Working Wednesday

I’m chopping veggies and diagramming scene sequences so I can chop Nita. Also shaving Veronica and scrubbing floors.  Thinking seriously about making chocolate chip cookies.  

Also working on a new Krissie project (remember the Pig?  The bat case?  The Krissie Bag?): she has this kind of cart thingy that uses to walk around stores since her knees are shot, and while it’s a lovely blue, it’s plain, and she wants fancy.  We discussed options–make it look like a little kid’s bike with streamers and a pink basket, turn it into a unicorn, make it a circus wagon– but in the end we went with Gypsy Caravan.  The problem is, it’s all tubes, no flat surfaces except for the seat, and it has to fold up, so it’s going to take some cogitation.    Right now I’m looking at how the bones of the wood caravans are often painted in contrast to the flat panels, and the use of painted flowers.  I’ve ordered some light blue pin striping tape to start with, and I see some crocheted Irish roses in my future along with double stick tape.  But I must think about this first.  It took me weeks to do the Pig, if you remember.  The Pig is retired now; it was starting to fall apart.  I believe the bats are still in circulation.

So what are you up to?

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