Cherry Saturday, March 9, 2019

This week is Return Borrowed Books Week. Also National Procrastination Week. So maybe return your overdue book next week?

Let me think about it and get back to you later.

21 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, March 9, 2019

  1. I don’t have overdue books from the library. Worse, I have books lent by friends who urged me to read them.

    I haven’t opened the covers. And I’ve had them for ages.

    I have to think about how I can return them and fake answers to any of my friends’ questions about the contents.


  2. I used to be ruthless about returning library books early but then I became a teacher and depression hit and I became one of those patrons that waits for fine amnesty week. Except I don’t know when it is for our libraries. Cough, too overdue!

    I bought 3 Black Panther comics in February last year, before the movie came out. I was saving it for a special time after getting through my research proposal. Bit since I never submitted it, I haven’t felt right about reading. I think it’s time to dump at at arbitrary deadlines.

  3. I’m done procrastinating (for the moment). Finished and submitted the manuscript due yesterday and now I’ve got new and shiny objects to work on!

  4. No library books to return and no procrastinating for me. Lots to do and keep hearing this bit in my head from Working Girl movie with the “you make it happen” line.

    Either I’m just in catch-up mode with a dash of spring cleaning vibe or I’ve watched way too many movies and got way too many voices playing in my head;)

  5. I’m tired: I’ve been unpacking all day. Hoping to have the energy to carry on for the next couple of days. It’s getting less chaotic here.

  6. Am I procrastinating? Yes. I started being sick last Sunday. I should be well by now. I’m not. And I’ve used all of my sick leave. I’ll get well… eventually.

    My historically worst case? I had checked out a copy of “The Princess Bride” sometime in the mid ’90s. I never did take it back, in fact, I moved several times. When my available shelf-inches of book space kept dropping, I donated all my hardbacks and paperback to a local library… and tPB went with. 20 years late, and the wrong library to boot.

  7. Speaking of libraries, I built one of those little lending libraries today. Take a book, leave a book. I’m not sure what I”m going to do with it. I suppose it could be a neighborhood library out here in the boonies!

    1. So I am out in the sticks and I have one of those things and I just encourage you to not get disheartened if it takes a while for folks to notice it bc when they do it can be quite startling. Mine went from untouched for months to completely empty literally overnight and then the next day there were grocery bags of books on my (inaccessible to me) porch. I luckily live near a school bus stop and this has provided me with a volunteer corps who are eager to help out in exchange for new reading material and also the occasional apple/cheese stick/cookie.

  8. I’m gong to return my overdue library books any day now. One was in my husband’s possession unknown to me, and the other is full of annotations and half-finished poems it had inspired. Both are four weeks overdue.

    I’m definitely good at this procrastination thing! 😜

  9. I celebrate Procrastination Week all year long – it’s my super-power.

    As for returning library books, I did that today, although it was not overdue. The book did, however, have the pages from 249 or 280 missing. Ack! Nothing like being in the midst of a suspenseful story and having an unexpected stop. The library said there had been a publication problem with the books though, if they knew that, wouldn’t you think they’d check all the copies of the book they had to make sure there were no problems?

    Maybe they put that off?

    Fortunately one of the other libraries nearby had a copy with all its pages, so I’ll be reading my way through the time change later tonight/early tomorrow.

  10. We’re doing a California road trip come the second week of May, lots of events calendared between now and then. Neverthless, my dear husband has plotted dates, places, booked hotels near fine-sounding restos and sent me the itenary. All of this we discussed, so he’s not being high-handed.

    I procrastinate in defense.

  11. I’m catching up on my Argh reading. I was quite productive yesterday cleaning the downstairs of my house with the hubs helping. We had company today. However, it had been about a month since it had been cleaned.

    As for library books that are due, I highly recommend renewing online for as many times as you’re allowed. Will save fines and extend your loan period.

    1. Online renewal is how I manage to belong to 3 different libraries without going broke.

      I joined the ones I can easily access, after all if you don’t use libraries, you’ll lose them.

      The one, one town over only survived, because it is 100% volunteer staffed

  12. I left the books on the kitchen table for my other half to take back today. Is delegation cheating?


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