Happiness is Being a Cheap Beer Sign

My friends and family and therapist have all noticed that occasionally I sign off on them, staring into space with no apparent cognitive connection whatsoever. I have explained that it’s because I’m a writer and when people start talking in your head, it’s rude to ignore them, at which point my daughter says, “There are people talking in front of you, and it’s rude to ignore them, too.” My therapist says, “Okay, where did you go?” like I know where I went (out of the here into the nowhere, I just went). So I have to work on that, but I have come to realize that my ability to just drop out of reality has not only been a career move, it makes me happy. Reality is all well and good, but fantasy lifts the spirit.

And then I saw this Agnes cartoon:

Somebody else will have to get the Cheetos, Agnes and I are not thinking at the moment.

How did you grasp happiness in the moment (there or not there) this week?