Cherry Saturday, March 2, 2019

March is Women’s History Month. The worst part about women’s history is how damn depressing it is. The best part about women’s history is how damn inspiring it is. Here’s to all the women who fought the good fight, and all the women who are fighting now and will be fighting tomorrow and forever. We’ll bring down the patriarchy yet.

28 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, March 2, 2019

  1. Thank Goddess for all the everyday women. The ones living and learning and writing and teaching. It’s those women who taught me about feminism, racism, and disability rights… And MORE. So grateful!!!

    Keep the vibes coming. Sending them back tenfold!

  2. YES. Persist!

    Unrelated…Nonwriter Beth, I just decided to go to the Domes today for the steampunk event – I think it’s mostly vendors and some people wandering around in costume, which would be fun to see. Any chance you’ll be there? I’ll likely arrive about 3. You can contact me at my “burner” gmail, no123junkmail. Or just look for the grey-haired lady in the pink hooded sweatshirt.

  3. Think women’s history is important to note and celebrate. Think women’s present is as well.

    The thing about a lot of female real-life heroines is that they’re quiet heroines. I personally know many of those. They are the women who keep families & communities running and without them, in very real ways, the system falls apart. Women’s role has and always will be crucial and not just because the planet would be unpopulated without us but because we contribute so much more.

    One of the things I count as one of my most important contributions is having raised a feminist son who is not afraid to be vocal about it and show his commitment by how he votes as well. Because I think it takes both genders valuing each other and being allowed to contribute equally and encourage each other for things to really change. That’s when we’ll have an egalitarian society and imagine the problems we could solve and the universal accomplishments we could make if we had that:)

  4. I couldn’t persist this morning, because we lost power due to the snow, and I’ve become complacent because our municipal electrical utility is usually so good that I didn’t think to make sure all my devices were powered to the max. When we lost power, I thought, oh, no biggie, I can work on my laptop instead of the desktop and maybe get some good work done without internet distractions. Except, oops, I ran down the battery to almost empty last night while streaming some tv. Okay, so I can listen to audiobook on Kindle. Except, oops, I forgot to turn off the wi-fi option (which drains power like crazy) when I downloaded the audiobook a couple days ago, and it too was on empty. Sigh.

    Fortunately, the utility came through, and power was back on after only an hour, mostly spent cuddling with six furry feline heat sources.

  5. Smoke alarm squawking this morning. It’s one of four but which one? Of course it’s weekend and no workmen on site. One alarm is too high for me to reach, plus post knee surgery I don’t do ladders. Time to call one of the kids. I hate this. Plus it’s raining. Daughter said she’s on her way. Giving thanks for great kids.

  6. Listening to a tour guide talk about Emily Roebling, the engineer who directed the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge after her father-in-law’s foot was crushed by a passing ship and her husband got the bends after going down in a diving bell to inspect the substructure.

  7. My cold is persisting. It can piss right off. So can the cold weather. That I am very sick of.

      1. I recall a joke about chicken soup with the punch line, “Can’t hurt.”

        Be well, Deborah Blake.

  8. In Russia, we celebrated the 8th of March as a Woman’s Day. Ironically, I gave birth to my son on that day. Even though the day isn’t celebrated in North America, it is always a special day for me. Has been for, gosh, it would be 35 years next week.

  9. I am fighting off a cold too. Mine has been mostly coughing, from deep in my chest. I ran a few errands after work and came home feeling depleted so I made some echinacea plus tea, grabbed my iPad, my phone, and a heating pad for my lower back ( it’s cold upstairs ) and settled down in my second floor reading nook. The next thing I knew it was dark outside. I must have needed the snooze…all 3 hours of it!

  10. There’s an old cartoon where a chicken is feeding another chicken who isn’t feeling well chicken soup and says, “It’s no one we know”. I’m reading The Silent Patient. It’s about a woman who kills her husband and then, stops speaking. Hoping everyone starts feeling better.

  11. I hated being a girl growing up. My mother clearly valued my brothers more. I was very angry about periods, and boys getting to do what they wanted, while I had to be careful and avoid men and also keep my angry thoughts to myself. I’m glad I got over that.

    I would now let my angry voice be heard, except I’m alone 99% of the time so there’s no one to hear it!

    Women rock.

    1. I was lucky, my parents are from a very traditional background where only the boys inherit, but when we were born, one boy, two girls, they said, you are all going to university so study hard.

  12. Actually March 8th is celebrated in North America. It’s an International Strike Day for women. You want to participate? Just get as little done as possible. If possible, call in sick, or take a day off. You are temporarily trying to leave household chores for later. Men can participate by covering for women as much as possible (household chores, at work, etc.) It’s also a day to buy/spend as little as possible for both genders.
    I’ve been sick and my computer was broken, but one of us is fixed and it ain’t me. My depression is worse this year, but I wish everyone here the best.

  13. I like the entire phrase, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Senator Elizabeth Warren was reading Loretta Scott King’s letter about Jeff Sessions. Warren, a dignified woman whose speciality is consumer protection, was presenting a letter from the highly respected widow of arguably the most influential civil rights leader of the 20th century. King’s text profiled the racist behaviors of Jeff Sessons, who had been nominated by the president for Attorney General. The letter had been read in full to the Senate in the past.

    However, this time Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took exception to Warren’s reading, repeatedly interrupted and rebuked her, and ultimately threw her out of the the Senate chambers. (Didn’t he? It’s how I remember it.)

    His excuse for such highly unusual censure was, “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

    That’s what I love. She kept going. Duracell battery, the Little Train that Could, the heroine on a quest. She kept her cool, took the consequences, and kept going.

    (By the way, I don’t support Warren for President; I think she’s absolutely essential in the Senate. So, this wasn’t a push for her campaign.)

    1. Yes, I agree she’s better for the US in the Senate.

      But she’s got her dog, Bailey, helping her stump, which puts a smile on my face.

  14. I didn’t recognize all the women in the collage so I googled Women’s History Month and found it. But there are SO many other women there–it is stunning! Women who dedicated themselves to a cause and who found the will to make it happen. Like so many said above–ordinary women :).

    So there’s Laverne Cox, Chloe Kim, Toni Morrison (all named on the website), Diana Nyad (?), Hillary and Malala but who is the woman holding the Huelga sign?

      1. Thanks! You are right–I googled her and saw the poster shot among her images. Then I read up on her. Man! talk about lifelong commitment and compassion.

  15. Request permission to use this picture in our community newsletter and some of the narrative under it.


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