Everything’s Fine

You know in the movies how a character will say, “I can fix this,” and then in the next scene he has whatever it was completely disassembled with the pieces lying all around him? That’s where I am. I’ve broken the book down into acts and then scene sequences, and started hacking scenes out and labeling them so I can find them later, and my computer desktop looks like a junkyard. Some of this stuff I can cut and I’m happy about–the Grandma Keres scene, some of the bar scenes, a lot of the first working day stuff–and some of it I’ve cut and it nags at me. The Hotels in the first scene is one of those. I know damn near everybody said they could go, but I think I lost something there.

Anyway, what that means is that I’m doing a truly terrible job of blogging and I apologize. Thank god you people don’t need me to keep this place going.

And now back to the Ten Thousand Pieces of Nita Dodd.