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  1. Oh boy, this was a long, kind of crazy week. Colds, field trips, meetings, 7 year old had a birthday.
    But – i wrote some fanfiction for characters I’d never written before and I was happy abut it. We had planned a fairly chill birthday party and the kids seemed to enjoy it. We had it at the community center, so we didn’t have to clean our messy house (which I want to do, but this would not have been the week). We’re still having some nice mild spring days and I’ve been sleeping well (thank you cold medicine). So, it’s not all bad, you know?

  2. I’m trying to focus on the good stuff (a hiatus from the news is required) and I’m tickled to have just discovered how much good stuff starts with f. Family, friends, fun, food, fiction, and, ah, let’s go with fornication. I’m now definitely amusing myself thinking of how many other f words give joy.

  3. I’ve been trying a few affirmations and a new meditation method. I think it’s working. Some strangely positive little things have been happening to me.

    It was a difficult week with a lovely ending. This involved some work friends realising how badly I been treated when I first started and they apologised to me for it, even though they were not the cause of it. This means the world to me.

    1. It is so important to me that I had to try html tagging again even though I might’ve broke the blog. 😁

  4. Years of accumulating organic material every way I can has led to the area surrounding my house becoming higher than the front and back yard walkways. Which means mud. And little lakes. So yesterday I dug out the three stones just past the front walkway, pulled out the compacted gravel underneath, and replaced it with hardwood mulch. So, more absorbent, more resistant to mudding up, and leading down away from the walkway instead of down into it.

    It’s not a permanent solution, but I don’t want no stinkin’ permanent solutions, because nothing in my yard is actually permanent. My temp solution made me really happy. At least for now. 🙂

  5. Our road trip to southern Ohio has been fun. We stopped on the way at a fabric store, so yay! And it was great to see my sisters. My niece graduated – and walked the stage for her congratulations. (Apparently her roommate didn’t want to be bothered with that kind of stuff.)

    We’ll be on the road back home today. We’ll take a different route, since we saw the construction on the eastbound side of the West Virginia turnpike. So, a little longer drive, but hopefully less anxiety producing. It’s been a fun weekend.

  6. The sun came out! Yesterday was the first beautiful day in weeks after rain most days and clouds the rest. I spent much of it in the garden, which I’m paying for today, but almost everything that needed to be planted is in the ground and some weeds aren’t. Despite my allergies and the hard work, it was just a joy to be outside on such a beautiful day.

    Then I had good BBQ for dinner with my friend and her long-time long-distance beau, who was in town, and came home in time to catch a glimpse of the full moon before she hid behind the clouds.

    And I managed to get my 1,000 words done in the evening, despite being really tired. So it was a good day, filled with joy. Today it is going to rain, of course. But hey, that means I don’t have to water the garden.

  7. Another cool, wet week – it’s as chilly riding my bike home after work as it is when I ride in. However, the tulips in my garden are very happy and my front yard looks very pretty. I went to a monthly flower market organized by a group of local flower growers and came home with several lovely arrangements. By next month’s market, the peonies will be out – oh joy! It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so I have an extra day to garden and potter. Family outing to see Endgame planned for tomorrow.

  8. I spent quite a lot of time outside yesterday – it was so beautiful! I dug a hole for a crabapple in front of my barn and then realized that the markings on the trees that the Arbor day foundation sent me had mostly worn off and I don’t know which bare root tree is the crabapple. Now I think I’m just going to have to plan the all in a row and wait until they are big enough to tell what they are! There are eleven trees, only three I can identify, and I’m pretty sure the ones already in the ground are not the ones I intended to plant.

    But it doesn’t really matter, I guess. I think I’ll put the dogwood (one of the three that’s identifiable) where I was going to put the crabapple. It will be beautiful there too.

    Oh and the birds out my window this week! I saw a Cardinal, a Scarlet Tanagers and a Red-Breasted Grosbeak. And lots of others but those stayed still long enough that I could take a picture and identify them. AND the purple lilac is about to bloom.

    All these things make me positively cheerful! And I was warm too. Soon I will be too hot, but I’m not worrying about that yet.

          1. Unfortunately, you don’t. By the time it’s celebrated here, it’s the 26th for me and I read it and think, bugger, must remember that next year.

          2. I put a phone reminder for Towel Day and Lilac Day to go off a week before. Because I forget and am in an earlier time zone, like Reb.

  9. After a few weeks of intermittent work (dictated by weather and knees and budget) my backyard looks fabulous. And yesterday the weather cleared a bit and I could enJOY it in the sun. Bone deep pleasure.

  10. Allergies have had me listless and cranky and headachey for what feels like forever with no end in sight, but today I got past it (at least for a bit) and cut down a honeysuckle bush that had gotten carried away with itself (as they’re wont to do — I didn’t plant it; birds did).

    Now I’m listless and cranky again, but happy to have accomplished something!

    Oh, and I binged Line of Duty Season 5 (for anyone who hasn’t watched it, and who likes police procedurals, it’s a fabulous series, but dark), which dragged a little bit toward the end, but was still better than 95% (or more) of similar shows.

  11. I baked cinnamon bread today and it was delicious!

    I have a quilt on my frame that I’m about to start quilting. I’ve had it since August so it’s about time to get it done!

    There was a lovely party last night to celebrate the return of my coworker who got trapped in Mexico due to our government. We are all so happy he’s back!

  12. I baked strawberry rhubarb crostinis (froze one). The one I baked leaked all over but tastes good. I need to work on my technique or just do them in a pan!
    Put my tomatoes and peppers in. And my herbs. I love fresh herbs and they are so much cheaper to grow then buy. Also, I them I have them when I want them. No cilantro, though.
    And I potted up my flower containers and moved some house plants to the porch. Coffee on my porch in the morning makes me happy.

    1. I love walking out to my garden and picking fresh herbs all summer. I have insane amounts of basil, curly parsley, rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, dill, and chives. (No cilantro for me, either.)

  13. Things are finally blooming, including a gorgeous magnolia right around the corner.

    Daily walks have been a joy even when it’s cold and damp. The greens look greener, and the fog adds mystery.

    My walks often take me through a nearby college campus, where the last two weekends I’ve seen happy graduates posing for photos as family members snap away. A couple times I’ve offered to take pictures of the whole group – smiles all around!

  14. I’ve kept sneaking gardening time, and have now got a lot of bare soil ready to plant. I finally spent the vouchers I was given a year or two ago on a wifi speaker, which I hope is a good idea. I’m happy to have spent the vouchers before they run out. Had a two-hour chat with a friend this evening, which together with a couple of glasses of wine has rescued my wash-out birthday (the weather didn’t cooperate). And I’m looking forward to time with old friends tomorrow and Tuesday.

  15. I am in rainy cool Milan, so by definition I must be happy. I spent the morning visiting the Castello Sforzesco where I gazed upon the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Galileo. Among their many museums is one dedicated ancient musical instruments. Though I play nothing, it was fascinating. And now I know what a hurdygurdy actually looks like.

  16. Too much to joy to count. Reading A Prince on Paper and Tessa Dare’s A Week to Be Wicked.
    A New and much better cover for Irish Magic.
    My son brought home great steak from his catering job.
    Really great clouds and flowers to admire. Right now I think I’ll grok flowers and clouds before taking a nap in my napping chair in the garden.
    Then I will get back to trying to craft a good blurb.

  17. Yesterday I finally traded out my sweaters and my T-shirts in my drawer and celebrated by ordering 3 new tees. This was a bad idea because I can’t afford it and my drawer is full. But they were so cute I couldn’t resist. And soon I will have a shirt that says,”books turn muggles into wizards” and “so many books, so little time” (with Mo Willems’ pigeon, no less!) . And I will be able to walk around advertising some of the things that give me joy ( including Bunnicula). I firmly believe that if people read more picture books, we would all be a lot happier.

    1. I really have to stop myself from buying tees all the time because I really don’t like wearing clothes with sayings on them, but sometimes they’re just too good. There was one the other day that said, “Say hi to your dog for me,” that I almost got.

      1. I also like “Bookmarks are for Quitters.”
        Reminds me of a tee I wore my last year as an undergrad: “Graduation is for Quitters.”

  18. I coordinated a small photography team through a three-day event. I had everything ready: cameras, meal vouchers, parking passes, laminated cards with individual schedules, reference sheets, sunscreen, Mucinex, Advil…

    I’ve been doing this semi-formally for years, but finally this ex-boss finally stayed out of it and just let me do it, so it got done right. And when the horrible weather hit in the middle of the day, I texted people and let them know what was going on so nobody foolishly decided to try to drive in anyway, and kept them updated while the event figured out what it was doing.

    Apparently being given room to organize things and be responsible gives me joy.

    And now that the event is over, there’s whiskey — and that is also giving me joy. But, if we’re being completely honest, not nearly as much joy as taking a shower when I first got home from the event. Hot running water is a blessing, y’all.

  19. The mostest joy this week was dinner with the dotter. She surprised me with wanting to find out if Shoney’s is a buffet style place like Golden Corral, because she’s had a breakfast buffet there a year or three ago. We went. It isn’t. We piled back into the car and went to O’Charley’s, instead. It was great.

    From there to Home Depot (plant department) to browse, then her favorite Walmart of the five “local” ones, in Chester, VA. There’s always something at Walmart that needs a home. This time included Russell Stover Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Assortment for me, blueberry bagels and snacks for the grandkinder, and three of those back-of-the-door mirrors. We forgot the hardware for mounting, of course.

    Target… I’m one of those old white guys who pronounce it Tar-zhay, faux French. Jen got yet another of those ice cream cone plant pots. She must have a dozen. She found stuff in Health & Beauty that she didn’t find in Walmart.

    Finally, Publix, because we find things there that nobody else carries. Shredded coconut, unsweetened. Sweetened is everywhere, but keto and sweetened do not together go. So, naturally, she got a gallon of sweet tea, because older grandkinder.

    All that, and home at sunset.

    But wait – there’s more! Earlier in the week, picking up a prescription at Walmart, I wandered the aisles and got 4 movies from the Almost Cheap Enough To Just Throw Them Away bin. So, this week I watched “Shallows,” a shark movie, and Batman vs Superman starring Gal Godot and some other people. Watched them and passed them on. Joy.

    1. Brooke????!!! Where have you been? Tell me you’re happy and healthy and still crazier than ever.
      I will never forget the first time we met and you asked me to make out. Best manuscript conference ever.

  20. Long weekend here, spent the Saturday and Sunday in Victoria. Granddaughter made the podium, bronze for the floor gymnastics routine, had high tea at the Empress on Saturday. Today spent the morning at the museum, Maya exhibit and BC exhibits. One day the Smithsonian museums.

    This week; cleaned the balcony, put out furniture and the cushions, the neighbour and I gardened, weeds are gone. Joyful sigh. Next week planting pretty things.

  21. My eldest and her husband arrived Sunday all the way from Upstate New York! We had a grand time — well, she had to renew her driver’s license, but luckily, the DMV is open on the third Sunday of the month. So, jet-lagged and all, she sat through the two-hour lecture, and came out good to drive for another three years. Her husband and I bought a lot of snacks, then headed out to the park to play ukulele — not really together, but more as parallel play, lol.

    I’m really happy, and I’ll go to Tokyo next month to see them off, see the youngest, and also meet up with some old friends who will also be in the Kanto area this summer.

    I am feeling slightly guilty about all the “things that won’t get done” over the next two weeks, but I am refusing that feeling with both hands. So much will get done! Stuff like making memories and long chats, and plenty of tea.

  22. My back yard’s full of noisy birds, including some NZ natives. Watching their antics made me smile this week. Other than that, time with friends. Just thinking about seeing people makes me feel warm and happy.

  23. After a rough weekend in Australian politics, I was driving home over the mountain at dusk and saw the two wedgetail eagles that live in the area. I hadn’t seen them for a while, so I was very pleased and excited. Those things are HUGE when you see them on the ground, and look like they’d quite happily take on the car if you look at them wrong.

  24. We left earlier than planned on Friday to go to Rhinelander to check on the land. We picked up the kids from school 45 minutes early, since husband and I were ready. So we got checked in, with time for 2-3 hours at the waterpark in the hotel we stayed at. Sat. we checked the land. Not really muddy but definitely soggy. So we’re glad we didn’t take the trailer out. I’m glad I asked for extra cherries in my brandy old fashioneds.

  25. I am happy because I made the freeing decision *not* to plant a garden this year. I do love our garden, and the fresh tomatoes, and the feeling of things growing. But sometimes, it is nice to not have One More Thing to take care of. So this will be a year off, and I will take a little time to enrich our garden beds for next summer. Ahhh.

    Also happy because I just discovered Barry on HBO. Devoured the first season over the weekend, trying to slow myself down for the second.


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