Happiness is a Change of Season

I love the cusps, those times of year when the seasons shift and change is everywhere, and spring into summer is probably my fave.  Summer into fall is pretty good, too, except there’s always a hint of excitement (back to school!) and sadness (things start to die), that makes the whole time seem richer and heavier than its counterpart.  But spring into summer is all light and happiness, like a little kid dancing, the world warming up, bulbs popping like crazy, wildlife getting gutsy about staring down humans, lovely breezes and warm rainstorms, and the sense of potential everywhere.  Spring into summer is all promise, and it makes me insanely happy.

What made you happy this week?

43 thoughts on “Happiness is a Change of Season

  1. We’re all healthy after battling ailments. I went for a long walk after too much time in the house. i read something I enjoyed after weeks of nothing appealing to me (outside of fanfiction, but sometimes you want new characters and new worlds).

    Guardians of the Galaxy went over well for family movie night.

    But the big thing . . we went to our first local minor minor minor league baseball game. It was almost nippy and springlike for our area in June, but since we have a long, hot humid summer here, I reveled in it. I even still had my traditional hot dog and scoop of ice cream.

    The boys both had a good time. My husband really enjoyed explaining baseball stuff to youngest son. It wasn’t even a particularly good game, but it’s fun to just soak up the atmosphere and people watch. It was just a very relaxed, happy summer evening.

  2. I spent last week in Helsinki, Finland, attending a conference. The conference was interesting and I learned a great deal, but the best part of the week was exploring the city. The sun doesn’t set until at least 10:30 pm, which gave my colleagues and I lots of time to explore the city after the conference ended for the day. Helsinki has an extensive network of walking paths and bike lanes, often completely separate from the roads. Bikes and scooters are easy to find and use. The Central Library was close to my hotel and it is the most amazing building, in terms of design and use – lots of wood, natural light and open spaces. I was delighted to find an urban workshop on one floor where you could rent a sewing machine with your library card. My colleagues and I spent a magical evening sitting on the rocks on an island just off the coast of the city, watching the sun drop into the harbour. After a long flight home (including a 5 hours layover in Frankfurt), I walked out of the gate to find DH and DS waiting for me – lovely welcome home after a once-in-a-life-time adventure.

  3. I’m happy MIL’s scan was positive – Everything looked just as good as after the chemo. Everyone is relieved.

    I’m also happy we finally seem to have found a replacement computer for the one I sent to reparation in March that never came back (long story short). We’ve tried several different ones and all of them had one flaw or another that made us decide not to keep them. I’ve even been working with my really old one for a while, one that gets so hot if you do too many or too complicated things that he spontaniously dies in protest now and then. This one that I am typing on now is for keeps. It’s hereby decided.

    When I was in Sweden, my sis served food in deep plates I really liked the shape and feel of, and I found those at IKEA last Thursday. I bought 6 plates in 3 different colours, because I just love the idea of everything not looking exactly the same. Happy.

    I am NOT happy that, in addition to the jar that broke Wednesday, our oven short-circuits the entire apartment if I turn it on. This is a problem, I use the oven a lot for cooking. Argh. Our fridge is also going nuts again and sometimes freezes random food items. And it’s not as easy as throw things out and get new, because it’s built-in-stuff with precise measurements and whatnot for this kitchen. Previous owners probably thought it was grand. I think it’s annoying. Argh!

    1. I have a fridge drawer that does that, too. It’s supposed to be a chiller drawer for meats, etc. but it freezes some stuff and not others. So annoying.

  4. I’ve blogged twice this week, or maybe two weeks, after not writing anything for years. Yep, years. And I feel like I have my voice back.

    I don’t know if it’s happiness, but it is satisfying.

    Also, the sun is shining. Now, that IS happiness.

  5. I finally found out what was growing in my garden. I stepped outside after a rain shower and found a pink calla lily. I had to go back in to get my camera!

  6. It’s been a rough week at work. I did enjoy having the house to myself—‘husband and son return today. And that adorable video of father and toddler talking.

    I must admit as an introvert I’m worried about the next two weekends and the week inbetween as we have two sets of houseguests for all but 3 nights plus two dinners one with a friend we rarely see and one with our adult sort of foster daughter. That would be hard anytime but with the work issues …

  7. I went to visit a friend in Stuart, Florida (a nice smallish town on the St. Lucie river and near the ocean–about 40 minutes north of West Palm Beach) from the 30th thru last Tuesday. It was supposed to be Monday, but the airlines…well, nevermind.

    This was intended to be a rare actual vacation–not combined with a conference or family stuff–with a sister-from-a-different-mother I’ve been friends with for 30 years. Alas, I came down with a horrible cold as soon as I got there, and was sick as a dog for the entire visit. Nonetheless, we did our best to still find our joy. We took a sunset cruise on the river (an estuary, so we even spotted a few glimpses of dolphins, which made me ridiculously happy) on a 3-masted schooner with a captain who was full of cool factoids that he shared with the 7 passengers. My friend Terry and I are both information geeks, so we loved that bit. The young man who acting as sailing assistant was both gorgeous AND had an Australian accent, which didn’t hurt at all. I think his presence means I can take the trip off on my taxes as research for a romance novel…

    The next morning we went to a beautiful, nearly empty beach for about an hour, before the 90 degree heat drove us away. Just walking up and down at the edge of the shore with my feet in the waves and one of my oldest bestest friends was a lot of happy, despite the fever and the nose blowing.

    In the evenings, we sat around and watched British television (and a show set in Florida with a snarky lead and a tough female nurse that she got me hooked on–it’s called The Glades) and drank wine.

    Lots of happiness there, no matter what. Now I’m planning my yearly summer solstice ritual with the Witchy gang, which will also bring with it a lot of joy. And still blowing my nose…

    1. The Glades……sigh. Not a big TV fan, but loved that show. Think I’ll see if Amazon has the series :).

  8. I’ve just finished planting and sowing the garden, and there were some good sunny intervals so I could take breaks and sit and read in my garden, which always makes me happy.

    Went round half a dozen open studios yesterday, and caught up with various friends and acquaintances.

    Enjoyed watching ‘63 Up’ – a documentary series that started in 1964 with ‘7 Up’, which selected 14 children and asked them about their lives and what they hoped for in the future, and has revisited them every seven years since. They’re the same age as me, which makes it extra interesting. The director’s nearly 80 now, so not sure there’ll be another one. It was good to see all these lives, not spectacular or sensational, but worthwhile and appreciated.

  9. The sun is shining, the sky is all blue! Finally getting summer in L.A. And what am I doing? Cleaning out closets. Ha ha.
    It’s only 1pm and I just finished, so might as well buzz on over to Goodwill and drop off the four bags of stuff. Feels great to get that job done.
    I can put the car windows down and enjoy the drive, maybe hit up Trader Joe’s on the way back.

  10. The sentence that begins “But spring into summer is all light and happiness…” in this post made me particularly happy, to go along with the regular happiness of reading some Crusie. Thanks for writing it.

  11. Last Sunday my hermit self went to visit one of my nephews & his family. This kid lucked out in the wife department; she is a peach. We just sat outside under an oak tree and visited with the children rotating by for hugs and kisses and various animals from their menagerie looking to be scratched/patted. Very low key but a warm and lovely afternoon.

  12. We’ve had rather a miserable, cold Spring for southern California, but today the sun is out and I took a long walk on the beach and soaked in the sunshine and the breeze and the cute dogs out walking their owners.

    Just about finished with the last lace section of my Find Your Fade shawl, which means I’m in the home stretch – 56 rows to go and it’s done!

  13. My husband’s 79-yo brother had to have an emergency surgery on Wednesday night because of a perforated appendix. We were really worried! Today they let him go home from the hospital because he was doing so well. We went for a short visit and he opened the door himself – it was incredible and certainly a good reason to be happy.

    Tomorrow is a holiday in Germany (it’s Pentecost weekend), so we’re going to visit no. 1 son in Cologne because it’s his birthday. More happy, hopefully.

  14. For all you Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fans: I was at the Grand Pump Room in Bath today. 😆😆😆

    Hubby wanted to tour the Roman Baths instead of a high tea (or a Beau Nash Tea) in the Pump Room (which was too loud for him) but the next time I come (we have friends here in the Cotswolds), I’m taking tea in the Pump Room. Even if I do it alone, dammit!

    The village we are in has no street numbers, just house names which googleMaps ignores. Yesterday we went for a lovely walk with our friends. It was a Pooh-worthy blustery day. When they were planning the route, they discussed going past “The Strange Ram” and I asked if that was a pub or an animal, which made them laugh. It turned out to be the latter — he appears to be kept for breeding purposes, and after doing his duty he gets shunted off to a field on his own. He gave us the side-eye from under a tree but didn’t come over for head scratches which he sometimes does…

    Good day today. Prezzie for a friend from the Jane Austen shop…

    1. Bath is lovely.

      My friends are all Pride & Prejudice fans, I have attended Jane Austen Balls in the Assembly Rooms twice.

    2. Bath is home for me, and it really is lovely. Try Prior Park gardens if you get a chance – truly beautiful, especially on a bright early morning when you don’t have to battle the crowds.

      1. Oh, you lucky thing! We are back home in Germany now, but more time in Bath is on the list for the next visit. It was a real highlight! (Our friends live near Stroud.)

        Love the whole area. Gloucestershire was one area I hadn’t been to before, nor had hubby, but we loved it. Already planning to return. 😁

  15. I wasn’t feeling particularly cheerful on Friday, but I made an acquaintance laugh, which improved my day. I made fabulous cookies on Saturday, and friends took some home so I only ate a stupid number of them, not a ridiculous number. Today I went for a walk with BIL, got a pedicure, and dutifully went to a graduation party. Enjoyed, but now pulling up drawbridge, and having bacon and tomato sandwiches for dinner.

    Planning to celebrate candy month to the fullest. Also, did some googling around, and opinions differ as to what constitutes candy, you can make a case for including anything you want.

  16. It was my birthday on Friday, which I enjoy very much. I’m immature, and I love presents, and I got a very pretty green-blue pot for flowers, and a David Austin yellow “Charles Darwin” rose, which does not go in the pot. I have wanted a DA rose for years, although we are declaring this a Father’s Day gift.
    My brother came to visit, the weather was actually perfect, sunny and just around 70. Then we had strawberry pie, and I’m having a pot-luck bonfire party next weekend, which everyone loves because it’s by the sea. I love my birthday.

  17. Autumn is always the best time of year in Tasmania – long clear days and cold nights. And now it is winter and I have just had two tonnes of firewood delivered, which makes me happy. David has been selling me wood for 25 years, and he helps me stack it every time. He’s a farmer (as well as having a wood yard), about to turn 80, and seems to be as strong as he ever was.

    I have the privilege of being the only person he still delivers to – everyone else has to go to the wood yard. Today he brought one of his mates, Barry, who suffers from a bad back and emphysema. But Barry worked hard too, in between leaning over the back of the truck heaving for breath. We both agreed that David doesn’t actually age like the rest of us.

    Anyway, that pile of wood makes me feel so secure. Fires all winter.

  18. My husband headed off early this morning for an interstate contract of uncertain duration, so I’m feeling a bit down about that, but I am feeling happy that I have two darling sons who give extra cuddles, and that we have a family that misses each other when we’re apart, and enjoys each other’s company when we’re together.

    And there is actual blue sky outside the window this morning.

  19. I am happy that we had 2 and 1/2 days of sun and mild temps in a tow. I got the lawn mowed, did a little (a very little) weeding, went for a few walks and got my first bike ride of the season. This evening I made banana/pineapple sage bars for the bake sale. I still have to frost them but I need cream cheese for the frosting and I am out of it. That’s okay, I can make it later this week. Only a few days left in which to bake; the herb/flower festival is this coming Saturday and then I will put the baking on hold for another year.

  20. I saw a fun musical (School of Rock) yesterday and did a ton of shopping today, so that was fun. I got myself a new iPod Touch. I don’t care if that makes me old school, I miss being able to listen to music decently. I bought some presents. I heard from a friend. I did a good (albeit rather expensive) deed. I heard some hilarious stories from my mom’s boyfriend. So I’m pretty chill happy right now despite the threats of fire, 106 degree temps and PG&E threatening to turn off our power, FFS.

  21. Happiness is surviving the wreck I had on the way to work, Saturday afternoon. I don’t think the car will be happy. It depends on the insurance adjuster. I think it’s time for me to apply for my Social Security and Medicare and retire from my day job. To quote Danny Glover, “I am too old for this sh*t.”

    1. I’m so sorry for wreck circumstances, happy you’re here.

      Should be a better marker signifier than a heart. Nothing to love here. Except that you’re here.

    2. Thank you, ladies of Argh.

      I picked up the rental the insurance people arranged for me (Enterprise – they came and got me!) and took Jen Garsdotter to dinner and shopping.Not letting a wreck stop us. And my big grin of the night was when I said, “Well, I always look at the bright side…” and both of us looked up at a traffic light. I’ve infected her with my scents of humor. 🙂

  22. I think of spring as my new year. It is awash with possibilities. I always feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when the world changes from black and white to color. I walked around the neighborhood after work. It was 1:30 am. The temperature was 75, the sky was navy blue velvet with sparkly stars. I wanted to bottle it for February.

  23. I am that person who likes the cool gray days and views sunny warm ones with suspicion. However, my yard in the sun does make me happy, and the birds are happy too.

    Last week’s happiness was first starting a new job and then feeling free to leave said job after a few days which rapidly if incrementally confirmed that it was a Mistake.

    Saturday’s happiness was giving the madly-growing grapevines a splash of water after filling the bird feeders, then going inside to gaze aimlessly out the window while the birds did their thing … and then seeing a hummingbird take a bath on a big grape leaf. OMG cutest thing ever. Scrubbing her precious little belly on the water drops.

    Sunday’s happiness was paella courtesy of the DH, and writing close to 4000 words on the novel-in-progress, which I am absolutely loving.

  24. The thing that made me happiest this weekend was the Good Omens series from Amazon. We watched the first four of the six episodes, and after being really uneasy about the very idea of trying to replicate the charm of one of my favorite books, I ended up really liking it. The two angels are clearly the stars of it all, even though they found a very believable child to play young Adam — he’s like a better-looking version of Mick Jagger, age 11 or so. And some unexpectedly good cameos by some great people. Highly recommended.

  25. My daughter and son-in-law were here for two and a half weeks! They went to Tokyo on Thursday, and I went down to see them, my youngest, and some old family friends who happened to be visiting Tokyo. We went to a digital art museum, which was so fun and so cool! I think the best room was full of white disks on flexible rods — the disks were about knee height, so it was a lot like walking through a field of butterbur (a traditional Japanese plant that kids use like umbrellas). It was amazing to watch the lights swirl and change the experience.

    The whole place was dark, and full of New Age music that was calming and relaxing, not annoying. Super place to spend an summer’s afternoon! After that, the food court in the neighboring mall (Venus Fort, of all things, is the name of the mall) was good, and I had some of the best chocolate tapioca drink I’ve ever had.

    Even though I came home to an empty nest, I am still swimming in happiness. What a great few weeks!

  26. I was scrolling through Buzzfeed and the thumbnail image for an article ‘15 Must-Read Books For Fantasy Fans’ caught my eye, as it was the very familiar cover for Maybe This Time. That made me happy!


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