Cherry Saturday, April 20, 2019

April is Adopt a Ferret Month.


April is Active Dog Month.


April is Garden Month.

Ah, we have a winner. Also, it’s Spring Is Finally Fucking Here Month. That’s the one I’m celebrating.

34 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, April 20, 2019

  1. No. We have a fox visiting the yard these days. Cat doesn’t like it, squirrels hate it, crows mob it when they can…. I think if I had a ferret too, it’d be mayhem time.

  2. The ferret will always remind me of The Shitstorm about The Case of the Plagiarized Blackfooted Ferret. I guess it died down a while ago as there are obviously new authors (or their ghostwriter minions) who will plagiarize whole books.

  3. Yay gardens! Hauled home 2 keyhole garden kits plus a Mason bee barn from Costco last night. I also have a bag of bulbs for a pollinator garden. I know what I’ll be working on this week.

  4. Today I am baking rhubarb pie and bunny rolls for Easter. But we have the first beautiful sunny Saturday for a while so I will also be out gardening. Planting lettuce, mulching the roses, digging out all the things that are trying to take over.

  5. I know we’re having the whole April showers thing but ughhhh, this weather. Every day I’m awake and about, it’s gross out. Every day I sleep till like noon and have stuff to do, I miss the nice weather. Sulk.

  6. I would if they weren’t forbidden in my state. That said, a friend of mine who still lived here at the time had ferrets for years and gee, I guess nobody noticed. They were cute too.

    I am so happy it’s spring! I can ditch the warmies! I can wear dresses again!

  7. I’m happy for the warmer weather, but since it has been mixed with snow and grey, it’s been hard to be excited about spring. I’d rather sleep through it.

    I’m dwelling on the wrong things. Grey, cold weather;taxes; annual self eval (which was due y’day and I haven’t started it); hubby’s g’ma died 10 days ago and will be missed; projects & politics at work are all going sideways; one of my team members isn’t being let back into the country (stupid government administration delay – he’s got a work visa and is legal, but @#$&%!); my kitchen cabinets arrived but the stain color is very different from cabinet to cabinet … so I’m hoping May will be better.

    So, to balance that last paragraph, things to be grateful for… the days of warmer weather, the hyacinths are blooming, I had the money in savings to pay my taxes which were filed on time, G’ma was 93 and ready to go and I believe is happier where she is now, my other team member is recovered enough from his surgery to return to work on Monday, I’m fortunate to be able to redo my kitchen, and besides church – I don’t have to leave my house this weekend. I plan on quilting and reading.

    I’m glad I wrote the 2nd paragraph. I do feel better for thinking about the good.

  8. Ferrets seem to be a thing in the short story selections I’ve taught to 15-16 year old students:
    Last couple of years this was a set text –
    Sredni Vashtar is technically a polecat/ferret…but basically, a ferret.

    and this year, we have to teach The Stoat –“the_stoat”_by_john_mcgahern.pdf

    And then Lyra Belacqua’s daemon in the Philip Pullman trilogy pretty much ends up in the mustelidae family too…

    What is it about them that tweaks writers’ imaginations?

    1. They’re neither cat nor dog!

      That is, I think that they’re unfamiliar enough animals that authors can write the animal in a way that is free of familiar characteristics ascribed to conventional pets. Further, the way humanoid characters such as the hero or heroine react and interact with it reveals more about their character without the author needing to tell it.

    2. Well, they are cute. They’ve got beautiful furs, many of them (ermine, mink). Their bodies are so weird . . . I’m pretty sure more than one footed-serpent creature in fiction was based upon the way a mink or weasel runs across a road . . . . And, they can be absolutely vicious, which many people interpret as “oh, it’s a badass.”

      I’d rather have them in my fictional world than my house, lol. But they are a cool idea.

  9. The azaleas and dogwoods have really popped out the last few days! It’s so nice to look out and see color.

    We also had tornado warnings yesterday along with torrential rain and thunderstorms, so spring is being a bit dramatic this week.

  10. Its the garden for me. I’m having a particularly good spring garden; I’ve been able to scare off the rabbits and deer, so nothing got eaten, and I planted a number of new kinds of bulbs last fall that are doing well. Mini iris, some new kinds of daffodils and narcissus,… my tulips did come up, but its clear something has eaten some of them so each patch is thinner than it was. I guess I plant new batches this fall. The kwanzan cherry trees are in bloom, the sequencing and the colors of my bulb flowers are about right, and even my lilies of the valley are coming up. Now, if only my lilac would bloom–it’s supposed to be early summer but so far no signs of buds.

  11. It’s Autumn here and climate change is kicking my @$$. Weather’s a lot more inconsistent then it used to be. I have to dress summer-y for daytime but layer on for colder mornings than usual.

  12. I spent a couple of hours at the allotment this morning, moving plants around to make three rows of strawberries, eight per row. Seven plants are in flower or about to be, so I should get some fruit. Also weeded the ghost of a bed next to the strawberries, but it’s so hot and dry that I’m not going to sow anything in it until cooler, wetter weather returns next week. Instead, I’m sowing and taking cuttings and tidying the garden at home – although I can’t sow or plant direct in the ground until the new fences are up in a week or two.

    I’m having a lovely, lazy Easter holiday.

      1. It is really good. I realized today that having a garden connects me to all kinds of creatures. There was a tiny lime-green spider with a scarlet bum climbing over me this morning, for example. And I talk to them all; I always have. Which is probably why it felt off to be living in a first-floor (2nd in American) flat for two years. I really did feel disconnected.

        1. In our new house, we have huge windows facing the garden. Suddenly I realize there are all sorts of birds: beautiful bullfinches (I heard that they faint when you try to catch them), a pair of really busy jaybirds building their nest, tiny blue tits (who ever made up that name? – sounds kinky) and high above we have daily visits from the local red kite who is famous for decorating his nest with all sorts of stuff, even plastic bags and human underwear (which he probably steals from the laundry lines).

          No ferrets, though. But it seems that German hunters sometimes train them to go into rabbit holes.

        2. I lived in town in a rented apartment for eleven years. Hated it. Finally figured out a way to buy a house in the country, so I could get my hands back into the dirt again.

    1. Jane, every time now since I saw Happy Valley (a British police drama series) there is a scene where Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) goes to find her sister Siobhan Finneran at her allotment and Clare is sitting relaxed in her chaise garden chair and I picture you. With an all is right with the world expression.

  13. I worked in a tutorial lab in college and we had ferrets. They were cute and funny but oh the smell! The male was descented and we bathed them regularly out of desperation. But they really, really stunk. The college wasn’t paying us enough to explain ferret mating habits to freshmen.

    My veggie garden is slowly filling in and the herb garden is looking good. I have to figure out a small fence to keep to dog out of the veggie garden. She decided it was a good place to nap.

    1. I suppose ferrets are related to martens, and we had a marten in the attic of the office building where I teach my English class. The smell is awful. But they are protected and very hard to get rid of. If you catch one alive, you have to drive at least twenty miles to let them go because otherwise they find their way back.

  14. No ferrets for me. No room in the room.

    Doing nothing for Easter, since I don’t have a pot to Paas in. 😉 I suppose I could boil eggs in a shallow skillet, but there are in-laws galore who do the colored-egg-and-candy thing for the kinder. I bought snack boxes (40 snacks each) for all my grand children a week or ten days ago. I think they might have a few pieces left.

    Gardening? I still haven’t managed to kill any of the five plants entrusted to my care, two of whom started as “lucky bamboo.” Most of the plants I care for are “pulverulenta plastica.” That’s Latin for Dusty Plastic. Others had names that translate to things like “Home Decor.” Is it sad that when someone says, “You should have one of these plants because they’re almost impossible to kill,” I regard that as a challenge?

    No. For living things, I have described the dotter’s house as a herbivareum. We aren’t going to dinner tomorrow, figuring the restaurants will be full of Easter Celebrants. Instead, we’ll dine and shop on Monday, starting at O’Charley’s in Chester, and proceeding to Midlothian and points yonder for her favorite plant place, where she will acquire new varieties of plants she already owns, with variegated leaves and such, and hopefully no mealy bugs. Pants with bugs that were undetected until home – where they are quarantined for days before joining the multitudes – get tossed in the fire pit for their sins. There’s a home decor place up there that will get a visit. She’ll need new planters, too.

  15. I would have ferrets if they didn’t make me itch. Or maybe I wouldn’t because I would never be able to find anything because they moved it. But they’re delightful.

  16. I’ve done that–adopted a ferret. I would like to report that they:

    o Poop in corners (apparently they like backing in to do their business)
    o Overturn glasses–including glasses of grape juice onto celery-colored carpet
    o Loathe the sound of a 13-year-old girl practicing the violin. (She got up on her hind legs and danced like Riki-tiki-tavi.)
    o Smell a tiny bit like skunk, even after they’ve been de-scented.

  17. Then you’d probably like the scene in Hot Shot by Julie Garwood where the heroine explains why she has taken a break from dating. Evidently her date liked ferrets so much that he never left home without one. When the ferret peeked out of the guy’s jacket pocket in a restaurant during the first date, neither the girl or the ferret took it well.

  18. I’ll take Gardens for 100, Alex. 🙂 I spent the day in mine – tidying the backyard which pretty much hadn’t been touched since the fire in our back house in December. But the rebuild is done, so no more workmen tromping through to mess things up. Just in time to host 25 people for Easter tomorrow. I should be making my next marinade for the lamb, instead of hanging around here.

  19. The air is nice and balmy like a spring atmosphere should be, but my mother-in-law said that because of the lack of snow this winter, the ground is colder than usual. The green is just under the surface . . . hidden behind buds and under dead grass. You can almost see it like a sheen.

    I hope the ground catches up soon. Daffodils are putting up leaves, and they are one of my springtime favorites! Maybe they’ll be blooming by next Sunday.

  20. I’ve just decided that I put my flower garden on the wrong side of the house. The spot where I put my work table for the spring/summer/fall (until I can’t stand how cold it is) looks out on the old horse pasture. There are some daffodils out there – not blooming yet – but nothing else. I’ve decided I will plant flowers on the side of the hill. Now the question is if I should save up my money to buy new ones, or steal them from the now almost established flower garden on the other side of the house? Maybe some of both?

    I’m not exactly happy today, but thinking about flowers distracts me from the awful ache in my chest where Zoe lives now. I told my sensitive son to let himself cry when he feels sad about Zoe, but I can’t take my own advice. My eyes hurt from crying and I want it to stop.

    But at least I have a plan for another flower garden.


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