Happiness is Something To Look Forward To

I think sometimes, when I’m stuck. in the doldrums of winter, that life is a hopeless slog. And then something pops up on the horizon and I remember that today will pass and there’s a future full of promise. Sometimes the thing on the horizon is just the sun, doing its sun thing, but that’s glorious in the middle of dark winter. Sometimes it’s the promise of warmth–it’s going to hit 50 here tomorrow and spring is closer than ever–sometimes it’s the promise of somebody wonderful–Krissie is coming in six weeks–sometimes it’s the promise of something fascinating–I’m reconceptionalizing the whole second act of Nita and it’s fascinating–sometimes it’s just the promise of something new–so many things–but above all, it’s the promise that there’s something exciting and interesting around the corner and it’s going to be good. That’s the promise of happiness, right there.

How did happiness keep its promise to you this week?