Cherry Saturday, February 9, 2019

Today is Pizza Day.

I want peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and black olives. No broccoli.

Not that I’m hungry or anything.

I definitely have to get a pizza for dinner tonight.

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  1. Don’t know that I’m up to pizza today; nor to going out to get it. I’m feeling exhausted again, so thinking of not doing anything at all, in the hope my energy will come back. There’s a meeting-come-workshop I’d like to go to tomorrow, about buying the former cinema building and turning it into a community space. Plus, of course, all the stuff on the house, and the packing. I do hate not having energy when I want and need it.

    It’s a great day to veg, though: sunny and windy. I probably will make it to a supermarket later.

    1. Definately rest, possibly bed rest.

      Also vitamins and sunshine and happy pottering. You need to recharge, feel better

      When I took a week off after a very busy work period, I literally couldn’t get out of bed the next morning, ended up there for 10 hours total, but I needed it.

  2. I was fine eating leftovers for lunch

    Now I want bacon, cheese, mushroom and mascapone pizza and some chips with mayonaise or cheesy garlic bread or dough balls… I need to go food shopping.

  3. Ooh, Jenny, those are the exact same toppings that I love. I hardly have pizza due to sinus problems being exacerbated by cheese. But I might just indulge tomorrow.

    Today, starting this afternoon, is a day that involves checking old lists and making new comprehensive ones. It’s also, sort out all the children’s books day.

    I made a better rules chart already today. I went for a youth group planning meeting, had lunch and am back. Into the work zone I go!

  4. F will LOVE this. He is one pizza guy. He’s still dealing with the burnout and whatnot and today gave him a slap again. We discovered that though the leakage we’ve had for ages in the bedroom seems to be(!) solved, we now have the EXACT same type of leakage in the study (I refuse to call it an office. Ugh.). We had a building firm patch the outer wall by the bedroom up last month (after 2 months procrastination on their part), and on day 2 of their work one of them came in and said: “We saw that work was needed on the other side too (this means the study-side), so we broke it open and saw things were rotten and rusty and it needs fixing as well”. Note that this was NOT included or agreed on in the original estimation they did in October. They said this REALLY needed to be fixed straight away, so we agreed on that and ended up with a final price of twice as much as originally estimated. And now we have a leakage at that side, the side THEY broke open “to fix”.
    Thanks NOT AT ALL.
    This is a widely respected firm that has existed for probably 100 years or so. Our trust in them is… not a 100 years worth of existing. We really feel like they’ve played us for the fools and taken advantage of our trust in their expertise.

    So F had a breakdown today when MIL and I found this out and showed him what was wrong, for he just can’t deal with that mountain of trouble right now. Not just the trouble of contacting the firm and fight it out with them, but also the possible money it might cost that we needed to clear out the mildew we have in the bedroom because of the leakage and then get it all painted and done, which we’ve wanted for ages. We need to do things here and there around the house, get things painted and new furniture and a lot of stuff, so this is not a very desirable discovery. He’s also in a phase right now that the blindness really bugs/hurts him; the things he/we can’t do or manage on his/our own because he/we can’t see it, and so on. So he’s now raging against/pained by the fact that he can’t look himself why or how the leakage can exist, if the firm have really done their job or messed things up, and so on and so forth. Which I understand 100 %, but don’t have a solution for right now.

    Maybe some pizza will cheer him up.

    Pizza, soup and salad are the three things I like to eat that I use to go for: the more ingredients, the merrier! = I like a lot of toppings and different flavours to come together and have a party.

    So let’s party! 🙂

    1. Shass, you have my sympathy. The firm should do the repair — they had been contracted to do the work and failed to complete the job properly.

      Even so, I understand the cost bit completely. They will probably need materials and that sort of thing.

      Also, a lot of nagging.

      But that’s for tomorrow (or Monday). Tonight you need plenty of pizza.

      1. Nagging indeed. I want to bite someone’s head off!

        We ended up eating leftovers instead, because like F said: “We eat too much pizza already………..”

        I hope you’ll have a nice pizza-dinner, though! 🙂

    2. If they went beyond the scope of work by going to a completely different part of your house and opening it up, without your permission, it should be on them to then make that part of your house sound and functioning again. This isn’t estimating that 6 feet of roof is rotted and then discovering that it’s actually 8 feet and having to adjust their quote for materials, this is completely different.

      1. Thanks for saying this! This is what I have been trying to tell him – they fucked up, THEY should fix it. THEY started unrequested work, THEY are responsible for this crap. I assume they have some kind of warrenty on their jobs, especially if probblems show up less than a month after their job is done. (I discovered water puddles there some weeks ago, but we tried to tell ourselves it had other reasons than leakage… Or, he did. I was mad.)

        Actually I was mad as hell about them opening up the wall by the study – That was NOT agreed on, they had NO authority to do so, no matter how much they thought they should have a look there too or not. They should have discussed it with us first, not first opened up the wall and THEN come and say: “Oh we opened up and discovered problems, should we fix it now?”.


  5. Today is moving day! I woke up late, but before the sun, so I count it as a win. Especially since I accidentally fell asleep last night instead of working and didn’t set alarms. Sometimes my internal clock is pretty damn good.

    So pizza tonight is a distinct possibility!

    Here’s a new to me site and crochet pattern if anyone is interested!

    I literally had a whole thing typed here asking how to make this version since the original tutorial was just lines, then when I went to find the URL, found this version. Win for asking the Arghers!

  6. I went out for pizza with friends last week and didn’t actually want pizza because I didn’t want to eat all that heavy cheese. I ordered a vegan slice, which had zero cheese and just extra sauce with lots of veggies. It was pretty good. Although I guess technically that’s not pizza.

  7. I started some sourdough rye bread last night and will bake it today. And make some soup. And maybe a pie. We have a lot of snow for Seattle so it seems like a good day to stay inside and make warming food. Maybe I’ll try sourdough pizza crust tomorrow.

  8. I like the idea of having pizza but kind of feel like I’ve eaten too much junk this week already. Not normally something I care about or have a judgment call on, but I’m starting to miss salad. Which I normally eat a lot of but have been avoiding given the romaine issues and then the shutdown after that. Is it safe to eat salad again?

    In other news: I met someone I would like to be friends with and she also said she wanted to and she proposed doing a friend-date, so I wrote back to say when I was free (i.e. am free about Thursday-Sunday) and…. nothing. And she updated last night so ah, clearly she’s not incapacitated or anything. Do I “take the hint” and not say anything again or what? She’s very cool and super busy and our lives don’t overlap, so it was kind of a long shot anyway. I don’t want to be a weirdo or a stalker or a nag by saying anything….

    1. I suggest that you contact her again. She’s busy. Further, don’t be surprised if she seems to put you off, then a month down the road invites you to something.

      That happened to me with a new friend when I moved to her town almost 3 years ago. She doesn’t change: missed communications, last minute meetings, waiting for her to show up.

      Of course, you may not want that sort of friendship. I actually find my friendship rewarding, although I also don’t take it seriously in that we may not stay in touch forever. But I have lots of fun when I’m with her and we share some pretty unusual interests.

      1. I did get up the nerve to do a brief “poke” sort of reminder message and then said something like, “if I don’t hear anything, it was nice meeting you!” Still no response so far. I asked online and folks said that you can only ask twice and after that it’s a no, so…I’m gonna assume it’s a no if I hear nothing by like, Monday. At least I got up the nerve to give it a shot, so there’s that.

        I quit dating (of any kind) years ago and this is reminding me of what sucked about it. I did hang out with friends who actually want to hang out with me today and that was great. I still am bothered about this though, which makes me sad. I had hopes. But as with dating, you shouldn’t have hopes, you know? She’s missing out, but then again, so am I.

        But…oh well. This is how life goes, I knew it was a long shot, etc. Time to accept the no and move on and stop dwelling.

        1. You know, there are so many possible reasons. Her life may have pancaked in other ways, career, health, who knows? She may have just gotten cold feet about the whole dating thing, nothing to do with you. One of the many things I learned while I was teaching is that most of the time, it’s not about you. We have no idea what’s happening in other people’s lives, so it’s best to assume the best and be kind (I know you are), let people know you’re there for them, and then concentrate on the things you can control, which is your life.

          1. Thank you!

            I did just hear back–the week got away from her, how’s the end of next week?

            (Not sure if I can do that one or not since I have been debating going out of town that weekend except the weather is going to be horrible for travel…)

            But still! I heard back! Yaaaaaaaaay!

  9. One of the things I’m looking forward to during my upcoming trip to PantheaCon in San Jose is getting pizza from a place called Pizza My Heart. (According to my stepdaughter, who grew up here in pizza central and now lives there, most of the pizza in CA isn’t very good. But this place is stellar.) We had some the last time I was there, and my favorite was the amusingly named Figgy Piggy, which had bacon and figs on top. I was dubious about the combination until I tried it. Now I’m hooked.

        1. And if you want to really go overboard you could follow it up with a banana-fig milkshake from the Convention Grill in Minneapolis (if they are still in business).

  10. I had a great pizza when in Australia last month. I’ve recreated it here and it was just as good. Brush base with olive oil, then lots of mozzarella, finely cut red onion and capsicum and black olives. Top with a little cilantro. Now I want some. Yum!

  11. We were going to Seattle this weekend and decided even if we only had a 4 hour drive through rain and snow from Portland, it was hardly worth it if we arrived in North Seattle in time to be snowed in.The weather forecast is for more snow and rain all weekend in both locations. So we cancelled Seattle, I made a pot roast and veggies and an apple cake and invited friends over for dinner. If I am going to have to spend the next few days dealing with snow, I needed to see friends while the roads were still clear.

    I awoke to only about an inch of snow this morning at our house. Supposedly more is on the way. But this is Portland, the weather prediction changes hourly. If we don’t get too much snow and ice, maybe I will walk to the pizzeria this evening. It is only about 4 blocks away.

    1. I think you made the right call. There is more snow than we’ve had for a while and I wouldn’t want to drive on any roads but the arterials. Also pot roast and apple cake sound good for a winter night.

  12. Diabetes, heart condition, hundred pounds overweight… pizza is no part of my diet. I could afford to eat one slice, maybe, but allow me to say “That’s just enough to annoy me!”

    There’s a Taco Bell I’ll be driving past on my way to work today that also serves those individual-sized Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas. Maybe I could have one of those if I avoid anything with sodium in it for the rest of the day.

    What I *really* want is a medium super supreme, or a quick drive 500 miles north for a deluxe pizza from Great Oaks Pizza in Gales Ferry, CT. Or if I gave my daughter enough lead time, she could make one of her Keto pizzas with the cauliflower crust. Or the fried cheese crust.

    Bah. Humbug. I’ll be having a boneless pork chop, broiled, with broccoli, green beans and carrots on the side, on a bed of konjac noodles. I might add three tiny red potatoes, sliced rilly rilly thin and microwaved before tossing them on the pork while it broils.

    Thankfully, tomorrow is the weekly dinner date with said daughter, and we’re due for either Outback or Ruby Tuesday and a big, juicy steak.

      1. I know Woodman’s carries the Caulipower pizzas and the Daiyi brand pizzas. Along with Amy’s. My spouse is gluten and dairy free and tries to be soy free. The Daiyi ones work for him right now.

  13. I know this comment isn’t about pizza, but I can’t get the thought out of my head that the opening chapter of Lavender’s Blue (I think that was the title) makes for a great contemporary romance, perhaps with a mystery thread? The beginning started with a woman arriving in town and being pulled over by a cop? Do I have the title right? You had intended writing a mystery series, not sure how deep you got into this one, just know I was hooked.

    1. I’m looking at the pieces right now. I have over 70,000 words on that sucker, so I’m thinking that’s where I go next.
      And yep, it’s Lavender’s Blue. There’s a woman named Lavender in it who gets strangled.

        1. I’ve got about 70,000 words done on it. At this point it’s easier to finish it than write it up as a proposal.
          I was working those ten years I didn’t publish, I swear.

        2. At this point it might actually be easier to write the rest first. You’ve got some momentum going and if they don’t like this one either you’ll still have it finished for a different publisher later. There could be multiple Crusies out in a row!

  14. My husband and I went to the mall Thursday, (1) for him to get new walking shoes (sneakers) and (2) for me to make a return (shop online return to store). We split up at the entrance and met at the center about 15 to 20 minutes later. Mission accomplished I waved when I saw him and off to home we went. I hadn’t realized how out of shape I’ve been so needless to say I’ve started using his treadmill for 10 minutes a day. OK, so its been two days since I started, but now I know I have to get on regimen of exercise pronto.

    As for pizza my vote is for thin crust tomato and cheese sprinkled with a few red pepper flakes.

  15. It pains me to waste this opportunity, but between the trying-to-get-a-cold and needing to make a big batch of food for the coming work week, there will will be no pizza for me today. Tragic as that is, any day can be pizza day for me, so I will celebrate later.

  16. I probably make enchiladas, since I have leftover chicken that needs to be cooked.

    A lazy day puttering in the yard for me. We went to a James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt concert this week and I am still recovering. Totally worth it though.

  17. I love pizza but I have to watch my weight so I make my own pizza dough in my bread machine and portion it out into 100 calorie bases. I stretch it super thin and top it with tomato sauce, anchovies, olives and blobs of ricotta. It’s sublime and waist friendly. It also covers most of my dinner plate so I don’t feel deprived. Pizza is for dieters, too!

    1. Unless your diet, like mine, says that you can have limited amounts of whole grains, but NO FLOUR. I’ve been known to scrape the toppings and sauce off a slice of pizza and drape them over some brown rice, but that’s the closest I can get to pizza without cheating.

  18. My husband has an outdoor pizza oven and makes fabulous Gouda and grape pizza — which annoys him enormously since that’s all we and the neighbors want but he feels disloyal to his ancestors if he doesn’t also make margharita. I keep telling him that a few hinder years back his ancestors didn’t have tomatoes but they definitely had
    Cheese and grapes…

    1. Do you have a nearby Trader Joe’s? They have a fabulous fresh pre-cooked pizza crust. I think it’s Trader Giotto. It’s stocked next to the breads and bagels. Two large sheets 16”x6”. I cut mine in half and wrap in tinfoil and freeze. That makes four pizzas. One treat per week. Also, I put them on a baking sheet in 450 degree oven, then cook for seven minutes.

  19. Not Pizza Announcement. Just went to see the animated movie, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, and it was amazing. Just amazing.

  20. Thanks to all the recommendations in Argh Ink, I have purchased Good Omens and the first of the Murderbot series, which I will download to Joe* when I get home. Joe is not with me at work, and even if he was, there is no WiFi connection. I finished the last book of Wrede’s Frontier Magic series over the lunch break, and Good Omens will be next in line.

    *Joe is my second Kindle of two. He’s a Kindle Fire, and I was a Paint Your Wagon fan. ’nuff said.

  21. I ate pizza for dinner with my flatmates last night. Truffle mushroom and eggplant from the very good Italian pizzeria nearby. And, of course, wine.


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