Dogs and Goddesses, Going Cheap in March

And thank you, St. Martin’s Press.

In other news, this damn virus FINALLY seems to be giving up which means I should be back to full strength by Monday (knock on wood, lots of wood, a veritable forest because vertigo, it is no joke).

14 thoughts on “Dogs and Goddesses, Going Cheap in March

  1. Your post made me buy a used paper copy off Amazon. I doubt that you make any money off used book sales; for that, I’m sad. But I’m looking forward to finally reading and owning my own Dogs & Goddesses. Don’t know why I hadn’t bought it already.

  2. One of my favourite books. I was very interested in seeing how three authors could write such a seamless transition from one voice to another.

    Get better. It has been such a horrid winter even for the wet coast.

  3. Are you thanking St. Martin’s press for Dogs and Goddesses or have they changed their minds on your books? Or done something else good for you?

    Nosy minds like knowing!

    1. St. Martin’s Press has always treated me extremely well, and I’m grateful to them for a lot. The fact that they didn’t like Nita doesn’t change that at all. Very good people there who have been very, very good to me.

  4. The audiobook version is very good. The narrator makes Perfect voices for all characters and it’s a fun and charming ride. I love it. Perhaps I should reread it…again.

  5. I have this on CD and have listened to it countless times. Thanks for the reminder. Time to get it out again. I loved this book.

  6. Posting it to my work page.

    I have have unresolved veritgo issues for two years last month. I can barely even watch selected, stable-camera TV shows for longer than ten minutes. I have maybe “seen” (mostly listened to) three movies in a year. I feel for you.

  7. Love that book. Own it in prized, signed by Crusie (and I think one other author at least) form. They will pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

    So tomorrow, or the day after.

    I’m still fighting the terrible Plane Crud, day eight. Since I’ve never had a sore throat this bad that lasted this long, I finally broke down and saw my doctor. Who said, as I predicted, “Stay off of planes in February” and “You have a virus, eventually it will get better.” He also asked, and this is why I love him, “Are you taking echinacea to go with the elderberry?” And told me about a study he’d read that proved elderberry’s efficacy as an antiviral, which I already knew, but which one doesn’t always expect from a doctor in his 70’s.

    But I’m still screwed. On the bright side, I may want to scream every time I swallow, but no vertigo. I HATE vertigo. And I am making small amounts of progress on the WIP, so there’s that.

    Nothing but good times ahead, damn it.

  8. I’ve queued the audible for a late night listen. Can’t wait.

    As for vertigo, my unresolved bouts dizziness and nausea turned out to be BPV (benign positional vertigo) that were resolved by using the epley manoeuver. OMG the relief. And yes, it does come back, but now I know what to do – though I will admit, a physiotherapist does it better than me. Vertigo is the worst.


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