Cherry Saturday, June 1, 2019

It’s Say Something Nice Day.  Yes, that’s a real day and one we could use right now, given the level of discourse in the world in general and my country in particular.

The comments section awaits your niceness below.

40 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, June 1, 2019

  1. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to retaliate a meme.

    In other news, an ex-boss said something relatively funny in response to one of my WhatsApp group posts. I couldn’t think of anything nice to say, so I said nothing at all.🤷🏻‍♀️

    Hmmm. Is being nice just not possible for me today? This is weird, I’m usually the one complimenting strangers on their pretty dresses or cool hair or great shoes

    Let’s see. I finished two-thirds of my grading and I’m feeling slightly more positive about work next week.

    This website is really well designed. The Argh people are so much fun.

  2. It’s so nice to live in a world where Jenny Crusie books exist (and where Jenny Crusie exists).

    The people in this community are so lovely. Anytime I’m feeling wonky, I read this blog, and it puts a smile on my face, and cheers me up.


      1. Thank you!

        P.S. I discovered this amazing artist called Many Voices Speak – kind of a female version of Bon Iver, if anyone is looking for good music (my opinion, of course). I thought it was really nice 🙂

  3. I love the puppy meme. I love the Cherry commentary. Fabulous fabulous people with a wonderfully witty, charming and brilliant host (or if you prefer hostess). I love the information given in the posts and the comments. Links to people’s creative projects on Instagram and hearing about new books.

    And I’ve decided that today is just gonna’ be an Awesome Day! Gotta’ listen to the pup.

  4. I am taking advantage of a customer lull to read Argh. It’s nice to have this community to be part of.

    It’s nice to be wearing a nice dress and heels for our show, and normally, it’s nice to be able to wear jeans/shorts/whatever.

    It is nice to have cookies in my freezer – I wish I could share them with all of you, because they are excellent, and you deserve them!!!

  5. Wow, this is kind of hard, isn’t it? I can offer a nice set of moments watching our cat Snowball (Mr. Fluffypants) take a tour this morning. He started out the morning curled up on a temporary mat that had been left out on the squirrel table (previously used to give nuts to squirrels, I mean) to get some sun. Then he noticed us watching him, and indicated he wanted to come inside. Once in, he hopped up onto a chair nest he hasn’t gone onto in several months, and indicated his appreciation of the soft fuzzy surface (microfiber throw) by playing piano with front paws on it for a minute or so. But it wasn’t right, so he turned, glanced up at the nearby table nest, and jumped over to that nest.

    He footballed himself on that nest for a minute or two, but it clearly wasn’t right for his mood, so we watched him jump down and stroll down the hallway to the guest bedroom, where he jumped up onto his high corner nest (where he spends several hours every day napping while we are away at work), snuggled in, and went to sleep.

    He likes having options, but habit and comfort clearly ruled his decisions this morning. He was a little like an IKEA customer trying things out, but the subliminal message seemed to be “Yes…this is mine. And this is also mine. And this is the place that feels right. Also it’s mine.” So it was very nice to watch.

  6. I got a new job!! First time I’ve ever been salaried! Thought for sure I’d bombed it! Happy dancing all around!!

    1. Way to go, Nicole. See, we knew you were special. Given the fact that almost every job has tons of applicants, you have to be special to be chosen.

  7. My grandson, Liam, went through a “You’re awesome” phase. Too cute. I wish I’d captured it on video, because I’d share it here. Then Argh Ink would be “Awwwwwww”-full. Y’all deserve it. All y’all are awesome.

  8. This is the best place to whine to. You all have been there and done that for my sorrow, my joy and my irritations. Speaking of irritations I am trying to open things on my new cell phone that I knew how to do on my old cell phone. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. However, I now have a new cell phone.

    1. New cell phone here, too. Yesterday I sent our granddaughter a text message (my second) to say we were on our way to check on her after she had four teeth extracted and asked if she needed anything. She texted back “applesauce”. I not only brought two kinds of the six pack of applesauce but little tubs of soft fruit, single serving mac and cheese and if she can gum it cream puffs. If she can’t her brother and sister will.

  9. I work every other Saturday and this was my Sat. off. My boss texted me this morning to see if I could come in as the woman who works the alternating Sat had something happen and hoped she could have it off. I texted her back that I would and when I got there found it wasn’t a bad emergency as I was afraid of ( her husband has terminal cancer) but the very happy event that her daughter in law was in labor with her first grandchild. She (my co-worker) was hoping she would get there before the baby was born.

    So my halo is dusted off and shining and I am awaiting the notification (and first picture) of the new arrival. 😄

    And I, too, am happy to have this place to visit with all the wonderful people here!

    1. And a very happy grandmother sent me a picture of her new granddaughter in her father’s arms. The baby was born late last night all fingers and toes accounted for.

  10. My trainer is awesome. I only see her once a week but work out three more times a week. I’m getting stronger, have better balance, but haven’t really lost any weight.
    Taylor boosts my spirits and insists that will happen and to stop being obsessive about the scale. She wants me to weigh in only once a week. I will try that. There is no try! OK so yes, I will do that.

  11. I’d love to share the backyard birds with you all! While I was talking with my dad on the phone, I noticed a bluebird, a blue jay and a red bellied woodpecker, all enjoying the foodstuffs that I had put outside.

    It’s lovely to have this space and this community to share things with.

    1. It means monitoring another social media account, but Instagram is worth a try.

  12. That awesome dog is so cute.

    My plan for today was to mulch the baby trees we planted a few weeks ago in our restoration project. But the mulch didn’t arrive. I’ve spent the last few days feeling really quite annoyed about late mulch. But the weather’s awful today – icy rain and wind – so now I’m appreciating the excuse to stay home, sleep in and read Argh instead! The trees can wait till next weekend.

    There may not always be a bright side but today there is.

  13. I had an audition for another play this week (I GOT IN!!!!!!) and my something nice for the week is that one guy BLEW ME AWAY with his reading despite having never even read the play before. Like my mind is still kinda boggling there.

    1. Noble is one of my favourite words!! You don’t hear or read it very much, so thank you for the lift to my spirit.

  14. I love that my youngest son, when I tell him that he’s awesome, gives me this confident smile and says “I know”.

    My mum always taught me that when someone gives you a compliment they’re giving you a gift, which you should gracefully accept.

  15. Okay, in a day full of being told not to speak, sing or hum by my moody (and that’s the nice term) 19 year old, I saw my ex’s girlfriend and she gave me a lovely hug. She is an awesome woman.

    Also, Aghers, Cherries, Arghians are the best.

  16. My husband is thrilled to be driving West. He drove off this morning with stacks of CDs and sandwiches and sparkling water.

    I’m exuberant to have several days to myself, get the house in order, and collect my daughter and sister-in-law, before we fly out to meet my husband at the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

    And, I like to have the freedom to read argh at any time of night or day.

    1. And, it’s past 10 PM: I’m drinking wine, eating manchego and Point Reyes blue cheese in hot dogs rolls, and finishing up a package of Mallowmars. I haven’t been this free in many years!

      1. Quince paste with the manchego goes down well, but then Mallowmars might be overkill. So I guess don’t chance it.

  17. I may not always feel like I am awesome, but I am a card carrying member of Argh Nation and they really kick ass. So I guess that even on my bad days, I’m okay.

  18. I was happy to learn that today is the first-ever World Coptic Day. Not myself a Copt, but there are two local Coptic congregations that hold annual church fairs heavily emphasizing Egyptian this-and-that, and I like to attend them when possible. One year my cousin went with me and was about to buy a T-shirt with remarks in hieroglyphs, but asked me to translate first — she really wants to know what slogans are being shared on her chest — so I told her; two of King Tut’s official names and a couple of his titles. She still remembers the shock of the kid selling the shirts: “You can READ that?” (Tut’s names are widely known and royal titles are almost the first words anyone learns in classical Egyptian, so yes.) The church ladies cook their hearts out and I have several copies of the cookbook, complete with recipes from the ancients requiring potatoes, tomatoes, refrigeration/freezing, and food processors.

  19. Something nice for the first of the month:

    “Next, in a foreign land
    I grasped his hand,
    And had a social chat,
    About this thing and that,
    As I had known him well a thousand years.”


  20. A day late, but still:

    Argh-cherries are the nicest and best kind of people. (This does, of course, include our wonderful host.) I’m so very happy I came out of lurk about a year ago. You ladies keep me sane, make me smile and rediscover hope and joy. <3

  21. I’m mostly content in Lurk, however….
    You guys are all awesome, I really look forward to the emails that say Aargh. They make me happy.
    I really like #workingwednesdaypix on insta, everyone’s work, gardens. renos etc are inspiring.

  22. Tasked with a job of work on my volunteer afternoon, and I did it. Like dear Mr. Natural, thirty seconds in I stopped grumbling. Win! And my sorting looks way impressive all laid out on the table with post-it directions. These days, making my writing legible is the hardest part.

    Great first dinner at Li’l Frenchy’s, the new cafe in town. Oh, my. Delicious pot au feu paired with a dry white wine, precisely apt. Menu numbers direct to the best choices, red and white. Impeccable service with a casual air. We know Katie, the sous-chef, and she compted the dessert of chocolate mousse with warm creme anglaise, yum. We’ll be returning for the creme anglaise alone.

    Saw the movie Book Smart. Everyone go! Witty, profane, smart. Great actors, music, settings — gotta be residential Pasadena — directing. Script so good and Crusie Rules of Plotting so on point I suspect she lent a hand in the writing. Sadly, only four of us in the small theater for the matinee, John and I and two giggling high school girls. Rocketman next door in the big room was mobbed. Prompts me to read Bet Me again — the book’s a lot better ride than Crusie lets on.

  23. I’m a minimalist and rarely buy books – I’m my local library’s most frequent flyer.
    However, I keep a stash of books that I couldn’t live without if the apocalypse starts and libraries are no more (it’s possibly started – our town lost four libraries this decade.)
    There is a Crusie/Gibson/old Evanovich banana box under the bed.
    So, you’re awesome for giving me a stash of books that I return to every few years. Seriously awesome, to put your brain, heart, time and energy into giving the world these books. Thank you!
    (In the other boxes are Pratchett, Mary Wesley, A Town like Alice, two books by Caryl Rivers, King’s Dark Tower series, Jilly Cooper’s series of singles, James Herriot … just in case you wonder what type of company you keep under the bed.)


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