Working Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This week I am sorting through ten thousand drafts of WiPs, drawing in my bee-you-tee-ful new sketchbooks, cooking new recipes, and–if I’m feeling particularly brave–washing the dogs.

What are you up to?

53 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, February 6, 2019

  1. I’ve been trying to crochet at least a row or two (or four) per day to keep up with Lee’s challenge. That’s been going nicely. I’ve also tried to knit a couple of rows of a scarf daily, so that I don’t have to keep figuring out how to do it when I pick it up between projects.

    I also finished off the second of two baby blankets, and put the binding on the second of two baby quilts. I’m sure hoping that the adoption of the twins goes as planned! And, I was right about keeping the photos from Instagram, as the one closeup I did of the binding was immediately liked by the intended recipient. While that is gratifying, I was hoping to surprise her. I probably still will, since she is focused on many other things.

    Meanwhile, I cut out the pieces of a new quilt.
    It’s not much to look at now, but I’m hoping it will be pretty when it’s done. I’m intending to give it to my sister-in-law when I visit next month, so I need to get a move on!

    1. My friend just stopped by my desk to tell me that she really loved the black/white quilt I posted. I told her it was for a friend. I’m thinking the surprise will be real.

      1. Last year, the popular restaurant I intended to take my dad to was completely booked up, so we went to the lonely one down the street. They gave us a complementary rice cake at the end!

        So the phrase mentioned, “nian nian gao sheng,” “nian nian” means year over year, and “gao sheng” is to rise up, hence “may your fortunes rise ever higher each year.” Well, “nian” is a homophone for sticky, and “gao” is a homophone for cake, so “nian gao” sticky cake pun food.

        Anyways, moral of the story is that grateful restaurant owners will treat you.

    1. I attended a New Year’s joss paper burning ritual at my neighborhood feng shui shop on Saturday. They scheduled another one for last night, but a lot of rain was forecast, so I gave it a miss. They usually schedule at least two celebrations near/on the New Year date because the event is very popular’

    2. I watched an HGTV House Hunters episode last night where a prospective home owner continually talked about houses with the feng shui element. Enough already.

  2. I went for a run to enjoy our brief warm sunny spell. I should do homework but I don’t wanna. 🙂 Maybe time to break out the bribery chocolate. Either way, I have to leave at noon to pick up Oldest Son for speech therapy.

  3. Catching up on work after the two week absence. I’m also experimenting one last time with the idea of keeping a journal. I think for me, because I am not good at writing out DEEP thoughts and my handwriting is unreadable, even for me, that I’m going to try to keep a journal of my doodles and little paintings/drawings, with a minimal amount of text. So, not a journal to track things (I use a big to do list & calender on my phone for all that), but a journal to just make little low-stakes images and practice drawings/paintings, inspired by the day in question. I’ve also got to finish a scarf I started for my sister while I was taking care of my son, and get it in the mail.

    1. Diane, I went to a sketch noting workshop a couple of weeks ago. It was fun, and sounds like just the sort of thing you’re talking about. I understand that in its purer form it’s taking visual notes while listening to a talk, etc. But the workshop I went to was using it as a travel diary or a day to day diary.

  4. Like Nancy, I too am crocheting for Lee‘s daily project. Unlike Nancy, I’m only doing one row a day. This makes my Instagram pictures fairly boring.

    My husband and I have been spending a lot of time looking at cabinets because we’re going to redo the kitchen this summer. We were good until I suggested we get comparative bids and now there are too many choices and none of them include the Butler pantry I want. ☹️

    I did get a quilt laid out. It was a puzzle since I didn’t want the same fabrics “touching” each other.

    I’m currently laying out my hand piecing project’s next step. I’m frustrated because the pattern said to have 10 shapes of the same design, which I did, but it would look so much better if the design was mirrored instead. You can see for yourself in the Instagram photo.

  5. I am pretty scattered this week. Making things, which is good, but not working on taxes, commission work etc… So not so good.

    1. I’d love to have that jumper. Given up knitting, though, because of strain to my hands and wrists doing it (I probably tense up too much).

  6. My one day “off” all week… would love to revel in it and play (books! bonbons! buy lunch out so I don’t have to cook anything! shoe shopping! afternoon nap!) but alas, I have a To Do list so long that I can never die (and you just THINK I’m joking!)

    But every task on it is -for want of a better word- icky (Clean Out Freezer And Find What Has Caused That Dead Fish Smell!, there’s an example, and Take Stinky Dog Beds To Laundromat So Washer Doesn’t Have Heart Failure, is another…)

    So I’m currently procrastinating by telling myself that Go Thru E-Mail Backlog is just as important (that, and posting on blog here!) priority-wise on my (in)famous T.D. list. (Can’t quite rationalize Go Get Pancakes at IHOP belongs on T.D. list, but am working on it.) 😉

    Also waffling about whether “Need To Get More Warm Fuzzy/Cozy Clothing For This Cold Snap” makes the cut (would LIKE it to, as that would involve web-surfing on various tempting clothes sites… *happy sigh*…)

    But since my T.D. list also involves Go Out To Garage And Get Other Winter Clothes Boxes Out Of Rafters (slab houses have no attics or basements, alas) which would cancel any need to do that (darn it!), I can’t quite justify it. (*Sigh*.)

    My T.D. list is full of things that I know I need to do, ought to do, will be happy to have done (well, the results anyway,) and should be appreciating that I (finally) have TIME to do, but… (such a big “but”…) they are just not things I WANT to do. I can’t even prioritize them by what do I hate the idea of LEAST. (They are all THOSE sort of things. You know?) 😛

    So, I guess I had better roll up my sleeves and get started again (although I did do a couple items first thing this a.m., before I “took a break” on the computer…) So I will. Get started. Soon. Right after I post this. And then finish my “Sent” box deletions. And check to see if I have any new mail in my “In” box. And have some fruit and yogurt (need fuel for the efforts!) And water (must stay properly hydrated!) And then… oh the heck with it, IHOP is just not that far away, I can get back quickly, and THEN I’ll start my T.D. tasks! Really I will! 😛

  7. I am being distracted from the very long work to do list by my son’s nervous anticipation of graduate school decisions (the home to do list is pretty short, partly because both DH and I will be out of town next week on separate business trips but largely because I haven’t yet put “start taxes”on it).
    There is a website where people post if they got in, got denied, or other, which lets him know whether the schools he applied to have sent out decisions yet. Hovering is involved. I just learned that off Broadway actors use the same system to learn if they got a call back for a part.

  8. It’s non-working Wednesday for me due to freezing rain in Michigan. So it is also not Jazzercising Wednesday. Other than the fact that I don’t get paid for this, I am enjoying my unexpected day off and just lazing around.

  9. The painters finished today, so it’s my turn. Need to deep-clean the kitchen and bathroom, and paint inside cupboards, etc. Also, the packing boxes were delivered today. The electrician’s coming tomorrow afternoon, and the handyman’s back on Friday.

    I’m also taking five minutes a day to photograph a detail of the garden for Lee’s project.

      1. It feels good. I’d love it more if the back garden were sunnier, but today I could see the sun’s getting further into the house. What’s making me really happy is the way, so far, my choices look good; and the great people who are working for me. This is the first home I’ve had that I’ve been able to decorate as I like. I like my taste!

    1. That would be Stealing Nadine, the companion novel to Haunting Alice. It’s not paranormal, but since the two novels take place at roughly the same time and Alice’s book has ghosts, I think that rules Nadine out, too (it’s about art fraud). My idea was that some of the scenes in Alice would also happen in Nadine, just from a different point of view, so the two stories would swap in and out of each other, Alice working with Ethan, Nadine’s best friend since childhood, and Nadine dealing with Carter, Alice’s brother who’s now an expert on art fraud, the last thing a Goodnight needs hanging around the gallery.

  10. I’m completely convinced someone else will pick up Nita. I just hope they pay you what its worth (that is, millions) and that it doesn’t give you problems with your advance from SMP.
    I assume that since you have a contract of some sort with SMP, you can only sell Nita and not make a separate contract with a different publisher for a set of paranormal books….
    And I’m so sorry you have the stress of this ….

    1. Honestly, it’s not that stressful and I’m dealing with wonderful people. Everybody at SMP is terrific, we’re all just looking at the next step. Nobody’s mad at anybody and nobody’s upset.

      And I don’t do stress anyway. If things get bad, I just read a book and go somewhere else.

  11. After work today, I got a facial. I just had to lie down and have someone else do all the work. It came with a complimentary mini head massage. Self care for the win. Somebody else’s #WorkingWednesday.

    Necessary because I keep carrying my cough medicine to work but am too busy to take it. I even left it on my desk today and every time I thought I’d take it, I got busy. Must care for self more.

  12. I finished my latest middle grade, Alley Hunters, and sent it off to my agent. So now I’m waiting for her verdict and having a couple of days off before I start something else.

    I’m also collecting books for my sister-in-law who is teaching in a small, under-resourced, Indigenous primary school in the Torres Strait. Hitting up my fellow children’s authors for book donations. Trying to sort out which books will work for kids with a vastly different cultural background.

  13. I am failing Lee’s challenge SPECTACULARLY! I do occasionally think about it. I keep changing my mind about what I want to do, and thus doing nothing but think about… drawing, painting, sewing, who knows what.

    I should finish another piece of fiction today and send it off. I’ve also got offered a gig doing some tutoring for a couple of weeks. It pays well and will help me catch up a little.

    I’m extraordinarily lucky. I have such great friends and now that my almost-ex isn’t in my face we get along very well. He’s been kind to me and helps me move wood and other chores that I don’t like to do.

    As much as the winter funk gets to me sometimes, I’m doing well.

  14. I am very pleased to have nudged/cajoled/bitched enough so that today my husband saw a PA in an orthopedic surgeon’s office for the pain in his hip. She confirmed that he is a candidate for a knee replacement. As soon as he meets the doctor, he can get in line for the surgery.

    Some of you (caretakers of family members) may recognize why I privately consider today’s appointment to be the result of my dogged work. When my husband had his other hip replaced 4 years ago, his surgeon anticipated seeing my husband back very soon. Instead, my husband postponed the surgery so long that the surgeon retired.

    Now that I’ve shown what a wise wife I am, I need to think about how long I can postpone my own knee replacement. The trick is to postpone it as long as possible, but not so long that my husband can take credit for getting me under the surgeon’s knife.

    1. I was told I seriously needed in knee replacements in my 40’s (bad genetics). I put it off until my 50’s. By which time I had most of my lower body out of alignment. I now have problems with pain in my ankle sometimes and pain in my hip. I should have had it done when they told me. However, did all my physical therapy and I have 127 degree flex in both knees and can do almost everything. My BIL was back playing tennis within 4 weeks of his replacement.

      1. Good to know! From what I saw, hips are easy. But from what I’ve heard, knees have an up to 15% problem rate and also have a long recuperation period. I can’t imagine my husband taking care of things and me while I try to get back on my feet after a knee replacement.

  15. Having unravelled the blanket and started again, I’m finally making progress on it. I must have seen that something was off about it but not realised what because it’s moving much faster now. I might even have it finished before the baby arrives.

  16. I had a plan. A big get things done today plan but sadly the kitchen cold water pipe burst late yesterday afternoon. So plumber came this morning, quick fix but it is the putting things back together, getting the electric heat wrapping and new insulation and blah, blah, blah, the day is gone haven’t done anything I wanted except pay the visa bill. So win there.

    Going shopping. Have to furnish the other side of the duplex unit. Going through the cupboards for new, never used bedding and kitchen stuff I never use. So upside to starting the down sizing.

  17. We spent the day going out to lunch and shopping. It is suppose to(note: suppose to) snow again and although the 1-1/2 inch we had day before yesterday is mostly gone and the road are clear, everyone is out shopping for groceries as though the apocalypse is coming. I on the other hand was just doing the monthly 1 case of wine (you get a discount if you buy it a case at a time) and my quarterly 2 pounds of applewood smoked bacon. And ice-cream. We are wimps in Portland.

  18. I made peach muffins. I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked so I am making my own. First try was okay but they didn’t age well. On day 2 they were really dense. I have decided to split between white and wheat, so it has more texture.

  19. Today was day two of In-Service Training, and the only thing that stuck in my poor brain was the Defensive Tactics lessons. They completely changed what they were teaching in previous years. I didn’t have to remember pressure points and joint locks – it all flowed from one hold into another, the point being that you expect most holds to fail, and you have fall-backs to flow right into from the failed hold. It was like learning dance steps – the first hold was called the dosey-doe.

    We got to practice them on each other out on a basketball court behind the training building, outdoors. We finished before the rain started.

    When I got home, I overate dinner and went to bed, whupped. As Danny Glover said, “I am too old for this sh*t.”

  20. Made progress on my father’s estate and registered my eldest for kindergarten. Bring on the lounging and the bonbons (I wish)!

  21. I chipped most of the ice from my sidewalk and driveway. It kept reminding me of a glazed donut. A thin layer of ice that you could only see at certain angles. Damn north facing driveway. More snow coming.

    1. We had that under water because the ice was thick and then the top melted. It was murder. Most of it’s gone now, but there are still spots. And we get more snow later this week. Ready for spring, please.

  22. I’m working on not attacking my fridge with a sledgehammer. Because it still works, so that would be both wasteful and violent. It has however developed this noisy rattly buzz. I work from home. That noise rattly buzz is NOT ANNOYING AT ALL.

  23. This may seem counter intuitive if you’ve always worn things out before replacing them, but an annoying rattly buzz is worth either a repair or a replacement.

  24. I washed my sweet Labrador in my shower, because she gets coldtail if I wash her out doors. So now my house smells of wet dog and Narciso Rodriguez. An interesting combination

  25. I made an offer on a condo, and I don’t yet have my house listed for sale. Yikes! Things are moving so quickly, but in the right direction so I’m trying not to get too worked up about it. Lots to do to get my house ready to show, but the workmen will come in next Tuesday to start on the little projects, and I have to really buckle down and get started on packing.

    In the meantime, I’ll be chauffeuring Sherry Thomas a bit tomorrow and Saturday. She’s doing author events at the libraries here, and our RWA chapter is taking her to dinner Friday. That should be fun.

    And I took the plunge with the CarinaPitch event yesterday on Twitter. No bites, but it was good to stretch myself that way. I’m trying lots of new things lately, and it isn’t as scary or painful as I’d imagined. Instead, I’m finding it’s quite liberating. Even with all the stress in ending a 20+ year marriage and uprooting my life, I’m feeling upbeat. Must be the right thing to do, at least that’s how I see it.


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