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  1. I’ve been trying to think what I’ve been doing this past week. It’s been busy, but not particularly creative. The one quilty thing I had on my list from Saturday – put borders on a quilt – was already done when I checked it. I decided I needed to do some clean up of my space before I started a new project. (It was a somewhat depressing decision. I’m hoping to allow myself some fun soon.)

    Then I was going to take a picture of my azalea garden. They are nearly in full display. But I left the house without doing that. (Perhaps I’ll get one this evening when I get home). So, you’re left with a picture of a peace lily I have in my office. It has one full and one incipient bloom.


  2. I got my days mixed up and thought yesterday was Wednesday. As a result I did things on my Wednesday slate at work, and totally missed doing my Tuesday stuff. Ugh.

    On the plus side, I finished the final layer of resin in a piece with a drawing & dried flowers. I learned a LOT! It is so often the errors that help us learn.

  3. My new book. The prequel for my mystery series is out today.

    So glad to finally have this one out. Special to me because it was inspired by readers wanting to know more about how the characters met. So nice to have the interest but also turned out to be a special writing experience for me, too, and so very fun to do:)

      1. Lol. Probably didn’t ask. Am celebrating today by listening to roofers pound a new roof on to my garage, so my mind’s been elsewhere:) So nice of you to mention, but don’t think I even know how to submit. Send links?

  4. I’m trying to get my feet back under me after being flat-on-my-back sick for a couple of weeks. I kicked butt last week, knocking out a truly prodigious week-long To Do list. But I had a relapse over the weekend and got some awful news on Monday that knocked my legs right back from under me.

    However! I am once again upright and kicking and my goal today is to make and execute a… restrained To Do list with the goal of 1) filling my life with good things I’m proud of to wipe away the awful news and 2) avoid another relapse.

    I am learning that sometimes it’s okay to just let yourself be sad and ill when you’re sad and ill, and then get back up when you’re ready for it. It’s a hard lesson because my default is to focus on a goal while ignoring any emotional or physical aches and pains, but I think I’m getting better at this whole “being a person” thing!

    On a related note, Jenny, thank you for responding to my question about coming back to writing after being unable to for a long time. I posed it right before I got sick and I didn’t have a chance to respond before you closed the thread. But I wanted to let you know it was exactly what I needed to hear and it was wonderful advice!

    1. Oh, good.
      I think the blog closes the thread. I’m not that organized. If you want to talk about it, feel free to do so here.

  5. “Where are you getting to on your stuff?” Well, my stuff this week is data storage stuff.

    I own no less than 15 thumb drives in various sizes. Also, two portable hard drives, plus a card reader for several high capacity camera cards. As you might guess, I tend to forget what in particular is on any set of devices.

    I will admit to keeping one drive in a work computer so I can have ready access to the hundreds of books in my e-library. But they’re talking about taking the Johnson Controls/Metasys server away from us and putting it across the street in the Maintenance Building, which is a stupid political move (Mutter, grumble, gnash teeth, never mind.) Anyway, I pulled my 8 GB thumb drive out of that one.

    I have tons of re-organizing to do on these drives. This Chromebook I’m on is NOT the computer on which to do it. Progress is slow.

    Worse – I backed up a lot of files on CDs/DVDs, and neither laptop has a DVD player. Portable players are relatively cheap, but totally incompatible with the Chromebook.

    Oh, well. I’ll live, or at least this problem will not go on the certificate as Cause of Death.

    1. Yesterday I moved another gig of stuff to my home computer. And in looking at older files found out some are so old (2002) they need converting into more recent formats. So if you have Quicktime files on your Mac, convert while you still have Mojave or older because they are changing the OS dramatically in the next version and very few things will work on it. So I’m also moving bytes and organizing them.

    2. I love “this problem will not go on the certificate as Cause of Death”!

      I need a t-shirt with that. Or a big poster, put where I can easily see it.

      1. I’m going to have to put it on my LiveJournal and FaceBook pages. I accidentally said something possibly witty. 🙂

  6. I spent some time over the last two days unsubscribing from lists and deleting emails. I went from Inbox 999+ to Inbox 460+/-. This is another very satisfying feeling!

    Next up: the image as albums on all devices!

  7. I’ve been plotting my next story, which I wanted to have center around a woman who’s dying father realizes through a DNA test that his father is not who he thought he was (confusing I know). But it just isn’t coming together and is making my brain hurt.

    On a positive note, the re-release of my second romance went live today. Since you were so kind to share my newest release a little while ago, Jenny, I didn’t ask for an Argh Author post for this one. But hope it’s okay to share here!

    All Jemma Hedge wants to do is care for her ailing grandmother, and a job behind-the-scenes on the reality show Reservations for Two is the perfect opportunity. There’s one rule—no fraternizing with the cast. Easy enough, until she meets the show’s sexy bachelor, Paul Almeida, the smouldering restaurateur she’s already had the displeasure of meeting.

    Paul risked more than money when he opened his dream restaurant. To give his fantasy a fighting chance he accepts the role of Chef d’Amour on a brand-new reality show. Flirting with the women vying for his heart should keep him too busy to worry about overstepping boundaries with the crew, until he spots Jemma.

    The ingredients for love are at hand. Can Jemma and Paul create the perfect blend?





  8. We’ve had the opposite of a work Wednesday. Minion 2 has been working every day this holiday break because he has major exams in 3 weeks time. However today is his birthday so we took him out for burgers at lunch and then went to see Shazam, which was unexpectedly funny and sweet. Then it was home for cake and gifts/cards, which although he is now 16 is still Lego….So no work today, but a good day.

  9. I’ve been doing lots of hours at the day job, in between doing tip runs, buying fencing and doing what I can to help with the garden renovations. I finished two jobs and invoiced for them, and am now proof-reading a big book about Klaus Fuchs, who gave the Russians the secrets of the atom bomb, apparently. I was rather dreading this, but so far it’s a good read – which means I can do longer days on it, and therefore will give myself a four-day Easter holiday for a gardening blitz. Probably mainly on the allotment, because the work here won’t be finished. They’re forecasting a heatwave, so it should be good.

    1. Have you seen the trailers for the movie (tv show? not sure where I saw it) starring Dame Judith Dench as a young woman accused of giving away nuclear secrets? It looked fascinating. I mean, well, Judith Dench, right?

      1. My brother’s keen to see it, but I’ve just read a poor review, saying Judi Dench is underused. (I’m not terribly interested in espionage – all that betrayal. Although this book does have a kick-ass female MI5 pioneer, called Jane.)

  10. I have been job-hunting. Finally have a serious interview on the schedule. Not in preferred location, but if I do get the job it is right up the street from a very favorite former co-worker so I could see him more than once a year, yay.

    Also polishing the 2nd edition of my first L.A. Stories novel and getting that ebook re-launched.
    Also assembling the new paperback of same, which I am about to commence loading for submission.
    Also more-or-less obsessively rewriting a novella in the series, the main character of which has become an anchor character for the whole series, star of a nearly-complete book, and very likely the star of a further book. I love him so.

  11. In preparation for our Easter bash for 30 of our nearest/dearest (37th annual!), I cleaned the fridge. I really should have taken a picture. It is a thing of beauty. Until approximately 2 pm on Sunday, I’m working on party prep, which encompasses decluttering, cleaning, putting stuff away, gardening, and cooking. At 2 pm I’ll be cracking the bubbles. 🙂

  12. I’ve been busy fretting unproductively about when I’d get my first-ever editorial notes from my new, bigger publisher, and if they’d be like the ones that Lisa Gardner got when she went from Harlequin to single-title, which took her like two years to complete. I got them today and there isn’t anything too scary in them.

    Other hard work this week was forcing myself to release the feral cat on Tuesday (after her spaying). I so wanted her to not be feral, but she clearly was. On the plus side, when she left, she immediately ducked under my deck, rather than booking it for the less safe fields behind my yard, so I think she’ll stick around where she used to hang out, and I can feed her and just generally keep an eye on her. From a distance.

    1. If you’re on Facebook, check out author Karen Rose Smith (she’s a buddy of mine). She has her regular indoor cats, but also two ferals that she has gotten to the point where they will come into her basement when the weather is bad. She’s an inspiration.

      And yay about the not scary edit notes. Whew.

  13. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions; but, this year I decided that I absolutely had to finish two projects, one crochet and one cross-stitch, that I started and then dropped a long time ago. The politics of the past two years had just taken the joy out those activiities for me. So, I decided to work on them once a day without fail until I finished them. I’ve only missed about 3 or 4 days. One is done. I’ll be picking up the other in a few days.
    Other than that, I’ve just been continuously bouncing a ball for my dog. That’s her joy.

  14. I self-published my novel (the one that was giving me such a hard time) last week with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, so this week meant a lot of marketing stuff which I hate to do. It’s in German, so there’s no chance for an Argh Author, but since I love the cover (also self-made), I’ll give you the instagram link:


    Tomorrow I have to take the cat to the vet because of a bladder infection, and then, hopefully, we’ll have a few quiet holidays (in Germany, we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off, and many people use the two weeks of school holidays for vacations, so it’s really quiet around here).

      1. Brenda, you posted a little while back about your daughter’s blog and her clothing upcycling/refurbishing. I thought I had bookmarked it but apparently I didn’t. Could you share again please. Thanks.

  15. Love the cover! What’s the title in English? (I realize it’s not available in English; I’m just curious.)

    I’m definitely with you on staying home and avoiding the crowds. Hope you’ll be getting sunny weather too.

    1. “Immer der Nase nach” literally means “follow your nose” – and only by looking it up in the dictionary I learned that you can say it in English, too. The heroine of the story is a middle-aged woman who has just left her husband and must come up with a plan about what to do now.

  16. I regularly attend “Medieval Lunch” at a university in CT. This Tuesday an emeritus French professor who is a medievalist spoke about the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. While he was quick to put the burning of a medieval building into perspective — it happened all the time through history — he was clearly devastated by the hole that had been cut in his life. He had assumed that Notre Dame would not change, for all that he was perfectly aware of the mutability of everyone and everything. Realizing that he might not live to see Notre Dame again reminded him of his own mortality.

    It was a moving statement to share, and I was glad to be in a room full of people who knew and loved Notre Dame.

  17. I found writing very challenging today. Finally gave it up and went upstairs to primer one of the boys’ bedroom. well, one wall. Actually only the lower half of the wall. The upper half has wallpaper trim that is proving difficult to remove.

    So I finished exactly nothing that I was supposed to today. But I did wander the garden and join the arbor day foundation and they are sending me ten new trees for free. We shall see if I can keep them alive!

  18. Pulled out a trunked book that was intended to be first in a series. It is a hot mess. I believe it’s a fixable mess but I basically need to throw out everything I’ve written and go back to the original concept. Not sure this counts as progress although maybe sometimes you have to get rid of what isn’t the story just like carving away the pieces of stone that aren’t the statue.

    1. Been there. Actually, that was Bet Me: a completed book that was awful. Threw out 99% of it, although I didn’t realize it when I started.

  19. Planted vegetables. I am hoping to get the whole garden put in before i have to head off for surgery.

  20. I did a not-work health thing that was tiring enough for me that it feels like I did all the work of everybody until the end of time. Which says much less about what I did and much more about the overall condition I am in than I like, but I cannot address the things I don’t acknowledge so this is today’s real work, I guess – some acknowledging. The outcome of today’s efforts is a plan to do some stuff that give me better odds of things not getting worse, so that is good.

    And! I have accidentally made really great green chili, even better than usual, and my usual is darn good (no, when I am actually properly good at something I am neither modest nor particularly demure, and it has taken me 20+ years to get good at green chili).

    I am so impressed with how much y’all are getting done. It is excellent to have so many people who are getting things done at their own paces and in their own ways to (I don’t know the right word/phrase for this, so this is the best I can do) keep up with. It’s truly very meaningful. Thank you.

    1. I love that you own that your chili is darn good. Women, at least my senior generation, were criticized if they said they were good at something: it wasn’t feminine and modest. Boys, as long as they weren’t too obnoxiously aggressive about it, were seen as just being honest. And everyone praised what they did.

      I myself got over being modest, when someone once said to me that if I said something I did was only so-so, no one would rush to tell me I was wrong but would try to help me fix it. Being critical predisposes people to look for the flaw.

      And making a really good chili is not an accident. It means you know what you are doing. Way to go.

  21. I feel like I’m not getting much of anywhere either. I’m working on a nonfiction book for St. Martin’s Press (A Modern Witchcraft Primer: Goddess Empowerment for the Kick-Ass Woman) and it is a SLOG. Way more research than my witchcraft books usually involve. Here’s a picture on Instagram of a stack of books full of post-it notes.

    Plus I’m having eye issues, migraines, and a worse than usual seasonal change-over fibro flare, so mostly I feel like I am trying to dance in quicksand.

    So, you know, Wednesday.

  22. Work is… well, work. And more frustrating than usual. I have been struggling with my WIP lately. I know where I took the wrong turn, but I don’t know the direction I want to go. On the other hand, since I haven’t been writing, I have been making progress on the Christmas stocking I intended to knit three Christmases ago…

    I am inspired by everyone here, especially on Wednesdays. Thanks, everyone!

  23. I’ll feel accomplished if I can research tire sales and make an appointment tomorrow morning. I’ve been doing REALLY good waking early to take the dog for a good thirty minute walk. Excellent for him, and while I know it’s good for me, it’s not countering enough of the Nutella i can’t seem to stop myself from eating by the spoonfull. I need to scan more of my grandmother’s pictures, which have been a dead weight around me neck for literally years. And I have four granny squares that are so close to being done. From there, eight to go to complete the blanket. Then, join em all together and border. …. none of this, besides the walk, has actually happened yet today, however. >. <

      1. My sister just converted last night and had a moment. XD the bread is just a vehicle of wasted calories. I’ll just take the spoon haha

  24. Revisions are killing me. A bunch of the first act was basically me going “so this person/place/thing needs introducing so stuff in the other acts will make sense”, and the revise is going through trying to do all that BUT ALSO hammer in actual Things Happening, and also work out what the hell I’m doing with this second POV, ideally in less than 15K. It’s the sloggiest slog that ever slogged.

    To top it off I was laid up all of Sunday by a major thunderstorm system. Pressure headaches are normal for me; pressure headaches that last 24 hours during which I will be a dizzy, nauseated wreck, not so much. (Of course, thunderstorms that produce a constant string of tornado warnings are *also* not the usual for this area.) And I just don’t seem to be coming out of it quite; I’ve been sleeping badly, groggy, and having low-grade headaches all week. NOT HELPING with the sloggity slog, o brain.

    On the bright side my daughter’s birthday robe is getting a lot of play since knitting takes less brainpower and moving. I’ve finished the back and left side, and should be done the right side by tomorrow. Then I get to knit the hood! I like knitting hoods.

    So that’s a bright spot to focus on. My creativity isn’t dead yet; it just has a headache and a plot hangover.

  25. Okay, computer coughed, starting over…I’ve been in the arctic for 6 days working hard. Lots of cleaning, (after a tenant who left with a week notice, the carpets tell the story of the unit being a party place…no one told on them to me) furnishing the unit and shining it up. Thankfully all rooms are filled and tenants finally paying on time. Being a landlord is not for the faint of heart.

    So tired….going home tomorrow to my house, my bed, my DH and will have two darling granddaugthers for the week and one Marlowe the wonder dog. It will be a fine time.

  26. I’ve been working hard at work but Easter’s here now, which means 4 days mostly off work. It’ll be lovely. And I’ve managed to fit in more sleep and lots more exercise for the last 2 weeks. Another 4 and maybe it’ll become a habit, and that’d be great.

  27. We spent a long weekend at Tall Boy’s parents’ house helping them pack for downsizing. We took 2 pickup box loads to the dump and a load of stuff home ourselves (mostly useful things like tools but some antique linens and crochet pieces) and a few boxes for the dump that got missed the first go-around. SIL and BIL took a bunch of things home to sell to a friend of theirs and will go back this weekend for a load or 2 more. We also took 15-20 boxes of stuff to their local seniors centre for their annual rummage sale so not everything went in the landfill.

    The place the in-laws are moving too is in a retirement community that is fabulous and will make life much easier for them but the apartment is only 550-ish sq. feet so much smaller than their house/garage/shed and thus vigorous editing was needed. It was bossy, bitchy daughter-in-law to the rescue. I spent the weekend cracking the whip and giving the in-laws jobs they were emotionally and mentally capable of (a lot of this move came up quickly and they are very overwhelmed). Since the band-aid has been pulled off so to speak, they actually spent a couple of evenings since tackling the things they need to take like their clothes and actual treasures. The place even provides linens (and linen laundry!) so they don’t have to take towels and sheets, just their blankets and pillows and a couple of kitchen towels. I gave SIL the whip and everyone is full speed ahead which is a huge relief for everyone.

    Yesterday I had a massage. I deserved it.


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