly belonged to someone at some point. As of today, the kittens are 6 days old and seem healthy.

    And adorable. (This is a short video of them on Sunday night when I brought them home. 3 days old at that point.)

  21. Still crossing things off the ginormous chore list. Saturday we tore up the old raised garden bed frame and started building a new one then got rained out. We put knobs on our kitchen cabinets and drawers only the bolts for the drawer pulls are too short to fit all the way through (insert screaming and swearing here). We hung some things on the walls, we did some things I’ve forgotten already, and we got rained on. A lot. We’ve had so many thunderstorms in the past 2 weeks that our dog who is afraid of thunder is almost desensitized to it. Almost. Except for the really loud stuff right over head. Like we’re having now. He’s curled up on my foot.

    About 5 years ago or so we had a utility trailer and ATV stolen. We got the ATV back the next day thanks to a guy being in the right place at the right time and seeing the thieves handing it off to the client and calling the cops. We never got the trailer back and we had made a mistake and not insured it. Last week we get a call from the RCMP in a town about an hour and a half away saying they had our trailer! It was in great shape. Clearly, someone had been using it and taking care of it but it was abandoned on a vacant lot. We spent half a day working on rewiring it and sold it yesterday.

    Monday Paul took the truck in to have the AC worked on (for the second time in a week) and I took dog 2, Jasmine, to the vet in the same town. We passed each other on the highway. Jasmine has kennel cough so she and her brothers, Charlie and Fred, are on quarantine until either everyone gets it or they aren’t contagious anymore. Just like kids. Since they can’t go to the kennel, I’m home with them while he goes to Saskatchewan to visit his family. I’m still doing projects but tomorrow I go back to work at the day job, though there are a few things that have to be done so that when he gets home we can knock those out before he goes back to work. This has not been our most restful vacation. I haven’t even had time to finish watching Good Omens.

  22. I am working on writing, as usual, and on finding a new job. Today a friend and former co-worker pinged me about an opportunity that may be opening up at his firm where I used to work. I immediately threw my hat in that ring, because I didn’t leave that job by choice either (position eliminated). There are at least five people there I’d be happy to work with/near again. So we’ll see. At least that will satisfy the unemployment police that I continue to try.

    Otherwise, today’s ‘work’ ended at ‘do a load of laundry.’

  23. I spent this week trying not to murder the dentist at the free clinic because instead of telling me what my options are and letting me decide what I wanted to do, he told me that putting a crown on my tooth was impossible. So I went for a second opinion and the second dentist took one look at the x-ray and said, “yeah, I can do that.”
    The good part is that the second dentist comes highly recommended by his hygienist and my friend who recently had a crown made by him. The bad part is that I can’t afford the new guy’s prices for regular cleaning and minor repairs so I will have to go back to the first dentist after I get a crown from the second. THAT will be awkward.
    I have a small trust that will pay for the crown, but I have to remember that it has to last another 30 years.

  24. You could use self stick Velcro for the walker. Maybe the cushy side on the walker. It will stick better then 2 sided tape and easier to redecorate or theme. Halloween, Thanksgiving. Bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens or your favorite things. Actually used the Velcro on a wall in a kid’s bathroom was able to move the plastic jellyfish and turtles around.

  25. I did more drawing and was pretty pleased with at least one of my portraits. And I looked back at the drawings I did in April and wow have I improved! Nothing like practice.

    And we bought a car. Ours has started to fall to pieces so we really needed to replace it. Cue weeks of research, figuring out which cars have great fuel efficiency, enough space, and a bunch of other features we decided we cared about. Very pleased we found one.

    Other than that, the day job’s been frantic and I’ve spent a lot of the evenings recovering from that by doing online jigsaws or binge reading the Temeraire books. Finished those now, which is a shame but probably good for my productivity.

  26. Because of one of those posts, or perhaps another bag you painted, I painted my daughter’s school backpack. This is years ago now. I love the ideas I find here.

    On another, less happy note, the job I was offered seems to have fallen through. I did my part and went to the Super to talk money and I thought it went well. Today I found out they hired someone else. Because of Reasons. (Union reasons.) But I would have liked to be told by the people hiring me and not through the grapevine. Very disappointing and unprofessional, I must say.

      1. I hope so, Kelly. I am quite despondent about money at the moment though. However, not despondent about not having to work with those people who have turned out to be dick weeds. I did have reservations, but the stress of finances drove me to apply for the position.

        May something better come along!

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