Working Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only writer here who goes nuts in office supply stores, or who loves Target at the end of August because of the back to school stuff.  But my tool lust goes beyond the writing stuff; I’m currently obsessed with kitchen tools to the point where I have shelled out big bucks for Cutco and Mison knives and I almost (but sanity reigned) paid $75 for an Alessi pepper mill.  There’s something about having really good tools that make it possible to really good work or at least give the illusion that you’re going to do good work now that you have This Great Thing.  But my fave is not expensive: it’s grid paper and Sharpie fine point pens.  I can’t write books on paper, although two of my friends (Gaffney and Stuart) do, but when I’m brainstorming, I love forming neat letters in clear black shapes on blue lined grid paper.  It’s like having a safety net; those grids will catch me.  And if not, I just rip off the top sheet and start again.  I love my Mison bread knife, but if I had to choose between that and my cheap grid-and-Sharpie, it would be grid-and-Sharpie all the way (also good for recipes).

What’s your tool obsession?  Oh, and what did you work on this week?