Working Wednesday

I remember when I thought it would be a good idea to be a writer.  No pantyhose and I could work in bed.  Maybe I should have explored other options for those requirements.  

So what did you work on this week?

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  1. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already.

    Now I wanna know what those cautionary tales were. Or maybe I don’t. The cover looks like one of them would be to look out for backstabbing women, and I’d rather not think about that stereotype.

    I’ve mainly worked this week on reducing the chaos around me a bit. Turns out doing a little tidying every day means things get tidier and I don’t get totally overwhelmed by it. Who’d a thunk?

    On the creative side, I had a go at a paint and sip, and had fun even if I didn’t make a masterpiece. And my life drawing group met and I managed to draw several faces that look like decent humans, so I was pretty pleased with that. I’m new to drawing and it’s very satisfying.

    1. I used to work with people who talked all day instead of working. The woman in the back is trying to work out how much blood she’ll get on her sweater if she sticks a letter opener between Chatty’s ribs. I suppose, technically, that’s backstabbing but it could also be front stabbing.

  2. I’m just working on getting through this week. The kids are in a school concert on Thursday night. Friday they both have projects due. I’m supposed to have handbell practice tonight but I don’t think that’s going to work…

    I have a bunch of errands to run, including picking some things up at the vet’s. But I got the lawn mowed last night. It’s not a great job but at least it’s done and before the rain too.

  3. Did you notice that book was by Ms. T McGill? I am wondering if that’s where the “Working Girl” protagonist name came from. (Or was this cover created after the movie, with a clever Easter egg for us.)

    I didn’t do much creatively this past week, what with driving to Ohio and back. The sum total of my activity was about 5 rows added to the baby blanket I’m working on. I have hopes for the Memorial Day weekend though. Once we get past the “rip rotten boards out of the deck and replace them” project, I’ll be able to do some sewing. Hopefully, the demo won’t take too long!

    1. I thought “Ms” was a later use than the 1950s illustration-and-lettering style on the cover. Already a throwback in the 1970s?

  4. In addition to working a 40 hour week, I operate a side business growing and selling plants. Late spring/early summer is a busy time for me. I’ve sold lots of plants, met some wonderful gardeners and put some extra money in my pocket.

  5. Lots of juggling. Trying not to drop any balls. Doing landscaping and gardening as therapy and a distraction. Which means I now have a sweet hardy kiwi arbor and a rose garden.

  6. This has been and continues to be a busy week. Yesterday my husband put up the window screens because we actually had a warm day. Yay! Also we went to the garden center and picked up the baskets for the cemeteries for this weekend. Today while he goes to the gym I’ll be picking up the side tables for the deck and getting my haircut (I wait too long between cuts) it’s a scraggled mess. Tomorrow my husband goes to have his carotid artery checked, every three years or so since he had surgery it’s been done. The day after I go have my BP checked. Hopefully over the long weekend we’ll see our grandchildren and granddog. I’ve also in my frugal Yankee way made cookies with leftover jelly beans for the grandkids. There is also a bone in the freezer for the pooch. She is the first dog that loves to “talk”, if she could form words to go with the sounds she makes it would be ideal.

  7. Today, we go back and finish cleaning–Husband says I’m overdoing it by washing floors and baseboards, but I hate the thought of our new owner coming into old dust. I want him to move in and be happy and know how much we loved that house. Am I crazy? Tomorrow we close and then a few deep breaths before we start the great house hunt. Hold a good though, my cherries–I don’t want to live in Son’s basement for long. Otherwise, editing gigs, which I actually did some work on today and book 3 in the FIBW series. August 17 deadline looms!

    1. Nan, you aren’t crazy. My husband kept repeating “Just sweep the house, quickly!” while I washed the place as best I could. Of course, the house should be clean and welcoming.

    2. You aren’t crazy. But by time the movers have tracked a million boxes and pieces of furniture in, your perfect job will not show. However, clean appliances and closets do stand out. And cabinet interiors.

    3. My sister did the same thing – cleaning, prepping, etc for the new owners. Her experience on the other side of the equation was much different. The previous owners, after inspection, asked to use the restroom. When she said yes, they ran back out to the car to grab a roll of toilet paper, since they had removed everything from the house.

      I applaud your efforts!

    4. One time we moved, I was 8 months pregnant. My mum came over to help with the cleaning (and make sure I didn’t overdo it). She lived an hour and a half away. So, even though housework and I are not friends, I don’t think you’re crazy. Also, my mum is the best.

    5. That’s a nice thing to do for the next inhabitants, and also a nice thing to do for [your memory of] the house you loved. You’ll remember it clean and shining and with summer light coming in.

  8. So busy, I haven’t even had time to get a haircut. I know I did good things, but I was photo-less.

    Oh yes, I taught my grade 1s to make paper boats, using the shapes as a maths lesson. Twas quite a bit of fun. Aggravating with almost 40 children, but oddly fun.

  9. I’ve been going to my daughter’s home for the demo and rehab of master bathroom. The end is in sight. Thank goodness. I feel like my life has been stolen. I hate being held hostage to the workmen’s idea of time. Early does not mean 3pm. Such a waste. And by the weekend it’s my personal catch up got errands, etc.? But I have survived. Yay!

  10. So many doings among the Argh people. Me too. Moved my son from his college apartment to home for 10 days because of the ridiculous was the college copes with the year-end. They kick the kids out ten days before the end of the month and he can’t move into his new apartment until June first. It’s Bonkers. He had so much stuff I had to take two trips to Burlington, Started out at 9 am and didn’t finish up home until near 3 am. Then had to take the car to the shop at 7 am.

    Really, it’s beyond inconvenient. I didn’t get any writing done at all.

    Beyond that, I’m making daisy chain rings for a fundraiser my friend is coordinating for the Library the next town over. I’m just happy I don’t have to be there to sell them.

    In other news, the sun is shining and the lilac is about to bloom. The deep purple one outside the window where I write in the warmer months. I have a yard full of dandelions so the bees have food. It’s all good.

  11. This week has been a lot of projects. I put blackout liner on curtains and tried to tidy up my sewing room. I went to the garden centre on Sunday and bought a bunch of shrubs and perennials that needed planting. Which meant a day of weeding. We are also putting in a fence around the garden and none too soon because Fred loves to dig and seems bound and determined to dig up a 30 year old peony! Rotten dog. He was fascinated with us digging post holes. I’m sure he thinks we are the weirdest humans ever, we get to dig all the holes we want but he gets yelled at when he does the exact same thing!!

    The good news is that Tall Boy sold his little boat to a very nice older couple and that money is financing some new tools for his woodturning shop and a very nice rolling tool chest.

    This week we are going to go visit our friends in Edmonton and hear all about their trip to China and deliver Trina’s tv stand thing. And maybe buy some more plants.

  12. Busy weekend/week working and sorting/cleaning. Decided to look at all the fabric and patterns. Wow. I have a lot even though I cull out the “what was I thinking” fabric. Itching to sew. Travelling to Edmonton next weekend for a family visit. I will be seeing a vest with long fringes for husband’s aunt. I made one for his mother, which she wore to a big award ceremony in Ottawa two years ago. Think I will make one for myself too. Found a Vogue pattern which I have modified slightly.

    Fabric store which has been here forever, will be closing end of October. I finally bought the Armani fabric I have had my eye on for some time. Bought several beautiful pieces of fabric this year and threads to match. I really don’t want to travel an hour to the other store.

    Back to work, sorting, and gardening.

    1. I love living in the middle of nowhere (or the geographic middle of Alberta) but the traveling to shop really stinks. We have 1 hardware store, 1 drugstore, 1 grocery store, and unless you want auto parts or alcohol, that’s about it.

  13. I’ve been taking some continuing education classes, and that has bumped the time I’d normally be spending making things to the wayside.

  14. You are all so productive! I am on vacation this week, so I worked my way through a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, a little coloring, many books and many sweet things.

    Sending all of you busy people calm waves-lapping-on-the-beach energies from Lake Michigan.

  15. Just back from a fab and long overdue vacation (aka holiday) to California north coast (Hearst Castle, oh my) and am playing catch-up on paperwork etc.

    WR Hearst was a terrible person in so many ways, but he did surround himself with independent, strong, smart women (his mother Phoebe, Marion Davies, Julia Morgan, among others). Pity he was so awful in other ways (yellow journalism, McCarthy red-baiting and hunting news coverage, etc.).

    But Hearst Castle is extraordinary and worth a visit, if you can bear the terrifying journey up the mountain and, worse, down the mountain (aiiiiiyeee!).

  16. After what I think was absolute peak allergy day (with added humidity, which somehow made it worse), I’m starting to find some productivity. Nothing major, but I’ve been puttering around the house, doing laundry (beyond the basics) and even a bit of weed whacking.

    Jealous of all those who have been gardening. It seems unlikely that much of a garden will happen for me (by me) this year, and I really want to just wallow in plants a bit.

  17. At the moment, I’m just working on breathing and not giving into the rising panic at how hopelessly overwhelmed I feel.

    I figure just two or three more deep breaths to steady myself, and then I’ll be ready to focus on fighting just the alligators that are currently trying to pull down the raft instead of thinking I need to fight all the alligators that ever existed anywhere, because honestly -if they’re not on the raft, they might just be Moot.

  18. I put out a lot of my garden stuff this weekend, then the next day the weather forecasters said there was a tornado warning and to secure all loose objects so I scurried around and put it all away again. The storms pretty much bypassed my area, no tornado anywhere, just strong thunderstorms to our east and north. Grumbling a little (only a little, I am glad the storms bypassed my area) I put it all back out again.

    The picture above looked so familiar I had to go find what it reminded me of. My parents invested in a set of encyclopedias (remember those?) when we were small and along with the set came a companion set called the Children’s Hour. In one volume was an excerpt from a story by Noel Streatfield called “Understudy” that was illustrated by Hilda Frommholz. I’d be willing to swear she was the one who illustrated the above cover!

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry, honey. I’ve been so happy to read when he did better. I lost my two darlings a year and four plus months ago, and I still miss them. Big hugs to you.

      1. Thank you for your condolences. It means a lot to me. He was recovering from his liver problem and had gained a full pound back. Then on his last visit 3 weeks ago the vet saw something wrong with his lab work and did more lab tests. He had a very fast acting cancer and that on top of his previous illness put an end to him.

    2. I’m so, so sorry, Jessie, it’s so hard. But you did the right thing; you didn’t want him to suffer and he knew he was safe and loved right to the end.

  19. Just finishing up May’s meetings, appointments, and election. I have stuff to do in June, but not as much.

  20. Finishing unloading (and in many cases washing) my son’s belongings from college—we will have to take them up to Boston when he starts grad school .
    Also catching up on the weekends chores like laundry since we spent the weekend at his graduation activities.

  21. I’m in the midst of packing to move house. The sale closes on Friday, and I can’t move into my new place for another 2 weeks, so I’ll be crashing at my brother’s house while he’s out of town for work. My household belongings will spend the interim distributed between both brothers’ garages until I can finish my move on the other end. The sad thing is that my new place is literally one block away from my current address. It would be so much more convenient to move directly, but no. Sigh.

    At the same time, I’m homeless for work as well. Our building has been closed for previously undetected earthquake damage (the Nov 30, 2018 earthquake in southcentral Alaska), and my library staff and I are scattered between other locations for who-knows-how-long. We’re coming up on 2 weeks now, and it may be another 3-4 weeks or more. We’ll soon have a temporary home in a construction trailer with limited services, but we still won’t all be together. I miss my work family and work home.

    Life is certainly topsy-turvy. I’m just holding on to the roller coaster crash bar, and hoping I don’t puke before the ride ends.

  22. I little cross stitch, a little machine embroidery, a LOT helping pack up my daughter’s apartment to move. She keeps saying, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU, and I keep telling her, “Someday you’ll have to pack my crap.” Bwahahaha!!!

    1. If you don’t know about Query Letter Hell at, you should check it out. It’ll add to the terrifying, but you’ll come out the other side with a better query. And if you’re going to make mistakes, doing it there is probably better than doing it in something an agent/publisher will see. I critique there a lot, FWIW.

      If it asks you for a password, it’s vista (just like that, no capital — it’s not a secret; it’s just there to hide the section from bots.) Oh, but you need to have 50 posts before you can start a thread with your query, so spend some time wandering around the stickies and posting questions. Even if you don’t ever post a query for critique, the sticky threads there are FABULOUS.

  23. The sum total of my ‘real work’ this week is another round of negotiation with the firm from which I await a revised formal offer.

    Otherwise, I have written the conclusion of a new novella (and that’s the first bit of it I’ve written, which is not the way I generally do things), several scenes for the screenplay, and a substantial revision of a previously-published novella.

    Also did an hour of gardening yesterday, in the nick of time since it’s raining again today.

  24. Today is like May the 93rd. I teach second grade and lordy is spring fever rampant this year. Best, sweetest students I’ve ever had, but it’s still zany. As in, WHY ARE YOU LICKING THAT? zany.
    We finished our novel study of Freckle Juice, which is the only Judy Blume I’m allowed to read with them /eyeroll/.

  25. Why the heck would anyone think being a writer is a good idea? (She asked herself, while banging her head against the wall.)

    Got almost everything into the garden. Went out today and discovered that the pen that came with the garden markers apparently washes off when it rains… I’m *almost* sure I know what was planted where.

  26. I missed a graduation last weekend because of work. My eldest grandchild received her Associate of Culinary Arts degree in North Carolina. Yay her!

    I had to look up that book –

    Despite the 50s-looking cover and title, it’s a comedy from last year, Published: 04/10/2018 in the UK. I thought about adding it to my Kindle, but I’ll wait til the price drops.

    I’m supposed to go to work in about 30 minutes, but Jen borrowed my car to see a dentist.

      1. I think she specializes in pastries. 😉

        I’ve seen dozens of cakes and pies and cupcakes on her Facebook page. I drool a lot.

  27. The best thing I did this week was to get my eyes retested. The last pair of glasses I bought are rather exhausting to wear and I couldn’t figure out why. But the new doctor said that my last prescription didn’t fit my astigmatism. So now the new glasses should be much more comfortable.
    The only wrinkle is that this guy is an optometrist and because of my allergies and cataracts, I need an ophthalmologist. I thought I had found one I like, but if he messed up my script, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

  28. My play was awesome. Now I am trying to write it all up into a lot of journal entries to remember it all.

    I need to work on redoing my next storytelling thing too.

    Also, I am trying Round 2 of designing the Captain Marvel sweater. I think trying to Fair Isle it is coming out as a pain in the ass, so I am just going to knit it plain and then sew bits onto it instead of trying to incorporate them in Fair Isle.

  29. I mowed the lawn. In overlapping circles and patterns. I crisscrossed and weedwhipped. I took 3 hours and fitbitted 23000 steps. My family and neighbors think I’ m eccentric. Sometimes it feels good to have a big canvas even if you’re not an artist.


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