Cherry Saturday, May 11, 2019

Today is Eat What You Want Day. 

Before anybody says anything practical, it’s one freaking day.  Screw health and good sense and eat what you want.  Lean close and snort up that aroma.  Close your eyes, let it linger on your tongue, and savor how good it tastes.  Hell, roll in it if you want to.   Life it too short not to celebrate with good things.

Eat what you want.  

(This holiday may be extended indefinitely.)

49 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, May 11, 2019

  1. Waffles!

    I hadn’t had waffles in forever, and starting yesterday (I got an early start), I’m having waffles until the box is empty.

    Waffles with butter & syrup. Waffles with peanut butter. Waffles with strawberries. Waffles with butter and honey.


    1. I have a recipe for yeast raised waffles that is really easy if you are interested. You mix them up before you go to bed and just add some eggs in the morning.

        1. Raised Waffles
          1/2 cup warm water
          1 pkg dry yeast
          2 cups milk, warmed
          1/2 cup (1 stick butter) melted
          1 teas salt
          1 teas sugar
          2 cups all purpose flour
          2 eggs, separated, whites beaten to soft peaks*
          1/4 teas baking soda

          * I have seen recipes where the eggs are just beaten together before they are added and the whites are not beaten separately, so it probably isn’t essential. But mine turn out tasting a lot like a French crueler which I love so I continue to do it this way. Note: I have never tried it without beating the egg whites separately so maybe it turns out the same way.

          Soften the yeast in the warm water in a large mixing bowl. Let stand for five minutes. I have made a half recipe and still used an entire package of yeast and it turned out fine.

          Add milk, butter, salt, sugar and flour to yeast mixture and beat until smooth. Cover the bowl with waxed paper or plastic wrap and let sit overnight.

          Beat in the eggs, add the baking soda and stir. Make waffles. It will take between 1/4 to 1/2 cup batter per waffle. It is a very thin batter.

          This batter will keep for several days so if you want you can have waffles and fruit for breakfast for several days and waffles with chicken for dinner or just cook the rest of them until they are just barely cooked, freeze them and have homemade toaster waffles. I do a lot of freezing of excess stuff because I learned to cook on a farm and most of those recipes are way to large for two people to finish – unless you eat the same thing for about 8 meals.

  2. I was going to say something about Five Guys Burgers and Fries… but now I want waffles. There’s a Waffle House on Boulevard at the end of Temple Avenue. Or a Denny’s a lot closer. Or maybe I should just run to Food Lion and buy Eggo Waffles and syrup.

    Or maybe a rotisserie chicken. Those are good, and I don’t have to cook. Mmmm, chicken on sweet rolls. Or a bag of freshly fried drumsticks and thighs and some coleslaw.

    Now I can’t make up my mind.

      1. They make the BEST fries! And I love how they put a drink cup in a paper sack and then fill it and let the sack catch the overflow. Bag fries! Before the keto diet, I’d give the cup to Jen and just eat the bag fries.

        But not today. Jen needed dinner fixin’s, so I went to Food Lion and got chicken wings for me, hamburger buns, lettuce, tomato and onion for her. Well, the buns are for the grandkinder. She eats her burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves.

        No waffles. No waffle iron and no toaster. I’d have to use the toaster oven. Maybe next week.

  3. I have Eggo ‘Double Chocolatey’ waffles in the freezer but I think since I have to go to the supermarket anyway I will get myself some angel-food cake, strawberries, and Reddi-Whip. Got a job offer yesterday but it is approximately 100% worse than self-employment, really can’t take it, search must go on … so I need some comfort food.

    Will get some more salad greens to make up for it. 🙂 And some carne asada for the DH.

  4. Tonight I am having Pastaworks fresh ravioli di formaggio with a mushroom/sage/butter sauce and parmesan because I promised my husband I would serve something we could have a Patricia Green pinot noir with. It’s normally a really good wine but it is on sale right now for 25 percent off so he wants to try it before he buys more in case it is a bad batch (unlikely) or bad year. This is a guy who never wants to buy anything if it is on sale because he believes it would not be deeply discounted if there was not something wrong with it. And he married me and I believe you don’t buy something unless it is on sale and 10 percent off is not a sale, it is a come-on. It has to be at least 25 percent off to qualify as a sale, maybe more.

    And no I do not make my own ravioli from scratch. I did that once and we are talking really tough ravioli. However, I have bought wonton wrappers, put my filling in that and cut them into ravioli-like shapes and faked it. And if you use rice flour won-ton wrappers, they are even gluten free for those of you who care.

  5. Milk tart. A sort of white custard filling baked in a good pastry and topped with cinnamon powder. I’m truly only eating is as a birthday treat. I decided to forego birthday cake just because.

    Also, I really have to give up a lot of the sweet things. A sugar-free me is really special – I sleep better, I think faster, I’m full of energy. The results of my previous no-sugar lifestyle in 2015 were excellent, I just lapsed. Recent blood tests suggests I must retry.

    The Living and Loving magazine page has a good recipe if anybody wants to try it out.

  6. This past Sunday we roasted off a turkey breast that had been lingering in the freezer for eons. So it has been turkey everything this week. Last night was the end and it was a spectacular send off, a California Rueben sandwich copied from our go to restaurant Strawberry Fair. The sandwich is sliced roasted turkey, swiss cheese, coleslaw, red onion and Russian dressing on pumpernickel bread, grilled.

  7. Funny – most of the things in the photo actually look healthy – lots of greens, no conspicuous fat or red meat.

    1. All the F.A.T.* is to the left of the stuff shown. It’s a long table. Not shown are the sliders, the brats, the pork chops (center cut, the Porterhouse of pork), the ribeyes, the Swedish meatballs, the Italian meatballs in marinara sauce, four kinds of pasta with butter, two kinds of pasta with cheese, prime rib, baby back ribs in BBQ sauce, grilled kielbasa, corned beef, corned beef hash, roast beef hash, pancakes, waffles, crepes, grits, home fries, hash browns, and fruity gelatin. And the five gallon container of sweet tea. In addition to the stuff out-of-sight on the left, there may be four different kinds of lasagna out-of-sight on the right, next to the pizzas.

      *F.A.T. – Flavor And Taste

      1. You forgot the desert table over in the corner. The ice cream is starting to melt to go on top of all the baked goods…

        Actually, I thought the same thing at the photo. Good to know all the unhealthy food is just outside the picture.

  8. My fridge died this week (well, was in the process of dying, fooling me into thinking it was going to live, then deciding not to, so I spent a LOT of time unloading it, defrosting, reloading, unloading…well, you get the idea). In the process of putting the frozen things back into the freezer (they got moved in a hurry into the mudroom freezer, so I wasn’t paying attention) I discovered I had a bunch of bacon. I mean, for someone who only eats it once or twice a month. Organic, from the farmer’s market, a different kind of organic, the tag end of some that a friend smoked last fall in her smoker. Clearly I need to eat some bacon.

    I see a BLT for dinner.

    And I spent an hour walking around the local garden center and then three hours in the garden itself and everything on my body hurts. (But hey, it wasn’t raining and things got done, so it’s all good.) So I see beer, too.

    1. OOOOOH. Home Smoked Bacon. Envy, envy, envy. When I was a little girl, my dad would do a brown sugar cure and smoke our bacon over applewood. I have never had anything so good ever again. And I buy really expensive, organic, applewood bacon at the farmer’s market. But apparently they do not do the brown sugar and all the salt.

    2. Your fridge died? I am sorry for your loss.

      A plethora of articles and papers deal with the sources and causes of civilization. I say that indoor refrigeration is or should be high on the list.

        1. Flush toilets are wonderful, but the rest of the indoor plumbing and learning to wash hands after using *whatever* kind of toilet was more important.

  9. I made pancakes for breakfast and a bread pudding with the leftover blackberries and the challah from the spring Jewish Food Festival.
    We have two Synagogues in town. One has festive in the spring and the other has one in the fall. Some if my favorite food times.

  10. After going low-carb since the first of the year and hitting the treadmill every day like a fiend (I’m on it right now – DAMN hard to type!) I’ve lost about 22 lbs. & won the women’s division of the Biggest Loser contest at my office. Thank goodness that’s over, ’cause we just found out Sam’s finally has our favorite available-only-in-summer brand of potato salad back in stock. And we have pork steaks from the farmers’ market.

    We make waffles every Sunday – on a big square waffle iron, the way God intended.

  11. At my house it’s Eat What You Want As Long As You’re Not TOO Allergic to It Day every day. Strawberries and ice cream for breakfast, people, every day that the strawberries aren’t too tasteless.

    1. Quit gloating. Those of us who live farther north will have to wait a good while for strawberries with taste. Especially since it has been to wet to plant.

  12. Crazy pants. There’s a new, 4th season of Lucifer on Netflix. I thought it had been cancelled at Season 3. At least, I think it’s a new season?

  13. I didn’t see this until late in the day so didn’t have time to take full advantage of the day, but I did break into the Dove dark chocolate mini chocolates I had stored in the fridge.

  14. Wherever I take the dotter tomorrow, I will (futilely) hope they serve waffles. Or chicken Marsala. (I just finished Bet Me.)

    1. It’s a funny thing. Whenever I read one of Jenny’s books, I find myself craving whatever food is predominant in the book. For example, Chicken Marsala and doughnuts from Bet Me, and muffins from Faking it. The really funny thing is that I don’t particularly care for doughnuts!

      1. I don’t care for Dove Bars, but they’re all over the place in her books! At least in Faking It, the doughnuts were the good looking useless guys. And Davey was a doughnut… with sprinkles.

        My weird take on doughnuts? I grew up a Dunkin Donut fan, especially the buttermilk glazed crullers. Now it’s just Krispy Kremes.

        1. I grew up in an area where donut shops competed to have the freshest donuts. You were unlucky — but thrifty — if your work shift ended at 11 PM when the day’s donuts were free.

  15. I didn’t get a chance to read this because I had to write a long and challenging email to my SIL before I could open it. But I must have known the heading for today because dinner was Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.
    Thank you local grocery for the timely sale!

  16. Yesterday was a delicious food day – fried egg, bacon, black pudding with really nice bread for brunch, then home-made flapjacks and gingerbread cake, and in the evening, bruschetta with goat’s cheese followed by DH’s superb home-made Oreo gelato.

    Certainly did eat what we wanted!

  17. I made banana bread yesterday. It is deliciously moist and tempting. I am coeliac and banana bread is one of those cakes that do really well gluten-free. Also I found a bakery in London (wholesale only so you have to purchase a lot, have them send it to you and freeze it) that makes the best gluten-free sourdough bagels. As an ex-New Yorker and 25 years gluten-free, this is the first bagel I’ve eaten that can call itself such in, well, 25 years. I had a bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced red onions and juicy sliced tomatoes for both breakfast and dinner yesterday. I think I will do the same today.

  18. I wanted a quick meal yesterday, so I tried the frozen Kung Pao Chicken from Trader Joes, which turned out quite tasty. Added some extra sauteed vegetables and thinned the spicy sauce with some orange mango juice, and the whole thing made a nice meal over sticky rice.

    My two favorite nearby Chinese restaurants have closed (retirement, rather than business reasons) so I’m trying out various semi-homemade options in lieu of spending time and money testing out other more distant places. Eventually I will get to that, but the semi-homemade search is going pretty well. In fact it’s kind of amazing how many variations of cuisine from far away you can find in the frozen sections of various groceries.

  19. Apparently eating anything we want yesterday counts as happy today! Works for me. We tried to go out to lunch, forgetting that is is mother’s day (duh) so the only place with space was the by-the-pound Indian vegetarian place. It was great, but I am still craving the chicken shwarma we had intended to eat.

  20. I was taking out for Mother’s Day yesterday and had breakfast at the local Flap Jack. Two eggs over easy, dry Texas toast, turkey sausage, and cinnamon swirl bread fried up as French toast with lots of syrup sloshed on it.

    Today I cooked up a chicken stew. It’s like chicken soup but with more substance. I’m in the process of baking cheese rolls. Plus we’re having Mongolian beef for dinner. None of this would be what I would eat for “east whatever I want to day “ That more likely would be Mountain Dew, Doritos – cool Ranch, and ice cream. Possibly some really delicious pizza. Oh, and Garrett’s caramel corn & cheese corn mix and Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls.

  21. I binged Lucifer S4 and had a blast. I love these characters.

    But! I do have many thoughts on the writing for the primary recurring character for this season.

  22. I had a sliced pork patty-melt (grilled cheese with meat, basically), garlic pickles and pickled garlic, and . . . I can’t remember if I had oven fries with that or if I had them on Saturday. So delicious!

    What I really want is salad-stuffed pitas with Ghengis Khan lamb, but I’m too lazy to make the pitas. Maybe I’ll splurge on the expensive store-bought ones if I can remember where I saw them last month.

    1. Saturday we had my husband’s fabulous Gouda and grape pizza and for Mother’s Day we ate at Jaleo (an amazing Spanish tapas restaurant). But if I really ate what I wanted it would be steamers lobster raspberries and sour cream chocolate cake

  23. We had my daughter’s 11th bday party on Sat. night and invited my MIL, FIL and BIL to stay for dinner. I wanted steak and baked potato so that’s what I bought. I told my husband that if he wanted veggies, he needed to deal with them. I wasn’t.

    Since we got all the Mother’s Day visiting out of the way on Sat, on Sunday I got breakfast in bed and then we went to see End Game. Then did Noodles and Company afterwards. I’d have preferred pizza or Thai but Noodles and Co. was easier and quicker than getting pizza delivered or picked up.

    Overall it was a good weekend.

  24. Saturday I was on the Cape with a friend we had Chinese food for dinner and Trader Joe’s chocolate ice cream for dessert. Yum. I didn’t know it was eat what you want day, but I did a pretty good job all the same!


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