Cherry Saturday, March 16, 2019

This week is Universal Women’s Week, which occurs in Women’s History Month. I would write more about this but it all occurs during This Is Jenny Sucks At Blogging Month. Apologizing again, profusely.

15 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, March 16, 2019

  1. I saw Captain Marvel. Woman power all over the place! Just the right supers movie I needed. Love the 90’s soundtrack.

    The beat of her picking up a video and it’s the movie “The Right Stuff” is just an example of how well-defined each shot was.

    It wasn’t as exhilarating as Black Panther, but more of a mystery story. I feel like watching it again!

    1. I had major problems with Wonder Woman, but I’ll watch Gal Gadot save the world from Nazis again and again just for that same reason.

      Also, couldn’t Chris Pine have shoved a rock under that steering wheel and bailed out? I feel the same way about Wentworth Miller not shoving a rock under that time thingy on Legends. There are too few Good Guys who are willing to support a woman who’s tougher than they are for us to lose them heroically just because they can’t find a damn rock.

  2. I lost power for 5 hours today because a water main broke and the power company had to “deenergize” the entire neighborhood so they could work on it. But I now have electricity. Water that is drinkable is another story.

    1. The water in this neighborhood is so bad, it stains clothes when you wash them. I invest heavily in bottled water and share your pain.

      1. Even with an expensive water cleaning system, all the porcelain fixtures in my house are stained a reddish-orange, and there is so much sedimentation in my water that it kills faucets and humidifiers on a regular basis. And the water tastes so bad that even though it tests as safe, I use bottled water for both me and the cats to drink.

        In my case, it is because my old house has a very deep well–which means I never run out of water, but it has lots of minerals and apparently something called iron parasites. Ugh. I never run out of water, but what I have isn’t pretty.

        1. Sounds like ours. It’s a community well, but the community was built in the 30s and hasn’t been updated since.

      2. You guys win.

        Our water is back to normal today which means clear, ice -cold glacial-meld with a taste better than most communities. If I let it run for several minutes, which I do when I am filling the cats’ dishes, it comes out as cold as if I were taking it out of the refrigerator ice-maker.

  3. Have you seen PM Jacinda Ardern this weekend? What a shining example of the case for women leaders.

  4. Totally off topic – except that Oreo is female, so if you really stretch…

    Oreo – my 13 lb terrier/poodle/may other small breeds dog, at a bag of Rolo chocolates today and we ended up at the emergency vet. Where she was forced to vomit a blob of undigested caramel and chocolate, oh and wrappers. Then they gave her sub-q fluids. She looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

    $200+ later…

    I kept the Rolos to give to my student as rewards. They usually live in my car but my STB Ex borrowed my car and brought the tutoring materials in the house. She got up on a table and stole them out of the carrier bag. When I got home from taking my youngest back to college today the empty bag was on the chair with her. And she had candy and wrapper stuck in her beard. Guilty as charged.

    Oreo will be fine. But I might change her name to Rolo.

    1. I was fine until you got to the “and wrappers” part. Then I lost it.
      She will now be Oreo-Rolo for me forever.


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