Echoes and Sharpies

Krissie bought me a pack of colored Sharpies the last time she was here and I’ve been working them like crazy, trying to track the echoes in Nita.  “Echoes” is not a technical term, but “motif” isn’t right for this and repetition is too general.  What I’m talking about here, folks, is a scene that recurs, shifting each time to arc a character or plot point.  For example . . .

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Random Friday

I need to post something insightful for a change, or at least interesting, but it’s taking all my energy just to put up with the normal little stuff I’m dealing with here, so you’re getting random little stuff.  You can just skip this post.   It has no fiber or vitamins whatsoever, probably because of that bastard, Tom Hiddleston.

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The Nita Posts

I’ve been working on Nita for three years. Over two hundred posts on just about everything as I struggled with the story, first as just a game and then as a serious book. The posts below are organized as to topic and in chronological order after that, but they’re all over the place because the story shifted over the years. It’ll take me awhile to get all the titles (over 260) and links up, but here’s the list so far:

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This is a Good Book Thursday

It’s also the Fourth of July, which is an insane holiday in the US when people injure themselves with fireworks. and grills and hold parades and yell “We won!” about an event that happened a couple of centuries ago.  The best thing to do on the Fourth?  Stay home with a cold drink and a good book.  In my case, it’s a blog–I’m still reading and revising. my way through 2000+ posts–but you do you.

Whatcha reading?