Happiness is Curling Up and Not Feeling Guilty About It

Sometimes you just need time to recharge, but for some reason, recharging feels like being lazy. It’s not. It’s necessary to withdraw the brain from the general excitement of life and just let it rest. No guilt, no should-be-doings, just aaaaaah. You need that.

Well, I need that. I have labyrinthitis which gives me vertigo and nausea an even lying down the room spins. (Every time I type that word, I see David Bowie.). It also severely limits my computer time because . . . never mind, you don’t want to know why. However, I am now behind on THREE Argh Authors, so I will get on that . . . tomorrow. Right now I need to curl up until the room stops moving, after which I will be happy again.

How did you curl up with happiness this week?

52 thoughts on “Happiness is Curling Up and Not Feeling Guilty About It

  1. Curling up harkens back to foetal comfort. I envy the dogs and cats.

    Rest and recuperation are critical for my stability and I’d let the guilt of not-actively-doing-something get to me. Now I rest because, it is an action that is a true reward.

    Also, I cannot recommend @thenapministry on Instagram enough.

  2. Everyone is (miraculously!) sleeping in this morning. I didn’t have class Saturday (where I’m the student) I don’t have class Monday (where I’m the teacher). I am most definitely enjoying curling up and relaxing. Lots of music, playing with fanficiton but not stressing, listening to music with my headphones and staring off into space and thinking.
    Just. . . being.

  3. My favourite version of curling up is getting into bed with a book, which I did this most evenings this week. However, I also re-charge by exercizing, so I’m going cross country skiing this morning – we had close to a foot of snow this week.

  4. Would love to curl up – I’m pretty tired. But I’m packing up the flat, and need to get as much done as possible today, since I need to be at the house tomorrow and probably Tuesday. Luckily it’s sunny again, which helps my energy levels.

    Really sorry about the labyrinthitis. I can give myself a faint echo of that (but still unpleasant) by unconsciously hyperventilating. Drives me nuts.

    Had some wonderfully happy moments this week: discovering I had three pots full of dwarf iris in bloom, tucked away on my balcony (I’d been too busy at the house to notice them); and finally spotting the guy everyone said I should speak to at the allotments, and learning I’m only number four on the waiting list! I’d been told there’d be at least two dozen before me. But he said last year at this time eight people gave up their plots, so it sounds like I might get one in time to plant this year. As a back-up, Tony the handyman had already offered me a bit of his garden to grow veg.

    And yesterday my friend and I sat in the garden at the house in the sun to drink our tea.

    1. That’s great about the allotment.

      We had some large trees on site where my allotment was and they were to the west of mine – Not tragic but not ideal either. I had it for 5 years before it occurred to me to ask the manager if one in full sun became available, could I move? Fortunately I had been very conscientious about maintenance and helping with chores and she gave me a chance at a very desirable location when it became available. And my friend who applied lucked out and inherited one from a superb gardener who was moving. There wasn’t a weed on the plot and it had been composted, limed (we had a lot of clay soil) and turned over almost annually. There was a communal raspberry patch that was huge and also a communal plum tree.

      This will be so wonderful for you. Community gardens lead to great friendships both in terms of nice people and willingness to share plant starts. Some of us traded excess vegetable seedlings. It was so fun. I don’t miss the garden but I do miss the people.

      1. Yes: I’m going for it for the sociability as much as the growing space. I had an allotment for seven years when I was in Shrewsbury. Also loved the feeling of abundance. Fear I may well be under a tree to start with (began that way in Shrewsbury, too).

  5. Labyrinthitis sounds awful. I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    I often feel guildy while curling up. Not so much because there is actually anything else I should do, but because it FEELS like I should be doing something sensible and productive. The snag is I don’t have any energy to do productive and sensible things, so it’s a kind of guilt circle. Wonderful.

    Earlier this week, F and I took a walk at midnight. He didn’t feel sleepy and wanted out – I was sleepy but wanted to go out too. So I tagged along, and man is the city peaceful at the Witching hour! Ideal for two blind peeps walking. I’m a little afraid of walking outside alone even daytime, night time even more, but with him it’s fine. And he said: “We should do this more often”. I agreed. We only walked a block or so, but it felt good. (And when we came back we had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream [Topped Strawberry Swirl] and tea. It was sweet as heck but so right at the time.)

    I’m also happy with my new hot water dispenser! I’ve tried to find a solution for pouring hot water for a good while now – I have found a good technique for doing it from the kettle without burning my fingers, but it took me a couple of years to learn that and F is apparently more careful with his fingers than I am 😉 So I’ve been looking for a coffee-maker-style machine for tea only, and I FINALLY found one that didn’t only have the option to set different temperatures for the water, but also different cup/mug sizes. It works like a dream! Which means F can now make tea or instant soup or whatever without burning himself, and I can feel like a queen just putting my cup under the spout and go! Even the touch-buttons are slightly tactile, so I can feel where they are. I’m so happy with my new plaything.
    Only fly in the ointment is that it keeps on sending out an insistant and annoyingly pitched beep all the time. I don’t know if that’s supposed to…just be like that and I don’t know what causes it. So I will have to contact the store where I bought it and ask. I can’t hear it if I’m not in the kitchen, but if I’m doing something in the kitchen it gets annoying and almost painful after a while. Sooo time to get this ball rolling.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone! Curl up with a book 🙂 Still enough days left to celebrate our love of libraries and respect for all librarians out there!

    1. My landline would do that whenever I had a message and it was not in a spot where it was easy to listen to the message and turn it off, and frequently the messages were spam offering me free stuff or the IRS had a message for me or Microsoft was calling (not). Finally, I read the instructions and discovered I could disconnect that part of it. So call the store, or if you have someone you can ask to look at it or perhaps look it up on-line.

  6. Sunday morning is my morning to sit in my rocking chair (or, in warm weather, out on our covered patio on my old futon) listening to the choral music show on the satellite radio’s classical music station. This morning they’ve been playing choirs singing old American hymns. Nice nostalgia trip even if I don’t go to church anymore.

  7. I’ve given up social media – it’s been a week since I deactivated on Facebook/Twitter. Planning to spend more time reading, writing, listening to music and just being. I now have a week off with DH and Minion 2, and we’re nesting – slow tempo cooking, watching DVDs and reading. I’m in the middle of a book set in 1978 about a girl who doesn’t know which was is up with her sexuality and her gender, and I’m loving the research.

    Curling up is good.

  8. I tried to curl up with a good book on Friday. But then the book was annoying (thank God it was a library book) and my daughter started vomiting again. But after she felt better, in the wee hours, we curled up on the bathroom floor together and she fell asleep. I eventually nodded off and had been quite cozy despite lying on a cold floor. (Meanwhile you’d think with all the padding on my hips it wouldn’t have made me sore…)

  9. I’m glad you’re curling up and taking care of yourself. Everything else will still be there when you uncurl, so relax, enjoy, and pamper.
    BTW my daughter suffers with vertigo (it seems to be severe every year or two)and when she’s done a lot of writing/reading. She often needs a new eyeglass prescription when she has a really bad episode.

  10. Unusually, I was productive this morning and swept the dining room, and swept and mopped the kitchen. Started laundry. Laid a fire for afternoon curling up pleasure. Hope to finish some freelance accounting this afternoon, but all activities are interlaced with periods of proper Sunday reading of light fiction. And visiting happy Arghers, one of my favorite Sunday things.

  11. I am curled up with some lovely vegetable beef soup a friend made watching the birds at their feeders.

    I have an appointment with my surgeon in a few weeks, so I am enjoying the calm before the storm.

  12. It was sleeting when I went to work yesterday. It’s supposed to drizzle later today. It’s 39F now, and not supposed to get any colder (nor warmer) all night.

    This weather is Good Enough to let me enjoy Sunday Dinner and Shopping with MY Jennifer. That’s a form of curling up where I have to drive and walk and eat, but it works for me. I don’t know where we’ll be eating – not Ruby Tuesday or Golden Corral, we’ve done those the last two weeks. Maybe Outback or Texas Roadhouse.

    I need the shopping trip. The refrigerator is nearly empty and I’m out of bottled water (plain and sparkly). I have canned veggies (no salt added) and ingredients for stir-fry, if I thaw out chicken or beef, and I even have a bag of little red potatoes. I could make potato chips, and curl up with my Kindle. I’m still reading the same books from Good Book Thursday.

    I’m off until Friday. I can get some prime curling done. Ta.

    1. Following up, the drizzle turned out to be a full-on rain storm. The restaurant turned out to be Outback – Texas Roadhouse was full up and Jen was too hungry to wait. We both got groceries, I got her Yet Another Plant. She doesn’t have a house, she has a botanical garden. I got 4 twelve-packs of sparkling water – Walmart’s Zero brand – and a twelve-pack of Deerpark Spring Water. I’m good for another week. Ta.

  13. I had to look it up; I didn’t know what labrynthitis was. It sounds quite uncomfortable but, according to what I read, is only a temporary illness, so I hope you are over it quite soon.

    I went to a fundraiser lunch today (work related) and afterwards, treated myself to a pedicure and an chai latte. Although it is cold outside, the sun is shining so after I finish my chai, I am going out for a short walk before I settle down to read. I am going to heat up my buckwheat filled pad, wrap myself up in a blanket and curl up with a book. I went to the library yesterday so have a number of books to choose from.

  14. I had a viral vertigo spell for the first over a year ago. Everything was spinning like the twilight zone. You have my total sympathy. Rest.

  15. Seeing David Bowie not a bad thing at all. Unless it’s because you’re meeting in the afterlife. That wouldn’t be good. And there may be better options than seeing him as Jareth. Although watching Bowie as Jareth is definitely better than imagining him due to vertigo, nausea, and misery. Here’s hoping you feel better soon.

    Ps who has seen The Conchords Bowie tribute. No wigs. Just pointy nipples. Classic.

  16. I went to see my Mom in the memory care unit at the nursing home for the first time today and it bummed me out so much that the idea of curling up sounds like heaven. I have a whole list of things to do to close up her apartment tomorrow, but since it is connected to the nursing home by an indoor passageway , I can pop over for short visits in between chores and both cheer her up and get something accomplished. I hope.
    And I can admire the lovely new snow without having to slog through it. Too bad I forgot to go to the grocery store on the way home from dinner tonight. Oh, well, at least the sidewalks should be somewhat shoveled by the time I run out of cream tomorrow.

  17. My mom died yesterday. She was 96 and has been living with me 3 years. I am sad and relieved. She is at peace. I think I am almost happy.

    1. I know the feeling. When my dad died 2 years ago, it was a relief that he no longer had to struggle. Your mom finished her life living with someone who loved her and that was a tremendous gift.

    2. I just finished reading The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson. Most of it was irritating but at the end she inserts the writing of her spouse Harry Dodge who went to his mother’s deathbed and wrote the most beautiful tribute and send off. It is so hard to let go but I hope the relief and joy in good memories will give you comfort and recovery time.

    3. My father died at 96 after living with me for three years. (That was ten years ago this summer. I still get moments of pain when I come across something he would be the perfect listener for.) About a year before he died he was struggling with his walker and stamped his foot and said “Why can’t I just die and get it over with!” He did enjoy his last years, but I was so relieved that it wasn’t going to get worse.

    4. It’s one of those sad/happy things. Good times to remember, new times to look forward to. Take care of yourself.

    5. I’m so sorry for your loss, Amyll, and I understand how one can be both sad and relieved. Sending good thoughts to you, and wish you peace.

  18. David Bowie as Jareth… now there’s an image! (Here’s one comment I found on a Labyrinth site that I know will be appreciated… the discussion was regarding the fact that Jareth’s costume didn’t leave much to the imagination with regards to certain aspects of DB’s anatomy. These are the exact words, quote unquote: “Jareth’s jewels are so popular that they have their own Facebook page, Tumblr, and a variety of other internet tributes including a Labyrinth drinking game. Clearly an impression has been made.”) 😉

    So sorry about the vertigo… it can be really horrible and unpleasant! BTDT (Been there, done that.) Walking down the hallway feels a bit like being on the USS Enterprise when they take a direct hit. It’s worse when closing your eyes doesn’t help any. Even sleep doesn’t work, when it’s still lurking there, the motion sick feeling, just waiting for you to wake up.

    Have you tried to pretend you’re actually on a moving train, or a carnival ride, or that the entire room is inside a spaceship heading somewhere interesting (i.e., it’s not ME, no, it’s not, it’s because I really AM moving!) Or even pretend you’re sloshed (whee… I’m DRUNK! Giggle giggle…)

    If things are spinning you can’t make them stop, the only thing you can change is your perception of it. So if you can, try and think of it as something that some people actually pay money to experience (roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, Disneyland, legalized cannabis, etc.) 😛

    —I know, I should just shut up and let the room go around and quit being Pollyanna… (Thing is, you’re stuck with it anyway, so you might as well try and repackage it a bit, mentally.) ?? And (I don’t drink myself, but some people say that) Wine Helps. Have some chocolate and wine and then when you lie down and close your eyes at least you have a nicer taste (mint chip ice cream works for this too) when your stomach backs up, and you can blame the rest of the feelings on the alcohol.

    I hate what you’re going through, but have found that trying to act like it’s something to experience rather than just suffer seems to give me the vain illusion that I’m more in control of it and less at its mercy. (Even though I know I’m only fooling myself. And eating something soothing that I don’t mind tasting later as the nausea does that little backup thing helps too, no kidding.)

    Hope you get better soon… (and have you thought about getting a computer that can talk to you, if you can’t bear looking at the screen at times? Just an idea!)

    1. At this point, I’m just being really careful, but it still takes me unawares. I rolled over in bed this morning, still half asleep, and got hit with it again, just hung on until the bed stopped moving. Bent over to get something and almost fell over. It feels so weird to grab for things because the room is moving. At this point, I’m just praying it will wear off. I’ve got taxes and writing and about twelve other things to do, and the room keeps moving on me.

      1. Last year I was truly laid low by a particularly nasty case of vertigo. There is PT for this, the only thing that helped. Now when I get it I do the PT exercises, which involve your eyes and your mind and it helps me snap out of it. The vertigo gives me migraines also so it’s the gift that keeps on giving. My ENT sent me for special tests, which confirmed I have Nstagmus in my eyes. Can you have some one take you to a PT place that does vertigo? I lost 6 months because I kept thinking I had a concussion. Good luck take it easy. Please

  19. I didn’t. And honestly, I don’t see curling up time coming along any time soon. Retreat for two days that will focus on getting Aidan’s book started (although not curling up, it will be fun because I’ll be with Liz), then back home to more editing gigs, waiting to hear from my editor re: book 2, and packing the house so the realtor can stage it. It goes up for sale mid-March and I am a wreck worrying that it won’t sell. But, I can’t think about that now. Now, I need to get my act together for retreat… for starting the new book. Hold a good thought that I make it through the next couple of months without completely losing my stuff…

  20. I did curl up with a book on Sunday afternoon. I got a pot of soup going and read. My 10 year old was reading/playing in her room. My son was playing Xbox and my spouse took a long bath. It was really peaceful, except for the Xbox sounds. And my son knows he needs to turn the volume way low on Xbox for me so even that wasn’t so bad.

  21. I hope you feel better soon! I’ve had the odd bout of sloshy brain, and it’s really not a nice feeling. 🙁

    My week last week was full of curling up and being happy. I was on holidays, but it was also one of the most relaxing holidays that I’ve had for a while.

    I was away with a friend, who is into jigsaw puzzles. It’s never been something that I’ve considered doing, but we had a time limit (a week) and the challenge of completing a 1000 piece puzzle which normally takes her a couple of weeks to do. So I ended up joining in.

    I never realised just how much doing a jigsaw puzzle would shut my brain up. Being in the moment and I are not on speaking terms, as I usually am thinking about something other than what I’m doing, but doing a jigsaw puzzle was a sufficient level of processing so that I was only thinking about the puzzle and nothing else.

    One of the suggestions for mindfulness is doing things like adult colouring books as they’re good at the whole quieting the mind thing. But I usually hated the end result so I didn’t get into them all that much.

    Jigsaw puzzles are a different story.

    My holiday had long periods of time where my mind was quiet, which I never have. Just. Wonderful.

    So I now own my first jigsaw puzzle…

    1. When we have friends over to have a simple supper and a jigsaw puzzle, I get a 500 piece puzzle and I turn up all the pieces and have as many edges as I can find set aside. Then it is remotely possible that it can be finished in an evening. Puzzle sorting trays make it much easier because you can sort-of separate by color or pattern then pass them around when someone wants to look for a particular piece. Also, you can stack them and put them aside if you need to use the table for something else. The puzzle sorting trays were a gift from a nephew who is really into puzzles. They are available on Amazon.

      Once when we were younger and foolish we did a 1500 piece puzzle of Rembrandt’s Girl in a Doorway (it was a gift). I swear 2/3 of the pieces were the same shade of black. We were reduced to figuring out the cut pattern and assembling it by shape alone, e.g., 4-tab in one location, 2-tab, 1-tab 3-slot, etc. It took us probably 6 weeks.

      It’s like doing meditation for those of us who can’t settle down enough to do meditation.

    2. Magic Jigsaw is available on Kindles. I’m pretty sure it was a free download. You can buy puzzle packs or just work the free ones. I like it, esp. because I don’t have table space to do puzzles.

  22. Ugh, hope it’s getting better. Vertigo is no fun.

    Thank goodness for repositioning exercises, which helped more than I expected.

    Hang in there! Or, more accurately, hang on.

  23. I’m imaginging Labyrinthitis labyrinthis as a variant in which one sees Jareth the Goblin Prince during the Escher-palace-stairs scene, and accordingly gets dizzy and nauseous.

  24. Jenny, I hope your dizziness has let up. If it doesn’t get better soon, see your doctor again. My husband had something similar which turned out to be related to an inner ear problem and physical therapy helped. I swear I remember it as something about rocks (I have to have that wrong) in his ear shifting out of alignment.

    1. Jessie, I think you mean crystals. My best friend’s sister had a concussion, and had problems with vertigo persisting after the other symptoms subsided. My friend said she had some therapy done that “broke up the crystals” (her words), and the sister was perfectly fine after that. I’ve never heard it before, but my friends said this is rather common.

      1. You are probably right. It has been a long time since he had the problem and it would be like me to confuse rocks and crystals.

  25. I curled up last night and started watching “Lucifer” for the first time. It’s kind of fun. I meant to watch it when Jenny first started writing the Nita book, but just never found the time.

  26. I was at home sick yesterday, and there was a scheduled power outage from 8-1:30 meaning I couldn’t be on the computer or watching TV. So I curled up in bed with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s memoir “Unmasked,” read the whole thing (kept reading even after the power came back on), and was happy.


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