Rewrite Fatigue

I have been working on this book WAY too long. At this point, of course, I think it sucks and am wondering why I ever thought I could write in the first place, but that’s just normal. The problem is, I can’t just say, “The hell with it” and send it off because the cuts I made actually made the book worse, so I have to go through it one more time. That banging sound you hear in the background is my head hitting the keyboard over and over. ARGH.

But I did find my Mother’s Day present. I get myself something nice on Mother’s Day every year because Mollie tends to send flowers, which is lovely but I want someTHING. This is what I went for this year and it arrived yesterday and it’s fabulous:

The lids have magnets in them so you can stick them on the side of the fridge or on a wall if you get a metal plate. They’re gorgeous and practical and they make me happy.

I will return to writing better blog posts as soon as I’ve wrestled this damn book to the ground. Which will be soon or I’ll lose my mind and just stare at my spices all day.

14 thoughts on “Rewrite Fatigue

    1. I’m not a mom (well a mom of humans anyway, 250 lbs of canine and 20 lbs of feline have to count for something!) but I’d like the abolition and the chocolate too.

    2. Hahahaha! Back in the 90’s I worked for a hunting and outdoor equipment catalog. I never attended any of the catalog planning meetings, but the reports I heard afterwards from the few women who did sounded just like this. One actual item suggested by the CEO: A t-shirt that said, (front) What do all abused women have in common? (back) They don’t know when to shut up.

      To no one’s surprise, a few years later the CEO was kicked out following a sexual harassment lawsuit from his admin.

  1. Eeeee! (I always wanted to do a girlish scream.) My Jennifer got a set of spice bottles Just Like Yours (except hers are round instead of hexagonal.) When we shopped on Sunday, we bought several spices of which she was low or out. Also, I ordered a gift set from Sonoran Spice Company for her for her unmarked bottles – Jalapeno Powder, Habanero Powder, and Ghost Pepper Powder.

  2. There’s a collection of shops in our part of the world called Gewurzhaus. They’re a spice shop, and every single time I walk in, I breathe deep and feel better about life. I have a whole lot of pretty jars of their mixes and straight spices, and I LOVE them. They also stock a lot of really lovely kitchenware things, and anyone who knows me just gets me gift vouchers for Gewurzhaus these days.

  3. I love those spice bottles so much. But I cannot justify the cost of replacing the already pretty aones and the functional ones that I have. Alas!

    I’m sorry the book is kicking your ass. I hope you kick it into submission.

  4. My birthday is close to Mother’s Day (April 27th), and when the kids were little we celebrated Mother’s Day for their two grandmothers and their great-grandmother. There was a lot of to-do.

    Of course I miss my grandmother, mom, and mother-in-law, but I’m content with our current practice of ignoring Mother’s Day.

    Just Spring is fine with me.

  5. Now I want to “Poor Baby” you a la Faking It.

    I’m not an author, but I do a lot of writing in my work, and I find a short break from and then a return to my work often helps once I get to that phase of feeling like what I’ve done is just a hopeless tangle of overthinking that I should totally scrap and restructure.

    The trick for me is to get the length of break right – I need enough time away to get some perspective and “fresh” eyes, but not so long that I’ve lost the thread and head space for the key take aways and information I need to impart. So depending on the format – that might be an hour or two on an email or like a day or two for a powerpoint deck, etc.

    Have you considered that you might need to wander off from Nita for a little bit? Not for too long, but maybe give it to a few trusted betas like Krissy/Lani and then give yourself a week or two away from actively working on the story. And then regroup in a few weeks once the girls have a had a chance to mull and offer suggestions – the ones IRL and the ones in the Basement.

  6. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but book fatigue (with different phases for each draft) is why I write multiple books at a time, instead of just one book from start to finish. I sort of play leap frog: write the first draft of one book straight through and get sick of it, then a month or two working on some draft of another book and get sick of it, then back to the previous book to do the next draft, then the second book again, then the first book, and so on through all the steps of my process (brainstorming, then 3 drafts and a final proofread). For one series, I wanted three books to have an over-all arc, so I brainstormed all three together, and then leapfrogged over all three, instead of just two books.

    1. I couldn’t write more than one book at a time and finish anything, but I do have one manuscript that I use as a “palate cleanser” between books. It is a totally different style, voice, format and story than I usually write, and I may never ever finish it, but it just gives me a chance to breathe differently for a little while.

  7. So fabulous! I have the very same tradition here, each year I pick out something and splurge on myself. This year I splashed out on a trip to the greenhouse and bought the most gorgeous selection of double begonias ever–oh the colors! And my son is giving me the day on Sunday to lounge about and plant them while he handles everything else. Gorgeous blooms and a clean house, what more could a mom want, right ?


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