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  1. Ruth Graham, Billy’s wife, had a great epitaph: “End of construction — Thank you for your patience.”

    I won’t have an epitaph. Perhaps my final message will be, “Close the cover before you flush the ashes.”

    1. I keep in mind that supposedly when Michelangelo’s memorial sculpture of Guiliano de Medici was criticized for not looking like Guiliano, he said “In five years no one will know. In ten years no one will care”.

  2. My kid was doing this the other day and it was depressing because they were worried about people erasing their queerness and gender and no matter what wording we came up with we saw how someone would decide it didn’t mean THAT.

    VERY BISEXUAL would be mine. An in-joke and a lack of erasure, that’s all I want.

  3. I used to say “She had three great loves and lots o’ books.” Though now in retrospect, “great loves” is probably not accurate. More like “seemed great at the time, I guess, but when you think about it in retrospect, maybe not so much.”

    I was going through some workbook a few weeks ago and it’s one where they want you to write your obituary both for what it would be now (i.e. nothingburger) and what you want it to be (a whole lot of awesome). I’ve just…never been able to figure out how to get from here to there, you know?

    I’m afraid of what happens when people see you online these days. It’s one thing to get to perform on stage–which is My Thing, even more than all the crafting and whatever nonfiction writing I do. I am more into that than the rest. I’ve never felt a super drive to publish anything (especially since one can lazily just slap their stuff online without having to go through the rejection pile-on) and it feels anticlimactic to wait a year or years or whatever for that to happen and someone has to pick you for that. Or you start your own business, which is freaking hard and the idea of that makes me want to sink to the floor.

    But if you want to be on stage, someone else has to pick you for that too, which is hard, you have to hope for the opportunity to come up and that you win the competition and blah de blah. So everyone is all “YouTube!” at me and I agree, Doing It Myself that way is probably for the best. Y’know, except for the stalking and harassment and the part where I have a job where all of my information on how to find me is publicly listed and I will ruin my own life and day job career prospects when the stalkers come for me.

    So I just go round and round in the brain special hell on this topic. I can’t do it or I”ll ruin my life, I slap myself down literally every day…this shit gets old.

    Well, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended well, at least. I won’t say what happened if you are watching it the next morning like I am, but I liked what Rebecca decided to do with music in the end. I’m relating to that.

  4. I’ve written my obit before but never an epitaph.

    Thanks to Jessie I have a new exit line which is a real truism of my life.

    “She was really good at answering questions.”

  5. I think I would like “She was loved”. Growing up in a very dysfunctional unloving family I have discovered that the love I have for my daughter, husband and close friends and they for me is awing. I don’t think I quite believed I was worthy until I was so sick and everyone could have just gone away but they hung in tighter.

  6. Well that was awkward – the system asked for my name and email and I didn’t put RanchGirl but my real name. We blame this kind of stuff on chemo brain :). Sorry about that.

      1. Don’t need it taken down – just knew nobody would identify with my real name. Feeling so blessed – going on MAINTENANCE this week! Still will have chemo but every three weeks and just one, not two chemo meds. Looking forward to getting hair back and energy :).

  7. Good in an emergency. – Except that doesn’t quite do it for me.

    Had some fun.

    Felt the fear and did it anyway – when she felt like it.

    Oh no. Here it is. Wait for it …


  8. Ok, my phone was being stupid and didn’t post this yesterday when it would have been more relevant. Here’s my follow up questionable: how is every death not a fridging event. So long as the character cares, the death showcases that. … which is the definition of fridging?? So confused. T.T And I know we have the trope of super hero female interest, which is where it came from, but I guess unless it’s super obvious, I can’t draw a line. Anyone?

    1. If the only purpose of the death is to provide the protagonist pain, it’s a fridging. If it has importance to the story, if it would have been important even if the protagonist hadn’t know the person who died, it’s not a fridging.

      The puppy is fridged in John Wick. It’s only purpose in the movie is to tug heartstrings and die horribly so that carnage Wick lavishes on his enemies is justified.

      Simon Callow’s character in Four Weddings is part of the ensemble and has a romance plot with John Hannah. He also interacts with the other characters. Removing him from the story would have taken out a chunk of it. Also, if we’re getting technical, the purpose of fridging is to send the protagonist on a vengeance quest (see John Wick); Hugh Grant’s character mourns the Callow character, but there’s no impetus to seek vengeance.

      Or look at Beth in Little Women: not a fridging. Groot’s “death” in Guardians is not a fridging.

      I’ll think of some others. Actually, I’d never really thought this through before, so thanks for asking.

  9. Since it is the accomplishment that makes me the most proud, I guess mine will be Emmy’s Favorite Aunt.

  10. Not planning on being buried so hadn’t ever thought about it. Off the top of my head, though…

    WAIT! I need to read just one more chapter before I turn out the light…


    With apologies to Byron:

    She hath awakened from the dream of life. Tis death is dead, not she.

  11. I used to plan on. “Returned unopened”

    Now I’m going to quote Jimmy Buffet
    “Some of its magic, some of its tragic, but I had a good life all the way”

  12. I am planning to give my body to science, so no markers, but if I did I would like: Dreadful Warning.


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