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  1. I was going to start my own kombucha today, but… when I poured hot water into the jar (with a tap, don’t know the English word for those) to clean it, it broke. It started out with this cracking noise and then BAM! The bottom broke off. Happy I discovered this before I put kombucha in it, but annoyed as all hell that this happened now when I was FINALLY getting started. ARGH! So all I could do was “feed” my scoby (the yeast you use for kombucha) so it’ll be fit for fight whenever I manage to find another jar. MIL and I are going to IKEA tomorrow after my appointment at the eye specialist, perhaps they have one there…

    I called my mum (she was on facetime with me when the jar broke) and first thing she said was: “You’re looking very pretty today.” Made me happy!

    MILSIL was here this morning for the cleaning, and we looked at ads for rex kittens, and she fell hopelessly in love with them! She said she will send a whatsapp to DF tonight and convince him I should have one, and said she would love to help me go pick one up if he agrees too. I doubt she’ll convince him, but one can dream, right?
    The site is in Dutch, but here’s the link if you wanna take a look:
    (There is a link somewhere by the photos called “grote foto’s”, which means “large photos”, if you want them larger.)

    Hope you all will have a great and productive week!

      1. Thanks for the tip, I will try that! MIL gave me a large one out of plastic today, I’ll ask my mother if that works for kombucha, too. IKEA only had 6-liter jars. A bit too big, I think…

  2. Working on keeping calm and patient with quite snowflake colleagues….working on timetable with our Director of ICT who is a genius….working on dealing with idiot child who took phone into public exam, strictly prohibited, leading to a malpractice investigation and a ton of paperwork. And am investigating possibility of doing PhD in Creative Writing. Really really tempted.

  3. This morning, the studio where I stitch things onto other things. This afternoon the laser! So I can cut out detailed work, things from wood and cardstock, and engrave things.

    I am thinking of words to engrave on rocks to hold in your pocket that are more …nuanced? varied? than the standard “breathe” “hope” “dream” – most of my ideas are curses? and I could use a broadening of scope!

    1. The only time I’ve used stones (pebbles or smooth crystals) like that, is when I’ve used them as a focus for something I want to create/increase in my life – prosperity or inner peace, for example. But of course I just imagined the stone embodying the quality. But perhaps rather than commands (‘Breathe!’) you could just shift sideways to experiences to attract: inner peace, adventure, wonderful surprise, inspiration . . .

    2. Like a worry stone? I have 2, in the hopes I’ll stop biting and picking at my nails. So maybe “do not bite”

      As for other words: cry. Roar. RAWWRRR (one of my favorite shirt has a dinosaur on it saying “Rawr means I love you in dinosaur”)

      1. OK I’m tired and goofy just now but I am HOWLING at the idea of a rock labeled “Do not bite”. Warning labels running amok and all that.

    3. Sharon Shinn has written a series called Elemental Blessings; the premise is that one is associated with one of the 5 elements and 3 blessings are chosen at birth that gooMakng with the element. In the first book (and on her website too) she has a chart of what she calls blessings that are associated with each of the elements. Her characters draw blessings (usually 3) when needed, for clarity or help in some situations etc. You could look at her blessing chart and see if any of those appeal for putting on your rocks.

  4. I’m back to the day job: wrestling with the copy-edit to try and ensure all the elements have been formatted consistently, so they’re clear for the designer. I keep thinking I’m there, and then it slips away again. Still got some planting and sowing to do (and clearing, and making compost bins . . . ), but the gardens are coming on. And yesterday, when it rained, I finally managed to do the bits of DIY to finish both bedroom wardrobes, and have put all my clothes away – although there’s still a pile of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ to sort.

    Two jobs I’m dreading: trying to remove the tenacious miniature suckers from the Virginia creeper from the back of the house before the painter arrives, and getting up a ladder to deadhead the climbing rose on the front of the house, which has flowered prolifically but now looks spectacularly, and depressingly, dead. If only the replacement double-glazed bedroom windows opened at the bottom, as those they replaced would have, this would be simple and safe.

  5. Working on trying to keep my anxiety at bay. I don’t know how to do it anymore. None of the old methods are working.

    Also, still taking the class that I’m enjoying.

    1. Ah, Anxiety my old friend. It helps to get older. Or at least for me, it did. Also, ACA meetings, even though I don’t actually have an alcoholic parent. I’m sending love and an offer of a phone call if you ever need someone new to talk to.

    2. Ugh, anxiety is a monster. I hope you’ll manage to show it to the door soon. I could give you several tips on how to deal with it but I’m sure you know a lot of them already, so I’m sending you cyberhugs instead. <3 Hope you'll feel better soon.

    3. Are you seeing a good psychiatrist? Anxiety is chemically induces in our brain and needs chemicals to reduce it. Don’t try your GP. They don’t know enough about dosing to do it properly. Good luck. I speak from experience

  6. Car inspection, kitchen cleaning, lawn mowing. And still messing with the first of 2 crochet ornament kits. I cut off all the dead stuff on my butterfly bush; there was a lot of dieback this winter. I may be moving it next year as it’s really too big for the space. It was supposed to be a smaller variety. Mostly, I’m just trying to relax a bit.

    1. If your butterfly bush is a buddleja, normal practice here is to cut them hard back to about eighteen inches tall in spring. Mine’s now six feet tall and about to flower. (Of course, that may still be too tall for your space.)

      1. Aren’t butterfly bushes invasive? I had one start on its own in the ancient fireplace in my backyard. I sent a picture of it in bloom to Mollie (who has degrees in landscape architecture and horticulture, so helpful) and said, “Isn’t this pretty?” and she wrote back, “Butterfly bush. Invasive.” The fact that it could root in a fireplace with very little dirt in it was ominous.

  7. My life is consumed with raising puppies – last year’s puppy, who shows no signs of ever becoming an adult, and this year’s puppy, currently three months old. And I dream longingly of the day I will actually be able to sleep again…

  8. I’m sewing again. I made a white ultra-suede vest for husband’s aunt. The same pattern as the one I made for MIL. I just need to cut out the fringe and sew it on vest. I bought a fabulous iron at a quilt show. (I don’t quilt). It is a fabulous steam iron for ironing seams, etc.

    I’m going to make one for myself. When we finally bury MIL’s ashes in July, I may wear it in honour of a strong woman.

    And now back to work.

  9. Said to my co-worker “I can’t find that paperwork. And it’s only 11am so I can’t go home yet” to which she responded “Pollyanna has checked out for the day!” which makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    Lee – can we have a word on each side of the stone? I would go for Pollyanna on one side, and wicked witch on the other….. you know, to provide balanced inspirations. I usually find one of the two works in a crisis. At least when Pollyanna is an option; apparently not today.

  10. All those projects! Me? I opened my email, deleted all the spam, and that left me with The Fussy Librarian. What did TFL offer me today?

    Pride & Prejudice & P*nis
    By Emmaline Wade
    Pride & Prejudice never seemed so good…

    And that was in the romance category.

    There’s also a reminder from the DMV that my plates expire this month and I should renew over the web because they charge an extra $5 convenience fee for going physically to a DMV.

    And one from Amazon with my link to Good Omens that I’m holding in my inbox for convenience (no fee).

    Power Surge is still on my Kindle with two stories queued behind it. Red Rabbit is on my laptop.

    I have a new printer, an HP 3752, that I’ve been “meaning to set up” for a month or two. I’m not quite done procrastinating, yet. But I’ve managed to keep the “apartment” clean since the dotter attacked it, except for two dishes in the bathroom sink – and my Christmas trees atop the fridge (plugged in as a night light, you see) where they annoy the b’jassus out of her. 😉

    I suppose I should get ready for my day job. The boiler plant won’t run itself. TTFN

  11. I made catnip kickers for my clowder and some friends’ cats. You can see one of my adolescent cats (they’re about 14 months old now, so not kittens exactly, but not fully grown either) appreciating one here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByRShRTg209/

    Also got a bunch of stupid medical appointments (routine stuff like a mammogram, nothing out of the ordinary) done, so most of this month is free of commitments that involve leaving the house. It’s supposed to be a month of new and shiny projects, but I’m running behind on a (self-imposed) deadline, so I have to finish that project this week, and then it’s on to new and shiny!

  12. I saw the cutest thing yesterday. My husband called me over to the window to see a whole passel of baby ducklings. There must have been 40 – 50 +/- surrounded by their parents. They were all swimming in the bay. Probably a family reunion.

  13. I’m pretty much confined to my Mom’s house when I’m not traveling for work (SF at the end of last week). She saw the doc on Monday. The ankle is healing well, but she’s not going to be able to walk on it for several more weeks.

    My projects have been a bit curtailed by only being at home one day every couple of weeks, but I made some juneberry (service berry, saskatoon, etc.) jam from a tree on public land across the street and started a batches of mulberry liqueur and whey-fermented lemonade.

    As for the actual job that I was offered at the end of February, the security clearance process is still going on. It is taking forever.

  14. I’ve been pitching up at work at 6.30am just to get ahead of the end-of-term work. It means less time for yoga. Argh.

    International Yoga Day is around the corner. (I forget which day it is, and I’m not adding another tab to go look.)

    Everyone should participate. You don’t need to be flexible, you just have to be willing to try and have patience. Nobody did every single posture perfectly on their first try.

    1. I took a yoga class in the fall and damaged both rotator cuffs. Still feeling the effects of the “gentle” shoulder stretch. Apparently, I don’t have yoga tendons.

  15. I have a new student as a side hustle. Just in time as my Vet bills are piling up. (Oreo/Rollo ate a bag of semisweet chocolate chips that my daughter left on the coffee table. $557 later…) I’m beginning to think we have to have a chocolate ban in this house.

    So in the AM I go spend three very frustrating hours trying to get five minutes worth of work from this kid. Then I go home, take a nap with the dogs and write for the rest of the day. It’s all about making a living and paying for VERY EXPENSIVE DOGS these days.

    The side hustle pays very well, better than my last side hustle did, but I think about quitting every day. I don’t know if this child has a diagnosis (probably) or is just willful (probably not), but the behavior is exhausting. Yelling at the top of his lungs. Leaving the room and not coming back. The need for constant movement and banging things. He’s fifteen and very bright. But yesterday we got four math problems done. Easy math problems.

    We did better today, but he napped for an hour and a half first. Just flopped across the armchair in the hall of the building we work in and slept. I tried to wake him up a couple of times but then I just left him. When I was finally able to wake him he looked very surprised, like ‘how did I get here?’ But we got far more work done than usual so I’m taking it as a win.

    I can’t help thinking that there is someone out there that could actually get this boy caught up so that he doesn’t have to repeat ninth grade. We’ve got two weeks left and piles of work. I blame the school. They basically left this kid to his own devices (Every teacher sent him to the library to play on his phone all day) for eighty percent of the year. It’s criminal. There’s no way to catch him up – unless he really wanted to and he either doesn’t want to or can’t concentrate. I don’t know which.

    Okay, done ranting now. Other than to use one of my mother’s favorite sayings: (she was a proclaimed pacifist) “They should be shot.” The they, in this case, being the administration of said school.

    1. Hi Kate,
      This kid NEEDS help!! He could be a.d.d. or something else. Minimum help should be a tutor for the school year. I can understand he would be very disruptive in class and unpopular with teachers but it seems he has fallen through the cracks. I hope you can help him.

    2. That sounds challenging and exhausting for both of you.

      Assvice: Can you build motion into the work? Solve a problem, change seats. Solve a problem, do the next one under the table. Solve a problem, stand on one foot for 15 seconds.

      Good luck!

      1. Also it sounds like he may be sleep deprived which makes ADD worse and probably makes it harder to pay attention even if he doesn’t have ADd. I don’t know if his parents are the kind that would take him to a sleep clinic or try stuff at home to help him sleep better. I know my daughter’s sleep and focus improved dramatically when she got regular exercise, had better allergy control, stopped all screens an hour before bed, and got her very mild asthma diagnosed and treated—it was waking her up at night. Just a thought

      2. Oh! I like this very much! I wonder if I could do that with my writing? Like, connect all my devices to one cloud storage thingy, then have my husband hide the devices like a treasure hunt with clues to where the next one is. Write until I’m bored, then go find the next one?

        LOL, sounds exhausting if it were real life. But maybe I could write a crazy author character who does this with panache and style. And then, instead of her iPad, she finds . . . a dead body! A genie’s lamp! The missing treasure of Madre de las Sierras!

  16. I’ve been baking in my free time for the upcoming herbal bake sale at the herb/flower festival on the 15th. This week I’ve made chocolate strawberry mint brownies, orange mint cookies, lemon thyme mini cupcakes, and rosemary/raisin cookie bars. Pending ideas for baking are chocolate chip cookies with one of the mints I have growing (either mojito mint, ginger mint, or chocolate mint, whichever jumps out at me first), frosted banana bars with pineapple sage, lavender cookies, and rose petal cookies. I try to make something different every year as well as a few repeat favorites.

  17. I am working on selecting a new rose. I have seen pictures of one called Koko Loco that I really liked. Has anyone here ever grown it? Does it stay compact or does it shoot to 6 feet like most of my other roses? Is it disease resistant?

  18. I am, as my clients might say, focusing on maximizing uptime to increase productivity and enhance key performance indicators for critical initiatives.

  19. I understand some folks like the color. Go look over at helpmefind. Here’s the info:
    66 favorite votes.
    Average rating: GOOD+.
    Mauve or mauve blend Floribunda.
    Registration name: Wekbijou
    Exhibition name: Koko Loco
    Bred by Christian Bédard (United States, 2008).
    Introduced in United States by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, Inc. in 2012 as ‘Koko Loco’.
    Milky chocolate suffusing to lavender. Mild fragrance. 40 to 64 petals. Average diameter 4″. Large, very full (41+ petals), borne mostly solitary, in small clusters, classic hybrid tea, high-centered to cupped bloom form. Prolific, blooms in flushes throughout the season. Long, pointed buds.
    Medium, bushy, rounded. Medium, semi-glossy, medium green foliage. 3 to 7 leaflets.
    Height of 41″ to 4′ 7″ (105 to 140 cm). Width of 30″ to 35″ (75 to 90 cm).
    USDA zone 7a and warmer. Can be used for beds and borders, container rose, cut flower or garden.

    1. Thank you. This is very helpful. Absolutely all of the nurseries are sold out of it at present so I have a long lead time before I could get it. The rose lady at Portland Nursery said that when it set bloom, they were sold out of it in a week. This was back in March.

  20. On Wednesday I was at the new job for day three of what ended up being only four. Due to unforeseen complications, I judged it best to flee that scene. Back to the job-hunt drawing board, and TG I never submitted my HR paperwork.

    After getting home I worked on the novel-in-progress for several hours which made me feel better.


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