The Five Days of Mackie

So in the spirit of Lee’s Make-Something-Every-Day-in-February (which I am now four days behind on), I’m going back to an old blog plan, The X Days of ?. The plan here is to write on the novella every day, regardless, and since it’s a novella, I should get a fair amount done on it. And I have to report here every day, so there’s accountability. It’s a plan.

Plus I ordered a sketchbook and pencils on Amazon and then decided that tomorrow was too long to wait and went to the craft store today, so I can actually draw today. HUGE step forward. And I already wrote today. I revised the first scene when I had lunch at the diner, and then wrote 500 words in my therapist’s waiting room. I’ll get back to it later, but I’m feeling very pro-active right now. And really itching for that sketchbook. It’s only 8 x 10 (a larger one is coming from Amazon tomorrow) but it has lovely smooth pages and I have new pencils. Very exciting.

So this is the First Day of Mackie. Goal each day: 1000 words, not counting revisions. I can do this.