Covered in Shame . . .

. . . if she doesn’t get the damn Happiness Post up on Sunday.

I forgot it was Mother’s Day, too, until Mollie called, and then completely forgot it was Sunday.  I apologize.  

But now I’m happy because here’s a happiness post, belated but by god it’s up.  What made you happy this week?

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  1. I just blew the better part of an hour helping Beautiful Wife develop a synopsis for a course articulation for her University so she can send it back to the people who requested it tomorrow. I know nothing about course articulations or international partnerships; I’m basically just following along and proofreading (and being a sounding board). But now it’s done, she’s happy, and this horrible stressful thing is vanquished.

    That’s what makes me happy.

  2. I got to go out dancing with my friends yesterday. It was an after party for an arts event, and I ended up having family and friends and coworkers there. And it ended up being really fun to have so many of my social circles overlap.

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  3. I’m happy to have an interesting and not-depressing freelance job. Went to the photography group on Saturday and had a warm welcome after several months away. And made progress on preparing seed beds at the allotment yesterday, and actually mowed the lawn here (which involved picking out as much debris as possible from all the work that’s been done in the garden). It’s sunny. I had another bluebell hit. Life is good.

  4. I’m happy because I am freaking amazing. Went away for the weekend to sunny Marlborough (wine country) to run the vineyard half marathon and drink lots of wine with good friends – nearly pulled out because I haven’t run further than 5k since last year’s event. But I did way better than expected and this makes me very very happy. Until I started running I had NEVER been sporty, never run (couldn’t run 5 minutes when I started), so I’m feeling really proud of myself. Also, did I mention the weekend with friends in wine country? Arrived home in time for Mother’s Day dinner and hugs. Does it make me a bad mum that the best mothers day is one away from the kids?!

    1. Isn’t mother’s day meant to be a celebration of mothers? This means it isn’t about the kids, right?

      So, no, it doesn’t make you a bad mum.

      One of my writing friends who has to complete 20k words by Wednesday said yesterday was a write-off as she had to cook for her kids for mother’s day.

      I was just thinking…how did they make a day for women parents be about everyone else but that woman?

      Glad you had a fabulous day.

      I’m off to talk to my cat about respecting me on such a noble day.

  5. Last week, while on a business trip, I got to reconnect with a college friend in person, rather than on facebook AND I got to see my Dad. Between his schedule and mine, I didn’t get to spend much time with him, but we made the most of the time we had. I also got to eat a lot of good Tex-Mex, which was wonderful. And, on my return, I got to spend some time with myself, starting a new quilt. All of that was wonderful.

    1. I have to say that Mother’s Day is a bit problematic for me. My mother passed the day before Mother’s Day three years ago (just days after her 80th birthday). So I mourn a little. But I also celebrate my husband’s mother – in her 91st year. Plus with no kids of my own, I am determined to be a GREAT Aunt (literally and figuratively), and be satisfied as a mother of cats.

  6. I spent the weekend at a hippie festival buying tons of tie-dye. It made me happy.

    Also, my mom ditched me for Mother’s Day to run off with her boyfriend for the weekend, so for once I wasn’t dealing with mama drama stress about Her Special Day and not ever doing enough to please her, etc. It was lovely.

  7. My kids and their significant others, plus their dogs, took me on a wine tasting adventure. Loads of fun, and a great weekend. We visited Santa Maria and if anyone remembers the movie Sideways, it was filmed there.
    Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day!

  8. I reveled in a totally quiet day.

    The sick and lame I’ve been hosting since March are gone; the overnighter visitors have returned to their homes; doctors appointments have left me in much better shape; and, old plants have shot up and new plants are in the ground. I’ve painted 13 color samples on three (out)sides of the house — and see no need to paint more.

    Loving the emptiness.

  9. I started work on sorting stuff to go into my mini-studio/closet and hauled away a ton of stuff for Goodwill. Then I said “I wonder if the quarter-round for the bedroom was stripped. It would be pretty easy to oil it so it could go back in place”. And my husband looked and it had been and I spend an hour prepping and oiling. One more coat of tung oil and it is done. And I did not have time to develop a good case of angst over it. It is just done. One more project finished!

    1. I was very happy you posted an informative reply on Good Book Thursday. I’d been looking for that information on Hilary but the search algorithm skews locally even when I don’t want it to. Thank you.

      1. It’s wood trim. Comes in long pieces from a lumber yard or big hardware store. A cross section looks like 1/4 of an orange slice, hence the name.

  10. I’m in the process of re-reading your books for at least the third time. I have all 20 plus Sizzle and the Miss Fortunes. I have been watching and waiting for the Liz Danger series or anything else. As time has gone on I’ve been worried about you and wondering what was happening. By the tone of this blog it sounds as if you are still with us and doing interesting and exciting things. (I’m glad I finally made an effort to find you). Will there be more fiction books from you? Take care!

    1. Hi, Emma and welcome to Argh.
      Liz Danger is about 3/4 finished and Nita Dodd was finished once and is now being rewritten for the umpteenth time (ask anybody who’s read the blog in the last four years). And then there are the other four books I’ve started . . . . So yes the plan is for more fiction. I just took a break.
      And thank you for asking!

  11. Happy – first weekend in three weeks where I had no school duties/commitments.
    Was able to meet up with writing buddy and talk technicalities.
    Then, on Saturday, at midnight, I finished discovery draft of current WIP – 98,171 words, written since Jan 1st. And actually, it isn’t all pants….some of it is definitely pants, but quite a bit is working. Plan is now to put it away until mid-June, when I will start Big Edit.
    So that meant I was able to spend Sunday entirely away from computer. Went for great walk with DH, beautiful bluebells, tadpoles galore in the ponds, sunshine, ponies, sheep. Finished reading two books, one amazing, one OK. Cooked roast chicken for DH and minions and they each said ‘that’s the best chicken I’ve tasted in ages…’

    It wasn’t Mother’s Day here in England, but it felt like yesterday was a great substitute.

  12. Normally we host a Mother’s Day Celebration for the grandmothers and combine it with my husband’s birthday (coming up on the 15th). But this year his sister is coming for the Victoria Day Weekend (which is May 20th for those non-Canadians) so we’re hosting a BBQ then instead. Which made this Mother’s Day much quieter. The weather was blessedly sunny and warm, so we planted out the annuals (always a risk this early in Northern BC) and the backyard looks colourful and fresh. I received lovely messages from my away-from-home-daughters, and watched the Toronto Raptors squeak by in Game Seven with my still-at-home-son, and all in all the day was one of the nicest Mother’s Days ever.

    On another note, I want to thank Jenny for her generosity to Argh Authors. I know my new release “Allegro Court” was supported by quite a few of our community, for which I am eternally grateful. One of those people was Jo Walton, who read it and enjoyed it enough to list it in her “Books I Read in April” post on – which resulted in a couple dozen more sales. None of that would have been possible without Jenny’s support!

    Overall, was a very happy, happy week!

  13. Preschooler invited the baby (toddler?) top ride with him on a scooter. Them getting along made my mother’s day!

    Another happiness is that I treated myself to a lovely print to hang while working a craft show on my husband’s behalf (he got double booked). I also almost treated myself to a new Easter bonnet but chickened out at the last minute (it was certainly worth the $155 but I’m just not sure I need a $155 hat!). Probably would’ve taken us into the red for the event so it’s a good thing I forebore! But craft shows always delight me–seeing everyone’s beautiful work and getting one of a kind presents for myself and others!

  14. I spent three days away from my computer. Didn’t even open it Friday through Sunday. I needed that. Went to Cape Cod with a friend, went to the beach for the three sunny hours that day, and otherwise enjoyed ourselves.

    Came home to the youngest who is back from College at least until she finds a summer job. Does anyone want to hire a nineteen-year-old for the summer? She’s quite good at painting and polishing floors…

  15. Happy I was very productive last week. Even happier that I am the only one in the office for two days. You would think I hate my boss, since I am always happy she is gone. I actually love her, it’s just – no interruptions and Tom Petty cranked up loud…….it’s a nice change.

  16. Made a chicken pot pie with gluten-free Bisquick, and the lunch-and-art group approved.

    Did a painting of an apple, and it looked like an apple. An apple attacked by worms and shaped by oddly uneven gravity, but still…apple. Ish.

    Just found out the Schitt’s Creek “behind the scenes” live show is coming to our town!!!

  17. Mother’s Day is a non-event chez nous. The DH took care of his mom remotely, I sent my 3000-mile distant Mom a slightly-guilty email (have not mailed a card or letter to anyone since before Christmas, and little inclined to do so now as I have literally no news beyond ‘yes the layoff happened, currently unemployed, still writing’ which will either worry people or make them think ‘why isn’t she out pounding the pavement for a job’ to which the answer is ‘because that’s not how one gets the kind of job I do,’ but the guilt is building, there are old and ill people I haven’t forgotten and want to make sure they know).

    Then we went out to a tea dance, after which we had some dinner at the food court and went to see Avengers: Endgame. Which, wow, that’s a lot of movie. I remain convinced that there is no other actor who could have played Tony Stark so engagingly.

  18. I had the happiest of weekends – we saw our smarty-pants niece graduate from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, hung out with friends in Minneapolis, bought local Minnesota yarn, and got to meet in person a second cousin (and her daughter) whom I’ve been corresponding with for the last year. Oh, and our travel went really smoothly. Just grand all the way around.

  19. “Mama Drama Stress” – I’m going to write that down. In fact, I have.

    “The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.” There should be an Anna Jarvis Day, first Tuesday in May.

    My own mother died 48 years ago. All my own MD observances are somewhat removed, as a result. Someone else’s mothers, no gifts or fusses required.

    So, naturally, my “every Sunday dinner with the dotter” was complicated by everyone ELSE taking their mothers out to dinner! This week we were going for surf and turf at Texas Roadhouse… their line extended to the city boundaries, and we had no reservations. The back-up plan was for Outback Steakhouse… whose line was shorter, only twice around the building. I suggested Golden Corral, but Jen had eyeballed it when we turned onto the mall ring road to get to Outback and said “No. Just no.”

    There are many excellent restaurants in this area of Virginia. I’ve never been to most of them. I have been to Ruby Tuesday, though. There is on less than five miles from home (where we ate last week) and another on that mall ring road. It had four groups of six-to-eight ahead of us, but several empty booths for two – we went right in!

    The best thing about Ruby Tuesday is the endless garden bar, where a keto dieter can graze contentedly. The dotter always loads up there. Not that she doesn’t stock up on the main course – she had something with chicken and broccoli (vegetable of all dieters). I had the Cajun ribeye, a baked potato and grilled zucchini. Mindful that grilled shrimp was one of the things she wanted from Texas Roadhouse before that destination was de-destined, and noting “add grilled shrimp for just a few bucks” on the menu, I added grilled shrimp – then scraped them onto her plate, all but one.

    I must digress. I lived in Key West from ’58 to ’63. There was a shrimp fleet based there. I have regarded shrimp as bait for catching real food fish ever since. See, if a shrimp wasn’t big enough to cover your hand, they couldn’t sell it to restaurants, so they sold it as bait. The shrimp RT sold? About two inches, not including the tail. Over-fishing.

    I have a policy of trying something every year that I have traditionally disliked. The one shrimp I held back from the dotter was quite tasty. I may order them again for my own consumption.

    And after that, we went shopping, always a good time.

    That wasn’t the only happy times last week, just the cake-icing.

  20. I spent the weekend at a plot of land I help care for, organizing a group of people planting native trees. The weekend wasn’t perfect but putting trees in place of gorse, blackberry and broom was great. We’ll do it again next year on a larger scale.

    I’m getting fitter, which means I can do that kind of heavy work. That makes me very happy.

    Then last night I went out for dinner with my best friend, to a restaurant we love and that needs the custom. Bonus happy of good food and helping keep the restaurant going.

    And reading everyone else’s happies made me happy too!

  21. I now keep simple birthdays after years of building it up and then being disappointed.

    These days, every call is a joy. And much more than I expected. Someone even got me cake and flowers which I totally did not expect.

    In other amazing news, my water damaged MacBook has been repaired for a fraction of the cost IStore quoted 2 years ago. I was very upset when it seemed like nothing could be done. I even bought a replacement MS OS machine. The tech cleaned the Mac up, and put in an SSD and it is flyin’!!! The aim was always to keep the MacBook for ever. Now I’ll use it as a desktop and never let it leave the house. It should last twelve more years, right?!

  22. Finally had a large shrub removed and my driveway widened from one to two cars and gravel spred. The shrub was huge and blocking visibility when backing out, taking up valuable snow storage space, and required a large ladder and one-handed reaching to trim. I, sadly, had to kill it before it killed me!
    And, I have two dogs this week. My sister and brother-in-law’s Lab is getting too old to go camping with them. So they dropped him off with me for a week. His younger brother went with them. He can’t hear so doesn’t mind my Sheltie’s barking.
    A better and safer driveway and two dogs make me happy!

  23. I’ve had a happy weekend. Wonder Woman bracelet from one daughter, a Disney gift card from the other, steak dinner & a set of REALLY nice measuring cups/spoons (which I asked for, it’s Sur La Table so Kudos to him!) from my husband. My three sons have yet to do more than dishes, but it’s okay. I still love them.
    I’m bored and haven’t been reading lately and suddenly decided to bring “Tell Me Lies” to read while I wait for the clock to turn at work. All I have to say is, Thank you Crusie, once again, for making me remember why I love to read!
    I hope you all have a happy week and good things happen because I could use them after the last few months. <3

  24. My kid slept through the night and omg the world is not a terrible place when you’ve had enough sleep 😂

  25. Friday night rediscovered the Thai restaurant down the block. Our favorite server has transferred there AND they now serve a wonderful broth-y soup with healthy things floating around.

    Yesterday we walked what seems like most of the village to inspect the innards of seven houses on the annual Historic tour. Low key this year, and lots of friends to greet. Reassuring to see places as gently worn as ours is. Despite the fade, lots of style, designer and personal. And good to know I can still go the distance.

    Just this moment turned in an article that was due that I worked on to a fare-thee-well. Now I pack for tomorrow’s launch of a nine-day road trip to lots of my fav California spots — Buellton for the Hitching Post (yes, Robena, from Sideways), Santa Rosa, Red Bluff, Sebastopol’s Rosealia fest. We’ll stop at Annie’s Annuals, so the back seat will smell great all the miles back home.

  26. I’m childless, and my parents and I live together. The mama-drama was trying to get my mom to tell me what she wanted, “You choose.” So you always know what she doesn’t like, but can’t get her to say what she would like. And believe me, she has opinions.
    We ended up going to the symphony to a wonderful program, then bought her a drink and dinner at a restaurant down the road. Usually very nice, but they staff was pooped from Mother’s Day brunches, so not as sharp as usual. But all in all a good Mother’s Day afternoon.
    In the morning the we (the choir’s women) sang the Bobby McFerrin arrangement of the 23rd Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd, I have all I need, She makes me to lie down in green meadows, beside the still water she will lead…” (The men in the choir are pretty deaf, so they didn’t sing the men’s part.) Anyway, if you haven’t heard, give it a listen on youtube. Remarkably beautiful.

  27. I had birthdays dinners on Friday and Saturday with different sets of friends. Delicious food and wonderful company. DS gave me a lovely pair of earrings with purple glitter on them for my BD – he went shopping with his dad and picked them out himself. They are totally my taste and he was very pleased. Lots of emails and messages from friends and family. I decided to keep a journal/scrapbook to record my 60th year. I had all the supplies on hand and have already written a couple of entries.

    1. Landmark birthday! I hope it was everything you wanted. My sixtieth year was great: not too many aches and pains from old age, no serious health issues. I think I am much happier now than I was when I was younger and this is about the age it showed up.

  28. I got a very nice care package basket from the folks at work as a “Get Well” before my surgery this week.
    My Dad is home after 2 months in rehab and I got to have a great visit with my brother.
    So lots of happiness with one bummer.

  29. There is no guilt at Argh. Just sayin’.

    I accidentally sent my mother two different eCards from two different sites. Apparently I was worried I’d forget to send one, so I set it up ahead of time…and then forgot. So I sent another one. My mother was quite amused. I told her that meant I loved her twice as much as either of my sisters did 🙂

  30. This has been a weird week. Not a huge amount of actual happiness, but a whole lot of “things could be worse.” Last Tuesday my Mom tripped up some steps at a friend’s house and both dislocated and fractured her ankle. So I spent two days visiting her in the hospital and the last few days at her house. She’s 79 and normally *very* active, so this has been very frustrating for her. She can hop using a walker, but it’s too much for her to have to hop back and forth to the bathroom multiple times a day. We rented a wheelchair on Saturday which has made it much easier to get back and forth to the bathroom, but someone has to do the wheeling. Even if we switched to a wheelchair that she could roll herself, someone needs to be in the house in case she falls.

    On Wednesday my dad will come up and take over while I go on a business trip. Feeling a little guilty about that, but I’m self-employed (until my security clearance goes through) so if I don’t go on the trip, I can’t pay my mortgage.

    Luckily my Mom has the resources and insurance to pay for what she needs, but it’s very stressful all around. She will have to have surgery next week, four more weeks of the walker/wheelchair, and then finally she will be in a boot and able to get around by herself. There is zero chance she won’t get depressed at some point (for good reason). Did I mention how active she is?

    1. You didn’t mention physical therapy. Sometimes lifts the spirits when work is being done to see a way forward. Does sound like you, your mom, your dad are handling All The Things. Best luck to everyone on your mom’s way to complete recovery.

      1. Thank you. She has a physical therapist three times a week. She will heal and this will be a distant memory. But the weeks of being dependent that stretch ahead are daunting.

    1. OOH. OOH. OOH. Beautiful. I want one. Of course, Lindy and Aubrey would consider a kitten an imp from Hell. But still…..

  31. Two games with toy soldiers. I’m sorry: two historical miniatures simulations. Anyway, two days with old friends. The intention had been a game a week in retirement, and I’m running more like one a month–which is still one more than without retirement.

    And I’m fetching old authors off the shelves. First Leigh Brackett, the queen of space opera, and now Catherine Fellowes who competes with Heyer for regencies. Other possibilities await, but sadly now is lawn mowing. Some year, there will be astroturf.

  32. Now it’s Tuesday. Still, no shame allowed. Anyway, last night, one of my Facebook friends (who happens to run a writer’s group) poste a graphic similar to

    You don’t want to click? It’s a bumper sticker for GIANT METEOR 2020 – Just End It Already. After I laughed, I replied, “Yeah, you conservatives are all alike. I belong to the 2020 GO NOVA sun party. We believe in the bright side.” There is a radical wing of the party – the SUPERNOVA 2020 group – but they’re all Interstellarists.

  33. I actually feel better that I’m not the only one who has no sense of time these days. It is now Tuesday evening and I am just now reading yesterday’s email. So I thank you for making me feel less dysfunctional. Well, I’m still pretty dysfunctional, but at least I’m not the only one with an unreliable sense of time

  34. I have just read this blog post that made me so happy, I have to share.

    She starts with:”Meditations for the next few days. Take what you need.”

    Here is one of her ‘meditations’. I also love the one where Jeff Goldblum cleans her oven while she has a nap.

    “You are sitting on a beach. You can hear screams of laughter and joy from the waves. It is your children. They are delighted. The sun warms your skin. There is a slight breeze so you’re not too hot. You watch Chris Hemsworth emerge from the sea. His V glistening, board shorts straining, clinging to his golden thighs. He grins, shakes his head like he’s a stupid Labrador. He leans down and kisses you deeply then winks. He runs off with the kids and returns with a coffee for you. “I’ll take the kids for an adventure around the rock pools babe” he says. He is gone for two hours and you can finally read your book.”

    1. “You’re in a sex cabin in the woods, the fire is raging but a storm is coming.”

      A sex cabin is a really great idea.


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