55 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, January 9, 2019

  1. Well, you’ll never guess what. There’s been another delay on my house purchase. After much chasing, I discovered that the vendor’s not in fact getting back from her holiday for another week. So instead of completing by today, I’ve had to cancel my decorator. Had a sleepless night – for no good reason, really, since the vendor’s still keen for the sale to happen.

    I’m focusing on important things like choosing paint colours. Luckily I’ve got some proof-reading, and I’m trying to enjoy the delay, or at least not get wound up about it. Will go for a walk in the sun this afternoon.

    1. Your entire quest to buy a home is truly stranger than fiction.

      Is it always so difficult to get a house purchase through in your country? Maybe you could found a non-profit devoted to changing the laws to at least provide some protection for would-be purchasers. It seems as if you have to put up and potentially lose money (not to mention time and sanity) with no legal protections at all.

      1. It’s often a long process in England and Wales. My purchase doesn’t involve a chain, for instance, so should have been straightforward. There’s been demand for decades for a simpler process, but a lot of people (surveyors and solicitors, for example) profit from it being the way it is. Once I’ve bought this house I never want to have to tangle with the process again!

        Sellers can lose out too. When I was selling my mother’s house in 2016, the buyers insisted we pay for an additional investigation they wanted, in case the foundation included some material that’s contoversial. No sooner had we done this than they pulled out – nothing to do with the investigation, which turned out fine: they’d gone on looking at other properties, and had an offer accepted on one they fancied more. So we ended up paying for one and a half times the legal work, plus the extra survey.

        1. Should have said: the buyers pulled out more than two months after we’d accepted their offer – we were expecting to exchange any time.

    2. I am being thankful for how well, compared to you, my moving is going. After a week’s delay, the flooring has arrived today, and will probably be in by the end of the week, so I can start to hope to sleep there by the end of the month. But three weeks after closing I still do not have access to the garage. (Seller restores antique cars. Seller requires specialized equipment for moving them. Seller works odd shifts and has yet to successfully schedule any of this specialized equipment. Argh.)

  2. I was supposed to go for a run today, but we’re supposed to be getting gusts of wind over 30 miles an hour, so that probably won’t happen.

    Instead I think I will putter around this morning until speech therapy time for my oldest. I’m going to make slow cooker coconut lentil curry, so that should make the house smell nice.
    Baking salted chocolate chunk shortbread for my husband to take to work for a meeting. I’ve never made these cookies before, so I have a back up plan in case they don’t come out well. (and back up plans for my back up plans).

    We’re having some workers come tomorrow and redo our basement from stinky carpet to vinyl tile. They can move furniture, but there are still some odds and ends to box up and get out of the way. I think I’m going to listen to podcasts while I putter.

  3. Work is progressing on two fronts – both the creative and the cleaning. DH and I picked up and put away Christmas, getting everything (except one lone piece of decor that was unobserved until too late) up into the attic. We also bought some things to help organize the garage – get the hoses off the floor, hang the rakes and shovels and the like. So, that will be a good thing.

    I’ve also been plugging away on the two baby quilts and two baby blankets for the twins still slated to arrive in late February. I’m on the downhill side of another corner to corner blanket. Once it’s done, I’ll make another to match. For the quilts, I’ve got borders cut, to be applied tonight, and potentially taken to the longarm shop where I can rent a machine and knock out the quilting in an hour or two on Friday.

    Even better – I’ve kept true to my desire to not buy new craft materials for a while. How long a while lasts remains to be determined, but each day is a victory. I’ve got a splurge planned for March, but it would be good to be strong until then.

    1. I hope the new materials ban helps you as much as it did me! For me, not buying new materials made me substantially more creative – using what I had, or using the paint and ideas I had accumulated to make the things I needed was so gratifying, and having more room (as I used things up) and developing new skills or burnishing old ones all fed a deep willingness to make more things.

      1. Thanks! I hadn’t looked at it as fuel to creativity, but more of a money saving gesture. It would be great if it were both!

  4. Two rows, bind off, and fringe left to finish on a really fun scarf I’ve been knitting. 14 different colors and patterns of yarn. Linen stitch. I’ve never knitted a scarf the long way, so casting on 300 stitches felt odd, but it’s really nice now.

    1. Well, you know hard it is getting the new year right in January.
      When it’s the middle of the night and you’ve been arcing a cat.

        1. That does look like something Joyce would do.

          I have this:

          Joyce landed with a mighty leap in the middle of the table, hissing, her eyes glowing red, and everybody scattered except for Nita and Nick.
          “That’s enough of that,” Nita told her.
          “Get your ass off my notes, cat,” Nick said and Joyce sighed and padded over to Nita’s side of the table.
          “That’s a good girl,” Nita said, pulling her into her lap to cuddle her.
          “And that’s why they’re in charge,” Max said, coming to sit down again, as far away from Joyce as possible. “In case anybody was wondering. Which we weren’t.”

  5. I have a huge list in Google Keep, and we literally knocked down the book tree last night, and so of course I hurt myself last night and self-medicated with alcohol (as a muscle relaxant) and now I feel sluggish.


    Still gonna try to do a bunch of it.

    I guess.

  6. Just packed two short crime stories off to potential homes in the past few days, and am now finishing packing to leave for Germany in a few hours. (I always still have things to find and pack just before I leave).

  7. I get to work on laundry, once my new dryer arrives this afternoon. I’m going to clean while I wait. I’ve got the 130-530 delivery slot.

  8. You know, for all the hell in writing a book, this part at the end is really great, when I start closing loopholes and finish arcing people and relationships and just generally wallow in the story. It’s so much fun, plus it’s almost finished. And I’m printing it out today, which is HUGE.

    Also, Joyce rocks.

  9. I worked much of my ass off today. It was day 1 of school. I have 42 grade ones age 5 turning 6 and age 6 turning 7. Goddess save me.

    I painted the chart/notice boards yesterday and I have an in progress shot. I didn’t take a completed pic. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsbGSqjFNaw/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1k7nlzubvyd1t

    I wish I had a lot of money to throw at the whole education system in ZA. And every place where it is not working.

    In completely unrelated news, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to divorce. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. No assistant. It’s not built into our education system. As much as I want to crowdsource the funds to pay for one, I just haven’t been able to set one up.

          1. Girl, I been dealing with this is for 8 years. Numbers ranged from 37 to 45, 3 years of grade 2 and 5 years of grade 3.

            It has definitely aged me and worsened my chronic conditions.

  10. I’m starting a book. Actually, I’ve been starting it since December, but after a few false starts, I’m finally getting a handle on it and am getting what I hope will be usable words on the page. It’s the fourth in the series (first one out in the world, second one coming out in Feb, third one in edits), which means I’m discovering all the ways I’ve written myself into corners in the previous books, and trying ways to resolve all the problems. Ugh.

  11. My son came home from college and decided to return to knitting. He knits hats and scarves, that’s it, but tries to make his own designs.

    This may inspire me to return to knitting

  12. I’ve done nothing creative today beyond making marinara sauce.

    I bought a plain white cotton quilt from a company that grows the cotton then has it woven and sewn here in America. I needed a change in a bedroom. So today I washed an over sized puffy comforter in our soaking tub and am now about to drape it over two plastic sawhorses in the tub to hopefully drain the most of the water out. If I can fit it in my dryer, it’s going in. This is usually why I don’t redecorate frequently – too much peripheral work ensues.

    1. Remember to put some tennis balls in the dryer with the comforter to keep the batting/stuffing from clumping up. Just a thought!

      1. Wellllll…. The now washed and partially drip dried comforter is laid across our dining room table and chairs on top of a tarp and several beach towels. I only wish I could have shoved it and several tennis balls in my dryer, but I could barely get my arms around it, let alone stuff it in the dryer. Thanks for the tip, though. I’m filing that away for future use.

  13. I’m mostly working on not giving in to the cold or whatever it is that’s had me dragging since Sunday, without actually knocking me flat. Maybe I should just collapse and get it over with. This in-between, not-quite-right but not -bad-enough-to-stay-in-bed stuff is annoying.

  14. Hey, speaking of cats, be sure to catch the noir-style video of the Sandra Boynton song. Google “sandra boynton c.a.t.” and enjoy.

    Okay, back to the pumps.

  15. Six days on last week turned into seven, and after one day off I’m on day five of another seven days. So this afternoon I’ll be working on taking a nap. Maybe laundry.

  16. Yesterday I finished and turned in a Ghostwriting gig segment. (I try to work in 25000-word sections so I get paid more often.) With that done I promised myself I would take the day and declutter my bedroom. It tends to get overloaded with stuff from the main room during Christmas.

    I have finished decluttering and have a box to go to the senior citizen’s thrift shop, one for mending and a bag of trash. Very proud of myself because it’s usually summer before I get around to restoring my bedroom after Christmas. Smug even.

  17. Accounting. Which I hate with every fiber of my being. I want SO BADLY to get in my sewing room and play!!!

  18. I’m having my brain picked by someone writing a book about an alien invasion/apocalypse where the only survivors are in submarines. It turns out my service twenty-odd years ago hasn’t all been forgotten., although in 1990 (when I retired) we still weren’t allowing women to serve on submarines (boats.) It took another twenty years for them to fix that. I guess that’s a big plot point, if only female submariners survived to repopulate the earth.

  19. Holiday trappings put away, HUGE pile of magazines offloaded to therapist who does image boards with Wounded Warriers, impenetrable screen door (Australian) rolls once more, router fixed, house cleaned, HUGE pot of minestrone freelanced, book shelf cleared and restocked with entire run of Kerry Greenwood’s Phrynne Fisher. Takes knowing my bookshelves to well and properly appreciate this last Make. Alligators still ahead but feisty energy up to deal with the critters.

  20. My big achievement this week is that I washed and sanitized all my Mom’s bedding and dirty clothes while she was in the hospital so that she would not get reinfected once she gets home. Unfortunately, since she hasn’t done her own laundry in a few years, the fluffing tennis balls did not make the last move.

  21. Still working on my own book (although not nearly as far along as you are).

    Finally caught up on paperwork at the shop (running an artists’ cooperative shop in December is fun, but there isn’t much time for the paperwork end of things. Now I have to start on my own at home…sigh.

  22. I seem to have three different in-series novels in progress at the moment. Big chunk of the romance through-story for one of them done in the past week. Almost done with part I of another. And just bits, pieces, and notes done for the third, which is the one I was SUPPOSED to be focusing on first.

    Ye brain, it does what it f***ing wants.


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