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  1. This week, I finished up the one crochet project I’d been working on for #dailyFeb2019, so I scavenged some left over yarn (plus a new skein of white) and started another baby blanket. This one is a ripple pattern, but I’m changing color as I feel it, although now I think I’ve established a repeat pattern. It should keep me occupied to do this a little every day.

    I also got the big red quilt back from the longarmer, and finally put the binding on it. It does look pretty spectacular. I’m holding on to this one until at least June when I’m putting it on display at the guild. It’s not a contender for best in show (too many flaws) but it will keep somebody warm.

    Now it’s back to the ongoing decluttering project. I don’t think I’ll be able to sew myself out of all of the fabric I have, but it will be nice to try.

    1. There are some miniature daffs just by the front door of the new house. They’re starting to open, and I think will be out tomorrow, moving day.

  2. Same old. Same old work. Still sorting. Thinking of moving but to where. One city over and through the tunnel. Maybe. Will have to make look at what is available. House or townhouse. Back to work and reading contest entries. Flash fiction.

  3. Working on finding a way to process all the residual anxiety and physical sensations of panic from the stressful past few months. I know that sounds silly, even to me, I feel I should be able to just shrug everything off. Things are looking up now, things are improving. But for some reason my brain and body persist in feeling afraid.

    1. Uh, no, you can’t shrug everything off. Mental injury is like physical, if you try to hurry past healing you’ll just make things worse. Give yourself some peace to heal in.

      1. Thank you! An email I sent to my old therapist is bouncing back as undeliverable. That at least made me laugh.

    2. This sounds completely normal – and kudos to you for recognizing you’re processing, instead of trying to ignore it.

    3. Things don’t just “disappear”. After going through traumatic times, it is almost like you teach your body and mind to be anxious. The last few months have been nothing but good news and feeling so much better, but I have a regular once-a-month visit with my oncologist next Tuesday and I realized I am scared about it. It just takes a little time to start accepting that the bad stuff is in the past.

  4. I fell off the #dailyfeb2019 wagon when life got in the way, but it got me jump-started on assorted projects, so I can be creative going forward, just one a weekly basis rather than a daily one.

    I finished a cowl, decided I didn’t like it on me, and am now unraveling it by knitting the yarn straight from the cowl into a chemo cap. It’s two colors, and I think it will be easier to do this than to unwind it and roll it into balls. I may come to regret this decision, but it’s worth a try.

  5. Husband’s birthday and snow day, so giant chocolate chip cookies are in the oven. This is David Leite’s NYT cookies (I use the Smitten Kitchen version) and they are *huge.* Definitely a special treat.

  6. Lee’s #dailyFeb2019 is helping me move out of the doldrums. It feels good to USE those craft supplies.

    And DH and I did our annual winter picnic table photo, silly and fun. I’ll post a link below to my Facebook album, where you can see my hair go from (L’Oreal) brunette to silver.

        1. Thanks, Jenny. I especially like that my nephews decided to do their own photo shoot in their snowy backyard. The tradition will go on!

      1. Love it! the very best. And, of course, the continuity is adorable.

        Over at Vivian Swift’s blog, at the approach of each snowstorm, she places a Champagne bottle in her yard to a) chill the bubbly; and, b) measure how high snowfall climbs on the bottle.

      1. Thanks, Jane, and back atcha: It’s impressive that you’ve taken the time to admire those flowers, even with all the moving to-dos – and the photos are gorgeous.

  7. Look after yourself – labyrinthitis sucks.

    Am feeling pumped – I made it to 34,000 words for WIP today, saw a deer in the garden and caught up with my new writing buddies – a wonderful trio of colleagues at my new school who are all secret writers.

    The aim is to hit 40,ooo words or half a book by end Feb – am aiming for 80,000 words by end April as first draft. But I’m also polishing synopsis and chapters 1-3 for agents/open submissions.

    And I’m back to blogging more regularly. It’s been a while, thanks to the Brexit sinkhole. But my despair got so great that the only answer was to stay away from all social media. I’ve deactivated everything and won’t go back on until I have promotional stuff to push.

  8. I have made significant progress on my mini-studio but have hit a road block. My husband has to reinstall the woodwork that was removed (about a 30 minute job) but does not want to do that until he repairs the cracks in the walls and ceiling (don’t know how long that will take). And he really does not want to right now. So instead of battling it out which takes more energy then I am willing to spent, I have to figure out a way around him.

    Maybe I will sit in the family room and read a book instead.

    1. Hmm. Why don’t you put a bean bag chair and your writing stuff in the bathtub? With a couple of quilts you could get quite comfy.

      Of course, that means that the bathroom is off limits to other uses while you’re in there, but it’s a mini-office, right? And if your husband doesn’t like it, he can repair the cracks in the walls and ceiling of the mini-office-in-construction.

      I am currently miffed at my husband and staying defiantly in my room.

  9. Back at the office today and have spent the first 90 minutes of workday applying to three potential new jobs. Now must read up on how to do something I haven’t done for a long time, so I can train the person taking over my job.

  10. My daughter is home right now and she helped me go through every bag and box and bin of yarn in the house (every time I thought we were done, more bags would be found lurking beneath a bed or some such). We put together two giant bin bags of yarn to donate and sorted through and organised the keepers. I know a physical therapist who uses knitting as a therapy for patients with chronic pain, and also for mental health issues such as depression and loneliness. She has a list of groups for me to donate yarn too. I am so happy to have de-stashed.

  11. I went to a weekend fiber festival (Madrona) and saw a sweater that I loved. I immediately cast on as soon as I got home to my yarn stash and I’ve been knitting and knitting and knitting (when not forced to stop by my need for a paycheck). While I knit I’m listening to the Pendric and Desdemona novellas by Lois McMaster Bujold on audio. I don’t want either the books or the sweater to end as I’m enjoying both very much.

      1. The people who ran Madrona are retiring from it, but new people have stepped up and will be having a similar event. I’m not sure yet if it will be the same format or date, but something similar in the winter is going to go forward. I’m very glad it isn’t disappearing entirely. February around here needs the color.

  12. I have been trying to order groceries, have half a list but I just can’t figure out what to cook the coming week. I also washed towels and cooked a dinner that was mwaaah…not our thing. Luckily it was a dinner kit and not my own invention, otherwise it would suck. Now I blame the kit-maker 😉

    I have been thinking a lot about my non-existing connection with karate the last days. I really miss the exercise and the peace of mind it gave me. One physio I went to a couple of years ago said my hypermobility doesn’t rhyme with martial arts, so I put it on ice again. Then met another, whom trains karate himself (although another style than I did) whom said that of course I can do it and it would be good for my body, IF i learn how to move so as not to strain the joints that are too mobile for their own good. So far I haven’t really done anything about it, but the thought that I miss it keeps sneaking up on me. Sooo today I was thinking: “Heck, I can try a bit at home at least!” so I pulled out my gi and obi and dressed up and practiced punches and kicks and stretching exercises in the hall. It was fun. I only did it for like 30 minutes so as not to hurt myself again, but I will try to keep this up. IF/when my stamina and muscles have reawakened and improved (if that will happen), I might contact 2nd physio and ask if he’d be willing to come coach me if I contact a dojo again. Or at his office on his own time, if nothing else is possible. At least I could ask.

    Also I made apple-cinnamon muffins with crumble-topping last Monday. I have no pics for I wanted them to be a surprise for MIL, but at least they turned out well. 🙂

    Oh, and today we got the message that MIL’s chemo really has resulted in something positive. The cancer isn’t gone, it’s chronical, but the lymphatic glands that had gone haywire in her stomach haven’t just shrunk but DISAPPEARED completely. She rushed in here this morning crying with relief and happiness and we got cake for breakfast. Party!

  13. Moving day tomorrow; followed on Friday by the stuff in storage. I’m pretty much packed. Just essential clothes & kitchen stuff to do first thing tomorrow. I’ve been waking at 6 (not like me), so should have time before the movers arrive at 9. My brother’s coming to help, which is great. Got nearly everything done on the house. It’s looking amazingly light with its cream walls and sand-coloured carpet. I wanted to take a photo for #workingwednesday, but forgot my phone, so will have to post when it’s full of boxes instead – unless I can sneak one before they arrive.

  14. I’m working on a new book (honestly thought I was done. For good.) It also has a ghost. It is also set in Australia. I did not tell my editor the last book would become a series. So it was published as a stand alone. Now some of those secondary characters are chatting away and they want a story. So I’m stuck.
    Do I continue with these characters and link the books visually through cover art style/font, and not call it a series. Or do I write unrelated characters and do a stand alone? Decisions, decisions.

  15. I’m actually working on something fun for a change – I’m sewing a quilted purse. The fabric is black with big, gorgeous blue flowers and I’m enjoying every minute working with it. And when it’s finished, I will smile every time I pick it up.

  16. I’m working on taxes (not fun). I’m much more excited about other projects. I’m working on a watercolor landscape — major shapes and color washes are blocked in and no disastrous mistakes so far!; I have another complex musical puzzle to solve (for my composer friend, who is unsure of the chords for the new composition); and I’m cooking Aloo Gobi tonight for dinner. (For some reason I have been in the mood for Indian food). My book club had a theme of Himilayan food to go along with a book discussion (no one brought yak butter tea), and I discovered that the Nepali version of Aloo Gobi was easy and I loved it.

  17. Oh how I hate this time of year. Last year I got to go to Florida to spend then days with friends. That was so helpful. This year I’m stuck in Vermont. I love Vermont but I’ve never gotten free of the expectation of Spring in March from being raised in California. My body thinks things should be warming, but it won’t. Not for ages yet.

    And even though it’s getting lighter, I could just sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s warm in bed, and I’m failing at the woodstove.

    Wow, listen to me complain!!

    I’ve been getting up early every day to get to my side hustle by 9 am and I’m home by 11:30 ish. That should make it easier for me to get my writing done, but I’m so distractable! The side hustle is paying the bills so that’s great, but I do have deadlines to meet. I can’t make them if all I do is sleep and – squirrel!!

    My hands are never warm. It’s very chilling.

  18. I’m working on helping my husband heal after the second of two major surgeries to re-route a major artery and replace 4 inches of descending aorta (first surgery was at the end of November, the second was two weeks ago).

    His condition was discovered following a bike accident he had while we were camping last summer. His doctor looked at the report from the cat-scan and said that the bike accident just saved his life and got him into see one of the best surgeons in the world for his condition at Yale-New Haven. The second surgery was just in the nick of time as his aorta dissected as they were looking at it getting ready to start the replacement procedure. I am SO GRATEFUL that this was discovered and taken care of. He now has two Dacron grafts in his chest.

    No driving, heavy lifting or bending over for four more weeks for him….

    Also trying to work the day job, get my head around organizing taxes and doing some cross-stitching to relax….

    Jenny, hope the vertigo heals soon…my son-in-law is prone to it and it is not fun. I think he did physical therapy to help get his inner ears back in sync when he had it really bad his senior year in college.

  19. Yesterday I pulled out of the refrigerator leftovers from Sunday and made a frittata out of roasted potatoes, red and green peppers one sliced hot sausage, eggs and so on. Today though because it is school vacation week and tonight will bring another storm we took our grandchildren to Plymouth for lunch. No more kids menus for them, they have reached the point of no return. If we can get there again before summer, when it gets crazy, I spotted an antique shop or five in amongst all those restaurants.

  20. I successfully cooked a pork chop that was three inches thick and about 7 inches across.

    I admit I posted its picture on Facebook.

  21. I’m going to visit dear friends far away for three days, hooray!! The downside is sub plans and the preschooler insisting the he should come along with me, the cold I can’t kick, and needing to be at the airport by 5:30 am tomorrow with nothing packed tonight.

    But last night I took about two hours to actually read my writing group’s work and respond to it, since I missed the meeting, and I’m feeling ALMOST inspired to write some more on my own damn WIP (untouched since October). 😭 We’ll see what happens, I suppose!

    I’m hosting the writing group meeting in March, which will make it harder for me to get out of it. 😆

  22. I’ve been busy looking at and getting quotes for kitchen cabinets. I am also still doing Lee’s daily challenge but today looks like I might not get to it. It will be the first day in February where I don’t crochet one row so maybe I will still try. There’s still an hour left to the day. I did get 2 small quilts quilted over the weekend. Here’s a picture https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt9amJLB9LV/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=14vgpj8air5ax

    1. I saw your picture – congratulations on finishing the row! But, really, it’s okay to get sleep too.


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