The Nita Posts

I’ve been working on Nita for three years. Over two hundred posts on just about everything as I struggled with the story, first as just a game and then as a serious book. The posts below are organized as to topic and in chronological order after that, but they’re all over the place because the story shifted over the years. It’ll take me awhile to get all the titles (over 260) and links up, but here’s the list so far:

Discovery and Drafting
This Book is Going to Hell February 26, 2016
Maybe I Should Retire March 9, 2016
Title Search
WiP Thinking March 31, 2016
Listening to Nita
Nita’s Soundtrack
The Lemmon McMansion
Drafting: Discover to Truck February. 6, 2017
Discovery Posts: Why I Was Researching Las Vegas August 24, 2018
A Discovery Draft I’ll Keep August. 28, 2018
The Other Discovery Draft I’m Keeping August 31, 2018

Nita’s Character and the Big Picture
Nita’s Mom
Mammon and Max (and Button)
The Historical Society

Plot and Structure
Revising Scene By Beats
Catching Up: Set-up and Scene Sequence
Bookending Nita
Structure. and. Nita’s. First Act
Nita’s First Act Truck Draft: Escalation
Nita’s First Act Truck Draft: Pacing
Nita’s First Scene, One More Time, Again, Oh God When Will It End?

Critique and Rewriting
Critique Practice The Second Nick Scene
The Reason You Wait Twenty-Four Hours
Using Critiques to Rewrite
Nita’s Punch List
Nita, A Progress Report
Cutting Nita: Act One
Nita Critique Thoughts

Blurb Nita
Nita is in New York

11 thoughts on “The Nita Posts

    1. I’m going through and deleting a lot of stuff, too, so it has to be manually. Plus recategorizing and tagging. The blog is a mess and it’s going to take quite awhile, but it’ll be worth it.

      1. Hope it results in a book, how to. I mean, you’re doing All The Work.
        And so much love from us for your labor.

  1. Wow. Digital clean-ups are NOT easy.
    Great work. You’re making me think of attacking mine.

  2. I will never not laugh at ‘this book is going to hell.’

    The whole Nita conversation has been so fantastically educational. It’s going to be great to have that all in one place. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for doing this! I’m mid-binge of Hoarders on Hulu, and it’s making me declutter. I don’t have a messy house, but I’ve been wanting to be more minimalistic for awhile, including digitally, and what you are doing is kinda my big picture for all digital things. So. Daunting!

  4. Watching the progression of the book has been amazing and also educational. Feeling very privileged to have seen it happen up close in real time.

    (Also, hello Argh People! Nice to see you again!)

    1. I figured it must be annoying. “How long is it going to take her to finish this thing?” I’m kind of annoyed and I’m doing it.

      1. Of course you’re annoyed; you’re doing all the work. We’re just spectating and appreciating.

  5. It’s always great to see your craft posts, and Nita has been such a fun thing to follow. Thanks!

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