Food is Happiness

I’m obsessing about food lately and I realized that my new found interest in it is making me happy. Which of course reminded me of Proust and his damn madeleines, although I do love madeleines, and all that food-as-memory stuff. I’ve been having a fraught time lately, and I just realized that the reason I’ve bought Braunschweiger three times in three weeks is that it reminds me of my relatives shoving fat on bread at me in times of stress. Also Braunschweiger (aka liverwurst, aka goose liver), although sounding and looking horrible, is delicious. I’ve even found a pate recipe using it to so I can upgrade my obsession persona from German peasant to snooty upscale German peasant.

Where was I?

Right, madeleines and memory, food is happiness. The right food at the right time in the right place? That’s ecstasy, but just food in general, well prepared and right in front of you? Come on, that’s always smile-worthy.

How were you consumed by (or just consumed) happiness this week?

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  1. I’ve been happy for months now. My dh and I ditched winter and flew to SE Asia. The people have been friendly, the food has been delicious and the sunshine makes me shine.

  2. This evening I made chocolate cake and fudge to take in tomorrow for the teachers at my kids school, to acknowledge how amazing they were when schools were in lockdown following the terrorist attack on the mosques last Friday. It doesn’t fix anything, but baking is soothing, and it helps to remember the everyday heroes.

  3. I’d be interested in Braunschweiger recipes. My doctor wants me to eat more liver, but I’ve objected to the taste. I’ve fried it, which wasn’t bad, but at a pound a time, a little overwhelming.

    My current obsession is Cadbury Royal Dark mini eggs. I’m trying to ration myself, so I don’t each the whole bag at once (cause that would not make me happy).

    1. This might sound gross but have you tried dried liver? I grew up in the dog show world and what we used for bait back before all these dog treats were available. Also, it was a snack for desperate handlers. Search for liver jerky and you’ll find tons of recipes. It doesn’t have that organ meat texture that makes me want to gag so that might help you too. You can vary the flavours just like regular jerky.

    2. Sorry to spoil your hopes (well, maybe you’ll never read this because I’m late to the party), but the share of actual liver in liverwurst is very low. To get a pound of liver, you’d probably have to eat your whole daily food intake as liverwurst, and I guess your doctor would object to that.

      Also, goose liver is probably not used for it. It’s much too expensive. And the way they produce it – by force-feeding the geese – is disgusting.

  4. I’ve been having fun chasing research rabbits down a whole lot of different rabbit holes. I’m learning a lot of fascinating things about ancient China in the process. I’d forgotten how much fun this could be, and it’s so much more fun when I don’t have a thesis deadline hanging over my head and I’m free to pursue whatever shiny bit of information catches my attention.

  5. I hosted a brunch for women and non-binary femmes yesterday and it was a fun potluck. I made eggs and roasted red potatoes and homemade bread, and other people brought donuts and fruit and mimosas and bagels and cake and a dessert-y bread and and and…oh, muffins and more bread and pistachios and more fruit and cleaning up was a lot and my tummy is like “THAT WAS A LOT TOO” but it was a good time had by all.

  6. Yesterday I baked, Irish Soda Bread and Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting. I remember my mother used to try to make us eat liver, ick and she would practically chase my sister with a spoonful of cod liver oil, double ick. I think she was obsessed with keeping us healthy, Sundays were packed with about five different vegetables and mashed potatoes and a roast. We were thin but I think it was because we were always outside. Or b/c she grew up during the depression when everything was a struggle. I also remember going to visit my grandmother and she made me a head cheese sandwich, the name alone is scary. Did you ever eat something and not try to hurt someone’s feelings?

    1. My dad makes headcheese. I have never screwed up enough courage to eat it as it is nasty. Likewise, he used to try and get me to eat “cannibal sandwiches” (raw ground round beef and slice of raw onion on rye bread) and pickled herring. He tried to motivate me by saying it would grow hair on my chest. I usually responded that girls didn’t want hair on their chests.

  7. My family has a Danish recipe for a liver pate that had duck and pork fat in it. Grey, grainy, nasty looking stuff that tastes marvelous. I can remember my mother hauling out the “Foley food mill” to grind up the ingredients.

    Personally, I made buttermilk cake with chocolate frosting, my local grocery store gave me their version of soda bread (nope, it’s cake, but good) and as mentioned before, I have LOTS of Russell Stover easter candy. It’s not the answer to everything, but…….. certainly improves my attitude to life in general.

  8. I baked a cinnamon star bread with cream cheese frosting. Brought it to church to share with those putting on the service this morning. Of course, I had some too. 😋

  9. I’d forgotten about Braunschweiger! I loved it when I was a kid. We didn’t have it very often.

    I made a random vegetable soup. Due to health issues I have to avoid virtually all the foods that make me happy, and am always on the hunt for healthy foods that can make me happy.

    Random vegetable soup is putting all the veggies that are around and going to go bad if not used into a pot with some olive oil, sauteing with seasonings, then adding chicken broth and cooking until soft enlighten to puree. It actually tastes good, and feels good because food isn’t going to waste.

    1. I enjoy random soups! Soup’s ability to take bits of all sorts of things and be delicious, is a gift.

  10. There’s a lot of happy in comfort food. Especially when it’s linked to childhood.

    For me, the funny thing is it’s not always obvious based on the food itself but how it’s put together or when it’s eaten. Like finger toast and cocoa before bed. Simple but fab. But the finger toast has to be cut a certain way, just regular toast doesn’t have the same appeal. But when it is, yum. Lots of happy:)

  11. I’ve had a crappy week. First breakdown Tuesday where I cried about everything until I hacked and couldn’t speak complete sentences or even words. F was amazing but unfortunately he can’t solve all problems so I’m not really on top of the hill yet. Day after that someone made kinda unpleasant remarks about my weight… 🙁 which awoke my eating disorder ghosts again and thus food is currently not happiness for me right now. I’ve eaten little to nothing since Wednesday, making the grocery list for this week and ordering it was torture and I’ve started crying a couple of times when I’ve only read about food. All I can think about is food food food at the same time as my head screams “YOU CAN’T HAVE IT YOU STUPID BITCH!” So yeah, ugh. 🙁

    People have been complaining my whole life that I was too thin. I was underweight as a teenager and most people have either commented on me being too thin or said things like “Ah you can have that ice cream/chocolate/cake/whatever, you could use some kilos, kid!” I’ve always been a non-eater and had problems with food. Since about 2 years, after a couple of years of therapy, I finally learned to eat more in the direction of what’s concidered “normal”. Now people make remarks about my weight. Not only people I know, unfortunately – even random people I come across like mobility service taxi drivers. And it’s no nice remarks like: “How good to see you finally eat/enjoy food, you look so good/healthy now!” It’s always like: “Gosh, YOU HAVE GAINED WEIGHT – how much?” or “Pff yeah, it’s clear YOU have enjoyed your ice cream this summer!” and such things with an undertone of scorn. Before people pointed out I ate to little – now when I eat normal, they gasp about how much I eat.

    So right now it feels like it doesn’t matter how, or how much, I eat, it’s always wrong. It doesn’t matter how heavy or thin I am, it’s always wrong. People apparently think I am fat and ugly and should burn in hell for having started enjoying food and reading cookbooks for fun and eating more than a sparrow’s dinner. I wish food could be happiness but I don’t know how. I don’t even know how to tell my lad the ghosts are back. 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry. Hang in there. I’m sure you know in your head that what strangers say doesn’t matter… and you will find the words when you are ready.

    2. You look beautiful! You are healthy! Enjoy whatever the hell you’d like to eat, then have another spoonful! People are scum, and aren’t worth listening to. Adult me says turn the other cheek, child me says insult them back. I shall let you decide who will win. 😛 (I hope this helps. My sister and I play this game, too. Usually we are our own worst enemies, but people rarely help….)

    3. Have lived the whole “Eat more, you’re so skinny” thing. It’s why I try to never ever talk about anyone’s weight – I never know what’s their journey.

      Remember that their comments are truly NOT about you, but about their relationship to food and body image.

      You do you. Give your wonderful, smart, caring self the permission it needs to be healthy. To take in food to nourish your body and mind. Allow yourself to have food likes and dislikes. It is your right.

    4. The next time somebody says that, say “Why would you tell me that?” Turn it back on them because the problem is not your weight or your eating, it’s the ownership they’re trying to take of your life, and they need a heads up that they’ve stepped over the line. Their attempts to control you are the problem, and that’s what weight comments are, attempts to get you to buy into their world view. You’re healthy, that’s all that matters.

      Or you can go the simple route and just say, “Fuck you,” but I think that’s probably not a good approach.

      1. See, more mature than insulting them. I like turning it back on them a lot. And when in doubt, insult in back pocket.

      2. Oh, I don’t know. If they’re strangers? Seems to me like that might be an option. Or just give them the hard stare and say, “And what on earth makes you think that my weight is any business of yours?” I guarantee it will embarrass them.

        Also, HUGS.

        1. This year my standard response is “until you have to live with the consequences, you don’t get a vote.” Explaining my reasoning only encouraged my family to think that I was going back to the days when I asked them to make all my decisions for me. I’m not, but because they live so far away, they can’t see that. So I am following the advice of a former shrink who advised me to condense my position to 1 or at most 2 sentences and repeat them until people start listening.

        2. I really like the “why would you say that?” because it forces them to at least glance at their motives, which is what this is really about.

      3. At the beginning of the year, I asked someone if she’d lost weight because she looked like she had and it was a well-intentioned compliment and she said no and then her co-worker said, she’s fat and happy. So awkward especially since she then started calling her co-worker stupid. I decided I’m not saying anything about anyone’s weight again ever. I consumed happiness with dark chocolate and espresso this week.

    5. *Hugs* I’m so sorry. It’s none of their business, even if they are family, and why on earth would they say something so hurtful? I hope you feel better soon.

    6. I’m so sorry Shass. People, by and large, suck. I hope that you find your way back to yourself, and that you feel better soon.

      I don’t get this often with regard to my weight because anyone who knows me knows how I feel about food (favourable to the point of obsessive) but I get it ALL THE TIME with regard to being single. People project their psychology on to us. If it’s how they feel about something, clearly it’s how we all must feel about that something. It’s important to remember that it actually has nothing to do with us, it’s about them, but it’s really fucking hard always being the grownup. If you need to be rude to shut them up, I say do it.

    7. I’ve always had the opposite problem. Too heavy. Oh, and the comments people think it’s okay to make. Like it’s any of their business how much another person weighs. I feel for you, Shass. Just know that you are beautiful, and your weight does not change that, regardless of what it is.

    8. I am starting to favor a lot of bluntness in my life. I work at a public library in a city-area where a lot of odd and vaguely uncomfortable things happen. Mostly, I get hit on fairly frequently by men that no one ever wants to gain interest from. I don’t get mad anymore, or upset (or I try not to) I just look at them and say, “Don’t do that. It’s unpleasant.”

      I think that we don’t use the truth enough. My younger sister had a similar experience this week with a pushy client coming on too strong, and she just minimized it. He probably feels like she encouraged him, honestly with some reason.

      Anyway, you don’t have to be angry or rude (it’s hard not to for sure) but it really works. Things like, “Oh, what an incredibly personal thing to say,” or, my aunt’s favorite when someone says something stupid, “Could you repeat that please?” And she just keeps asking them to repeat it until they go away. 🙂

      1. Your aunt is my hero. I’m going to use that.

        I had an interesting conversation with my therapist about my weight because I’m not ashamed of it. I’m really heavy but I don’t carry myself like I weigh this much. I exercise, this winter has been bad because I’ve been sick, and I’m always running around doing things. We decided that my not being ashamed was a good thing for my mental health but it might have been easier for me to lose weight as a young woman if I had been bothered by it. If I know someone who is trying to lose or gain weight and they succeed I tell them that they must have worked hard at it and they should be proud of their hard work.

    9. Peggy, Debbie, Nicole, Lena Pinto, Sure Thing, Jenny, Deborah, Aunt Snack, Mary M, Carol, Kay, Georgia, Kate George, Lupe Office Wench Cherry – Thank you so so so so so much for your kind words, encouragement, advice, hugs, jedi-hugs and general awesomeness. I had to wipe tears away while reading your responses. Thank you!

      I’m not OK yet, but it feels wonderful to know so many people have my back. Yes, I should definitely confront people with their own stupidity, but I get so stunned by the sheer rudeness of their questions and remarks that nothing comes out. It’s that play-dead-thing my brain does when danger is near (apparently this falls under category “danger”). Afterwards I have all the words, but when it happens…not so much.

      I haven’t told F yet, but I know I should. I think he suspects something’s off, and I feel bad for not telling him. Unfortunately it’s very easy to skip meals even face to face with a lad that can’t see if you throw things away/don’t eat everything/don’t put anything on your plate at all. It’s horrible and unfair to him and I should tell him tonight. It’s hard because people often minimize these kinds of things and even though I don’t think he would (especially regarding the fact I explained it to him in detail only a month ago, relating how my brain deals with this stuff to how he reacts on his triggers and finally getting him to understand how difficult it is at times), the fear is still there that he will and thus I avoid it as long as I can. But I’ll try to tell him tonight.

      We have a high tea and a birthday brunch booked next week (unfortunately with the person that made the remarks…). I’m not sure how to handle/survive that. Ugh.

      I did eat a hamburger (home-made) today. I’m trying to see that as positive.

      Thanks again to all of you for being such amazing, wonderful, loveable people. <3 It means so much to me.

  12. This has been a foodie week in our house. I made cheesecake for DHs birthday and Thursday we celebrated Pi day at the neighbors with pizza pi and apple pi and pecan pi. Then Friday we went out to test a restaurant for DS graduation and he really liked it. And tonight, roast chicken and I’m going to try to roast potatoes in goose fat.

    Also, working out to minimize damage.

  13. I made shamrock pancakes for breakfast (happy St. Patrick’s day!🍀) and have hidden cookie dough from the kids to freeze in balls and bake from frozen as needed (every cookie is freshly baked! Once the kids are sleeping so I don’t have to share! Plus it’s very slightly harder to eat them all at once! Plus frozen cookie dough is delicious!).

    I’m trying to eat more healthfully because a healthy, strong body and mind would be so nice to have… 😂 I’ve even found some salads I don’t hate! (The secret is grilled steak as a salad topping because I love steak more than I hate lettuce.)

    And my husband’s been planning and plotting and planting see stars for the garden since January, so our greenhouse will soon be empty and our garden full (knock wood!). Seeing the boys help him and the three of them so happy to be outside is pure happiness. 🌞

  14. At this very moment, I am waiting for a cupcake leftover from my nephew’s birthday party to come to room temp. It’s chocolate with white icing.

    I’ve had a yucky virus, and now maybe bronchitis, so I haven’t been able to taste things completely this week, but I’m going to enjoy my cake!

  15. I have filled my LiveJournal blog with food porn over the years. I won’t do that to Argh Ink. I will note that any of us who diet to live with heart conditions and diabetes are quite capable of boring others beyond tears with what we want but can’t have.

    How did I sin this week? I ate submarine sandwiches from the Walmart Deli, and bacon cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches and chili from Wendy’s. Between the sodium, sugar, fat and calories… by Grabthar’s Hammer, I live to tell the tale.

    In the Humor Conference of Baen’s Bar, a barfly posted a thread about Taco Bell winning a contest in Mexico for Best American Fast Food. Naturally, that started a back-and-forth about whether Taco Bell has any relationship to Mexican Food at all. With all my other transgressions last week, it was all I could do NOT to stop at the border on my way home from work to pick up a six-pack of soft tacos and a beefy burrito. I do not care if it is Genuine Mexican Cuisine. I care that I like the taste and it satisfies (even if it takes a six-pack.)

    Best of all, it is once again Take The Dotter to Dinner Sunday. I know that it will not be Golden Corral nor Texas Roadhouse, but it will be delicious. And then there will be shopping.

    1. There’s no Taco Bell near here. It’s not my fave by any means, but they do make good tacos. Sigh.

      1. I did a google search for Mexican Restaurants in Prince George, VA. Taco Bells were THREE of the results within seven miles. The only other name I recognized was Chipotle.

        My favorite dish from Taco Bell is the Personal Pan Pizza.

  16. I went beyond my budget yesterday and ordered salmon tartare. It was wonderful, refreshing and delicious. The accompanying chopped onion, tomatoes, and avocado and herb salad were the perfect accompaniment.

    I may’ve made my budget sad but it made me ridiculously happy. I ate in tiny bites and savoured it enough to make my table mates point out that it is the first food in a long time they’ve seen me finish at table and NOT pack up half to go.

    I will see if I can make it myself. I believe in knowing how to cook because eating is a necessity.* It’s not safe to always rely on take out or deli meals. There are too many hidden additives that compromise our bodies in small cumulutive ways until some big health emergency occurs. I was upset to learn that McD in the US adds sugar AND uses beef fat for the fries. Gah.

    *Philosophy informed by the short called “Ten-minute cooking school” by Robert Rodriguez from the “Once Upon A Time in Mexico” movie extras.

  17. For some reason, I keep getting invited to restaurant events where the organizers think it will be this great treat for everyone to have it at a place that serves fish/seafood. I don’t eat fish/seafood. I’m fine if there’s ANYTHING on the menu that’s not fish/seafood. ANYTHING. So, of course, I’ve been invited to an event in two weeks, where the only two reasons to go are 1) the friend who wants me to be there, and 2) free food. But, yes, it’s at a fish place. With absolutely nothing that’s not fish on the menu. Sigh.

    Lots of foods = happy for me (why, oh why couldn’t they have it at an Italian restaurant like the vast majority of the other related events in other parts of the country?), but not fish.

  18. This week my food consumption has not been stellar thanks to being away from home. But I was back in action on Friday – chicken and chorizo with peppers and paprika was delicious, last night DH made a beef stew that was mostly a beautifully flavoursome broth and tonight, to celebrate return of prodigal Minion No 1 we are having roast lamb with roast parsnips, sweet potato and runner beans. Leg of lamb pre-marinaded in onion, garlic, ginger, ras-el-hanout and chilli sauce. Will squeeze lemon on beans and in lamb gravy for a bit of zing in about 35 mins.

    Good home cooking is joy for me – and although PM 1 presents his challenges, it is really really good to have him home.

    1. And I forgot my Big Happy Moment this week: current WIP is now over 50K – am on track to make 80K by end April, but I don’t think I’ll have finished the story then, and the structure is all over the place. I have written between 500 and 1000 words every day since Jan 1st, and it has made me very happy.

  19. Liver is one of those things I would prefer to go hungry rather than eat it. I never could get past the smell or texture of it.

    Any time I read one of Jenny’s books, I immediately have a craving for whatever food is predominantly mentioned; doughnuts (and I don’t particularly care for them!) Chicken Marsala, muffins, etc. lol

    It’s Girl Scout cookie time and a local troop set up a table right in front of my desk at work yesterday. I did very well resisting them, but when they were getting ready to pack up, temptation overcame my willpower and I succumbed; I bought a box of thin mints.

      1. Especially when they’re frozen. I’ve got two boxes lurking in the freezer for an appropriate emergency.

  20. I have been fixating on how much sauerkraut costs here (@$5/pint) and I like it with kielbasa. Then it occurred to me that my mother always braised kielbasa with finely shredded fresh cabbage and a few herbs. So for the first time in decades I did that. And the carmelized cabbage was so good I can’t believe that I have been buying commercial sauerkraut.

    This week we spent a few days in Seattle with our good friends and went to the Nordic Museum and ate out and my husband spent a day helping our friends turn up their classic car and we played Letter Tycoon several times. The weather was beautiful. It was a really fun break.

    1. That’s “tune up” their car. Also we watched Stephen Colbert every evening, which was hysterically funny.

    2. I haven’t been to the Nordic museum since they moved to their new building. How was it? And didn’t you get the nicest weather.

      1. First time I went and it was fantastic. And after we walked along the Ballard Locks. Followed by coffee and pastry at Larsen’s Bakery. (I had the almond potato – I may never need to eat again).

  21. Love Braunschweiger as does almost every family member. Some of us have been known to eat the whole package in one day. Deep German, French and English roots. Liver pate. Goose pate. Then there is the cheese. And the bread.

    Yesterday a visit to Granville Island market. Lovely French bread and cheese from Quebec and not pate but Irish ham, and vegetables. And pie. Came home and cooked pasta dinner with fresh ingredients. Loved cooking last night. It made me happy to make a good dinner says the “rather read a book or sew” sister.

    Sun out most days here on the west coast. Yeah!

  22. I’ve been baking a lot while I wait for my hip replacement, and as we speak, I have Martha Stewart’s cream scones with fruit marinated in Cointreau baking in the oven. They smell great. And tonight I’m going to a friend’s house for dinner, so I can give them all away.

    All the talk about liver and Braunschweiger and kielbasa and sauerkraut and raw beef takes me back to my childhood in Wisconsin. I still love all that stuff, but after you’ve seen head cheese made, you’ll never eat the stuff. That’s what I think, anyway.

    1. Mom made headcheese when I was little and I loved it. However, as an adult I cannot bring myself to eat it. Mom said that she had that response to blood sausage. When Grandma made it, she loved it. Once she made it herself, she could never go near it again.

    2. I’ve been making cream biscuits lately with expired cream (I buy it, but I wind up saving it for “later”). Gosh, I love those things! So easy to whip up, so light with such a tender crumb! Great with butter and jam, great with ham and cheese. Expensive as all get out, but since the cream is on hand and just turning into a science experiment anyway, it’s fine.

  23. I’m in the midst of corned beef, etc. Also soda bread. Yes, we are going to eat a bit late.

  24. Ate miso ramen yesterday at a much-starred ramen restaurant. It was wonderful! Decided that was our St Patrick’s Day meal because it had green seaweed in it…

  25. Happiness today involved creme fraiche pancakes at the local French restaurant and really good coffee – yum!

    Later tonight there will be corned beef and cabbage, which will come with a side helping of happy memories of my dad cooking away in the church kitchen for the annual St.. Patrick’s day feasts.

    Bonus happy: leftovers tonight will mean Reuben sandwiches all week.

  26. Tried a new restaurant in town, and they have wonderful bread. We had a ricotta toast with grated tomato that reminded me of pan con tomate in Spain. Happiness Central.

  27. We had sourdough banana pancakes for breakfast. Then at the farmers market I had lamb samosoosa with braised greens for lunch. Dinner was soda bread and corned beef. It was a good food day.

  28. My cousin brought his wife for a short visit (between trains, actually) and we had a nice lunch AND she gave me some genealogical information. So with this data I’ve been adding to her family tree at a brisk clip and have traced one of her lines back to medieval Wales. She has Pennsylvania Dutch (German), Pennsylvania Quaker, some New England, some Southern, and a nice lot of blanks on her mother’s side until she tells me the names of her mother’s parents! However, nothing gives me greater pleasure than ferreting out all these relationships!

  29. No cooking this weekend – I had six dance performances for St. Patrick’s day. On the one hand I’m not as good as I was eight years ago, the last time I did this. On the other hand, it was SO. MUCH. FUN. And now I feel motivated to work hard in class to see what I can do next year. And the women I’m dancing with are kind and wonderful and fun to dance with.

    And I did get some good food in, in between dance performances – huevos rancheros, quiche lorraine, curry fries, late night pizza, spicy basil fried rice, and baked potatoes with cheese and bacon. And at the end of it all, a guiness to celebrate.

  30. On the surface, it did not look like a happy food week. I forgot Pi Day, I forgot St. Patrick’s Day, and I didn’t have time to buy groceries in town on Saturday after we got our new phones.

    But . . . many days, I got to cook with my daughter, and last night, we scraped the bottom of the pantry for patatas bravas (boiled then baked potatoes with paprika, garlic and thyme) and tuna with fried onion omelette (which a good dab of cream cheese on top). I made enough for my packed lunch, and it was almost as good at room temperature!

    We’ve been so busy, getting ready for her move to universities (first entrance exams, then her results finally came back March 6, and after that, we found her an apartment. I’ll go down with her at the end of March to move her in and attend the entrance ceremony — then I’ve officially got an empty nest!). Food, we make time for. Everything else, backburner.

  31. I went to a wonderful fine dining restaurant in Melbourne on the weekend for my birthday dinner with friends. I can only afford to do it once a year or so, and I’ve been saving for weeks, but oh my stars the food was amazing. Panko-crumbed shiitakes in mushroom broth with zucchini flowers and crusty black rice sourdough with sake-cultured butter was the highlight. Plus they brought me a special dessert!

    Good food with good friends. It’s hard to beat.

  32. I ate two bagels after I got back from the emergency vet. Not the healthiest but to hell with it. I wasn’t up for making food.

    Oreo/Rolo is fine today, btw. But I had nightmares about losing my dogs in a city and running around naked looking for them. And screaming their names until I was hoarse. I was so happy to wake up sandwiched between the two little dogs.

    I didn’t care that I didn’t have any clothes on, but my four dogs running loose in the city was terrifying.

  33. I used to have liverwurst sandwiches with my grandma growing up. We were the only ones who would eat it. She would call to tell me when she bought it.

    I haven’t had it in a long while. Last time I tried it, I just didn’t think it was good. Seems that’s the way of it for a lot of childhood foods.

  34. My daughter loves Rosanna Pansino’s You Tube videos on baking. So we’ve been starting to experiment with them. We made her Apple Pi Pie on Sunday. The cutting of the applies into numbers really sucked. But the pie itself was good. We did it gluten and dairy free so my spouse could eat it too. He enjoyed it.

    I packed a slice for her lunch today and she wanted a slice to take in for her teacher.

    She wants to do a castle cake for her b-day in May. I told her we need to do a practice run so she can learn how to do the decorating.

    1. Well, if I’d just stick to “How were you happy this week?” they’d be easy, but I feel the need to be Deep. I am not by nature Deep. Maybe I’ll just give up and go for shallow happiness Sundays.

      1. Sounds like a plan to me. Shallow happiness and the little things are often the best things that happen all week.


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