Working Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yesterday, I worked on getting out of the ER. Fortunately, I was not in there for a heart attack; vertigo and nausea (I’m thinking it’s my meds). Finally my neighbor Allan came and sprung me about seven after which I went to sleep. Woke up feeling great. Then remembered Working Wednesday. I suck as a blogger. Today the snow has stopped (always call 911 in the middle of a horrible snow storm), I feel fine, and, uh, here’s Working Wednesday.

What’s your plan for today? (Do not choose “go to ER, lose whole freaking day.”)

60 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, February 13, 2019

  1. I am having another exciting day shellacking trim in my closet soon-to-be mini-studio. The door and it molding have been stripped, sanded, varnished, sanded, varnished, sanded, varnished, waxed and the door rehung. That was the most complicated part. The rest of it is just straightforward slog. I am finding more reasons not to do it. If I would just stop dragging my feet and DO IT, it would be done in about three or four days – a week and a half at the outside.

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better, Jenny. I think calling 911 when you aren’t sure if you are in mortal peril, but pretty much might be, is a great decision!

    I once came close to drowning in a swimming pool. I jumped in after lying out in the sun and got so dizzy I couldn’t find the surface and was close to passing out. A friend standing at the edge of the pool saw me and thought I might be fooling around, but jumped in and pulled me out anyway. When I asked her why she did that when she didn’t really know I was in danger, she said essentially, “I’d rather look like an idiot for trying to save a friend who didn’t need help, than be the idiot who watched my friend drown.”

    I’ve been working on a daily art journal, which features quotes, color schemes, photos, doodles, quick paintings, etc.

    And I just discovered an amazing crochet artist named Sophie Digard, whose work I absolutely cannot afford. I joined the Ravelry group devoted to her that has a thread on patterns that resemble her work. I’m going to try to re-learn to crochet, just to try to make a similar type of scarf.

      1. I imagined that she uses the lightest thinnest possible yarns. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle tiny hooks. : )

      2. I too adore Sophie Digard! I keep thinking I’m going to make little tiny squares from my leftovers (I seem to use mostly fingering yarns) and eventually stockpile enough for a scarf. I know it won’t be as delicate as hers, but….

        1. I read somewhere that she often uses dozens and dozens of different colors in a single piece. I don’t know if she makes her own yarn, or how that works.

          I was imagining trying to unravel various yarns to get threads to combine with threads from other skeins. I have no idea if that would even work, but it sounds pretty daunting. Maybe she just uses so many different yarns in varying shades that are incredibly lightweight?

          Jenny mentioned ‘threads,’ which sent my mind down that path. : ) The incredible light and floating look of her work is just magical.

    1. Kaffe Fassett does some wonderful textile art (if you like Sophie Digard…) !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      He’s a hero of mine; he works in a variety of mediums (knit design, fabric design, needlepoint, weaving, quilting, mosaic, painting,) and I can look at any of his work and get drawn in, almost as if it were a book or a movie, there is so much going on! (Colors, patterns, just gorgeous…)

      He has beautiful designs, and I love his work. Or, I can look at it, anyway, his knitwear and other items are right up there $$-wise too. !! (Although he shares his genius; has wonderful books -more than 40!- with detailed patterns and advice for those making his lovely creations, and they are great for those who have a gift for such projects, but I can barely make a yarn lanyard with a spool…) *Sigh*

      His first knitwear design became a full page spread in Vogue knitting, and Vogue’s 1970 Dress Of The Year had a hand-knitted vest by him (he co-designed the ensemble with Bill Gibb, the designer of the dress.)

      Later in the 70s he designed knitwear for Missoni. (He also did some designing for George Harrison.) Vogue loved him and constantly showcased his work. Rowan Yarns commissioned him to create textile kits for them. He created tapestry kits for Huge Ehrman, and costumes for the Royal Shakespeare Company. His -then- body of work was the subject of a 1988 one-man show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the first time a living textile artist had such a show there. (I would’ve LOVED to have seen that…)

      He is amazingly creative and very prolific. And a lot of famous people (such as Barbra Streisand, Shirley MacLaine, and Lauren Bacall) have or collect Kaffe Fassett knits. –As in, I REALLY can’t afford his stuff! 😛 (Well, actually I have some of his amazingly pretty fabrics, which I CAN afford, I’m talking about owning one of his fabulous knitwear items.)

      His parents created the famous -and beautiful- “Nepenthe” restaurant in Big Sur (and lived there on site while Kaffe and his siblings were growing up.) Nepenthe was a favorite hangout of local artists and writers of the time (such as Anais Nin, Gloria Swanson, Ernest Hemingway, Man Ray, etc.,) so Kaffe grew up in a very creative atmosphere.

      He’s 81 now and still going strong — very impressive! (Wonder if Sophie Digard found him to be an inspiration? He is quite famous in the world of textile design…) ?

      Anyway, I think anyone who loves Sophie Digard will love Kaffe Fassett! 🙂

  3. I drove half an hour to Jazzercise and then discovered they had cancelled class 15 minutes after I checked. Came to work. Working but distracted by the 1-3″ snow currently falling that I swear wasn’t on the forecast. But no trips to emergency, so not complaining. Plus I bet I can get out of here early with my FedEx packages as an excuse, so there’s an upside to all this white stuff.

  4. So glad you are feeling better! Sleep is a wonderful healer.

    Two weekends ago, I cut out fabric for a quilt for my sister-in-law. Last weekend, I did almost nothing else but put it together. The top looks wonderful (IMHO). I’m currently debating what to put on the back – I want it to be harmonious, which may mean adding another border to the top. Anyway, here it is. I’m planning on getting it quilted and finished before I go to visit at the end of March.

    I’ve also been trying to keep up with doing crochet every day for the DailyFeb 2019. The current project is almost done, so I’ll need to see what else I can dig out of my craft room and work on. I’ve also tried to keep up with the knitted scarf, but on busy days, that’s the first thing by the wayside.

    We’re expecting a lot of rain this coming weekend, so I’m contemplating what to work on next. Should probably do some cleaning or a purge of my closet before I get to something fun, but I’m such an expert at procraftination I don’t know if that will happen.

  5. I was SUPPOSED to be at a hospital today (for research, not because I’m sick), but it’s a three-hour drive from here, so I have to go the day before to be at the hospital by 8 a.m., so yesterday’s storm caused a flurry of rescheduling, and then I still had to go out in the storm for a doctor’s visit (the newly approved treatment I’m on requires in-office injections once a month until it’s approved for self-injection, and it makes such a difference to how I feel that there’s no way I’ll willingly miss or postpone a visit), only to get there and find out that the delivery of the dose (it’s from a specialty pharmacy, ships the day of injection) was postponed due to the storm. Sigh. Now I have to wait until Friday and try to overcome the fatigue/aches to work on the manuscript that’s due March 1st and that I could get an extension on, but then I’d be in the hole for working on the next manuscript that’s due in September, so I’m really hoping to meet the March 1 deadline.

    And I missed my #dailyfeb2019 yesterday for the first time, because I was just too tired and cranky. Of course, if I’d made the effort and done something creative, I might have been less cranky. Must play with fabric (or fiber) today.

  6. So glad you’re feeling better! I have two sick kids today (one did end up going to ER but he’s back already and feeling pretty perky again) so I’ll be working on reading my through my TBR pile and passing out snacks and fluids. One has a bronchial thing, the other has a stomach bug, so if they could just get each other sick, that would be great (crosses all my fingers and toes).

    I’m also pecking away at presentation I have to give for my class and I wish I wasn’t trying to teach something to other teachers. They’re a very kind encouraging bunch, but I know they’ll see the little mistakes my students wouldn’t and it makes me second guess every decision I make.

    The person who has got it really rough is my husband who is working from home today. I have no idea how he tunes out all the noise. It’s a gift!

    1. *not* get each other sick, although, really this our third day this week with a sick person, I’m about ready to write the whole week off as a loss.

  7. I’m supposed to be working on one or another of my ghostwriting gigs, but after reading the new outline found myself in a funk. Actually, I don’t think it was the outline, it was perfectly fine, but clearing the snow from in front of the garage where the plow guy always leaves a pile. I came back from that cranky and unwilling to write.

    I’m sure I’ll bounce back sooner or later – just not yet.

    I spent at least 45 minutes dithering about if I should call 911 or not while I was having a heart attack. Stupid. My new motto is – if there is any question, you should call. And screw the financial costs.

  8. My workplace closed early yesterday due to the inclement weather so once I got home I worked clearing the snow/sleet mix from my driveway. Then this morning I cleared the snow/ice mix from my driveway again before heading off to work. Does that count towards Working Wed?
    I haven’t done anything creative since baking the frosted banana bars with lavender/cream cheese frosting a couple of weeks ago. (That’s cream cheese frosting with lavender flowers as flavor and decoration.)

  9. I’m kind of concerned now because a coworker just went to urgent care with chest pains. Though according to “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” that’s not how heart attacks go for women, so… ???

    I finished my rainbow protest hat that I was having problems with the pattern with. It went from Too Small to Too Big and kind of fits like that mushroom-headed kid on that Cosby cartoon. Oh well. Also finished an Ariel doll and am back to working on a Jabba doll. Why do these? I dunno, they’re cute. Even Jabba is until I put his face on.

  10. Oh, Jenny! So glad you’re okay. Meds can cause those issues. Hopefully, it’s sorted now. It’s Working Wednesday and so I am working–two big editing gigs going and another client’s newsletter just showed up for an edit. On my breaks, I’m making notes for Aidan’s book (Four Irish Brothers Winery, book 3)–he keeps talking to me! I don’t want to tell him to shut up, so I have a notebook next to me and when he pops in, I just write it down. Hopefully, when I start the book, the notes will be somewhat comprehensible.

      1. Catching up and was just going to ask about that. Meds can really do a number if you don’t stay properly hydrated, and an IV is no way to catch up. Sorry for the day spent in the ER, glad there’s no new doom looming.

  11. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Today is my birthday and I got two terrific presents:

    My daughter got us tickets to see Hamilton (in New York!) in early March and the federal government gave me health insurance for the rest of my life.

    Hands down the most thrilling presents I’ve ever received.

  12. I am working on not freaking out about imminent layoff.
    Also working on finding a new job.
    Also working on Next Novel Project.
    In between all that, doing a little of the actual work remaining on my desk.

  13. That sounds alarming. Hope it gets sorted soon.

    I’ve been prepping and painting bits and pieces (first coat on the yellow fire surround today), supervising workmen (electrician and handyman tomorrow), waiting for deliveries (new cooker today: I’m thrilled at the prospect of a hob that’ll allow me to turn the heat down; my secondhand ceramic one is getting more and more contrary), and endlessly editing lists of things to do. A friend has arrived to give me a hand for a couple of days, so I’m hoping I can sort the logistics tomorrow so we can all work effectively.

    Then I must start packing. And the carpet fitters are coming on Monday.

        1. Stove top in this case: I had to buy a freestanding cooker. It’s got a double oven, the top one also being a grill, and induction rings on top.

  14. I’m so glad you managed to escape from ER, Jenny. Hospitals are necessary, but generally fairly horrible places to be, unless you’re so sick that you hardly notice. One of my beloved nieces started having breathing problems in the middle of Hong Kong’s most recent typhoon. She lives on an island in the harbour, and by the time she realised she was in trouble and made the phone call, all the ferries and other traffic had been stopped by the typhoon warning. So in the middle of gale force winds, she was picked up by a police launch and whisked across the harbour to hospital. Apparently it was an exciting ride.

    I’ve been making soap with red swirls, because I wasn’t sure about the colour and suspected it might not look good in a solid block. But the swirls are lovely. Also bottling greengages and apples and plums, and making tomato chutney.

    In the middle of all this I’m trying to get back into a book I put aside some months ago. In my memory, the whole thing was plotted, but when I went back to look at it, all I had was a pile of bits of paper in no particular order. So I’m replotting.

  15. Vertigo is a bitch and can be really scary if you don’t have it often. And when you have a heart problem I can imagine it’s terrifying. Good for you to go to the hospital.

    I’m just chewing right through a bunch of annoying little projects like moving a doorstop and painting some trim that should have been painted years ago. Every time I sit on the floor, Fred has to come over to see what I’m doing and lick my ears. I have the cleanest ears in Canada except for all the dog spit.

    I’m also researching how to recover/make a slipcover for a sofa that has attached cushions. The upstairs furniture needs a makeover but it’s the dog/cat furniture so it has to be sturdy. A new one isn’t in the budget and I’m afraid of bedbugs so I don’t want to buy used.

    1. The last one I made was out of a drop cloth.
      I recommend putting a broom handle or dowle rod flat between the back and the cushions to help it stay tucked in, if your cushions are fluffy enough to not feel it when you sit back.

    1. Do you mean, ‘All shall be well and all shall be well; and all manner of thing shall be well’? Julian of Norwich, who was an anchoress (medieval hermit).

        1. M.G.Harmon quoted him in one of the Wearing the Cape books, which sent me a-Googling.

          Jenny, be well, and be well, and be all manner of well.

        2. I like the one from the Exotic Marigold Hotel movie-something like, “All will be well in the end. If things are not now well, it is because it is not yet the end.”

  16. Well, how selfish of me. Here I thought you had become so engrossed in finishing a book that you had lost track of time. So I took a nap. Then went to check Argh, Ink. And here we are. This morning before getting on the treadmill I made a batch of thumbprint cookies. First things first. Yesterday we went to town hall to get info for taxes and instead of taking the elevator I chose the stairs. Seriously need walking. How could I be so out of breath. 74 and lazy that’s how. So the treadmill is a good choice for me from last week. It was bit boring when I first started till I remembered my headphones and that moved onto audio books. So I’m listening to Winter Cottage free on audible from Amazon. Maybe I’ll get beyond ten minutes. So glad you’re back. You also have pretty good neighbors.

  17. I have been taking pictures of birds. Nothing good yet but i realized I’ve forgotten how the dials work on the camera and have made a point of trying to take more pictures.

  18. Between starting a new project at work and getting kitchen cabinet quotes, I pretty much am only crocheting 1 row on my Grinda shawl a day for Lee’s daily Feb challenge. As the shawl grows, it takes longer to get a row done. Something I probably should have considered when committing to this.

    Jenny – glad you’re home and okay!

  19. Glad you could get to the ER, and delighted you’re feeling better.

    I have to go write about pumps used in mining, and then as a reward I’ll do my daily index card collage. Today’s word: balance.

  20. I posted a bit on Instagram. I had a #WalkingWednesday because of a march related to a National Strike.

  21. So glad you are well and will be well for a long time.

    Thank goodness not a heart attack. I had asthma issues in a December. Scary stuff, couldn’t catch a breath. Caught a cold again. Being really careful with the meds.

    Shoveling snow for the past three days. That’s work. Finally got groceries today. Splurged on mini croissants and some great sourdough bread and sugar free muffins. Yum.

  22. Glad you got to the ER and more glad you got out again. I worked on keeping all the balls in the air today, and trying to figure out how to save an idea I like by finding another idea to mesh with it.

  23. I flew to Wellington, ubered to a meeting room which I didn’t leave for 6 hours, ubered back to the airport and flew home. Can’t beat Wellington on a good day, unless you spend all of that good day inside, then you’ll just get a headache. 😂

  24. I spent Wednesday preparing for and flying to a Board meeting for the tiny membership nonprofit I run. It’s weird and stressful to have these people whose work you admire highly (I always say I work for my heroes) be my bosses. Today all day meeting and then fly home…

  25. Always an adventure. I’m glad it turned out okay. I’m travelling (flew out to San Diego Tuesday morning, which turned out to be more of an adventure than planned–my original flight out of Albany through Baltimore got cancelled, they rerouted me through Chicago on a flight I barely made it into, but I got here) so not getting any work done. But as of tomorrow I’ll be at PantheaCon, a huge Pagan convention in San Jose, which is part fun and part work, being Official Witchy Author. Get to see my stepdaughter (who lives there and is also a Pagan), my beloved Llewellyn editor, and one of my best friends.
    Sadly, it is raining here and in San Jose, but I did get a few hours at the ocean the day I came in.


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