45 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, January 2, 2019

  1. I’m doing school work. The new school year starts next week. It’s been a difficult few months. And I’m ready for it to be better.

    Again, yesterday evening was wonderful, with a pretty horrible start to the day. So it goes to show, if I maintain my equanimity, I can handle everything.

    In the meantime, I’ve been on a short Summer aka year-end vacation. So I remembered to take pictures when I cooked. Here’s a type of fritatta.

  2. Go, go, go! I’m sure it will feel good to ship the book off.

    The children are heading back to school today (I’d do a cartwheel if I could) and aside from speech therapy, I have nothing pressing on my schedule. I may try to clean their rooms and throw out/donate a lot of toys and books. (I hate to throw out books, but some are in tatters and the oldest gets almost exclusively books, so he’s got extra copies of many) I have 3 hours left on a really suspenseful audio book and that should keep me going.

  3. I’m about to pack up the proofs I’ve been reading and take them to the post office. I’ve told Penguin I’m only up for really light books until I’ve moved (since these are extremely rare, I’m really signing myself off for the next month or so). I’m feeling a bit livelier, so will try a walk after the post office.

    Then I’m back to choosing paint colours and organizing what work needs doing once I’ve got the house. (The vendor’s due back from holiday on Friday.) Plus I want to phone or email various friends.

  4. Today is back to work, nothing but blue skies ahead!

    New Year’s Eve, I took Teddy the cat to get his 19 staples out. He is healing beautifully. Then yesterday, while I took five minutes from the sewing machine to press a seam, he was in stealing the thread. We pulled a bunch out of his mouth, but worried all night that he might have gotten some caught on his tongue. So, this morning, I took him to the emergency vet – again. They confirmed nothing wrapped around his tongue and sent us both home – with orders to give him a lot of food today, so that anything down in his gullet will pass. And, best of all, they didn’t charge me for looking down his throat!

    Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some projects (quilted and crochet) for a friend who is in the process of adopting twins. They’re due at the end of February. Once things are completed, and gifted, I’ll take a picture and post, since she sees what I put online.

    So, aside from the fact that my cat is an asshole, things are looking up.

      1. Yes, the sewing room has a door, which is closed most of the time. I had it open while I worked, and had a cat in there with me (not Teddy).

        And I knew he wouldn’t learn, so I have to. Sigh. The room will be either closed, or the machine unthreaded.

  5. I just had a glorious, glorious, glorious vacation from work that begin on Dec. 21. Just glorious. I did virtually no errands or home tasks. I focused on relaxing, making art pieces, and just enjoying myself. I am so sad that I have to start back to work in just over an hour.

    I’ve ordered a scarf kit with some amazing yarn to make a gift for someone. Meanwhile, I’m still working on a quilled dragon for my son, planning a quilled cat for my daughter, and practicing making quilled letters of the alphabet.

  6. I’m working on establishing a routine after being distracted for the last two weeks with holiday stuff and laziness and finishing up the last commitment I had to the patient advocacy group that I left, effective yesterday!

    Also did some quilting and finishing of the Christmas Scrap Clean-out lap quilts and kitty quilts. Photos will be at Instagram soon-ish.

  7. I’m procrastinating…a girl has to do what she does best! Then off to do some proofing and prepare an invoice.

  8. I’m trying to work up the energy to go back to work. It will be slow this morning so I can be a lazy butt for a few more hours. We are away for part of tomorrow and then gone for the weekend, I might not do too much today. I’m seriously lacking in motivation. I do need to do some housework but with Tall Boy on night shift this week, anything noisy is off limits. I will tidy and sweep and do laundry. Maybe shovel out the front walkway.

  9. This morning I sorted items that are to be returned along with the receipts. I wanted to wait till after the holiday and everyone has gone back to work or school so in can have customer service to myself. Ha! But it is a plan.

    Last week while the grands were here I made one of Paul H. (Great British Baking Show, Christmas edition) recipes for lunch. A variation of something called a Chelsea bun but the savory version. I didn’t use a yeast bread dough but a quick bread dough and rolled it out into a rectangle and spread whole cranberry sauce, broken up leftover stuffing and turkey then rolled that up from the long side and then sliced it into a spiral and baked in the oven. With leftover gravy it was the perfect lunch.

  10. I’m reading. That’s about it. Trying to finish books I started last year but dropped because of different reasons.

    It looks like this year will get a rough start. F’s grandfather has fallen several times last weeks, possibly because of strokes but nobody seems to know for sure. Last time, a couple of days ago, his girlfriend (for lack of a better word) had to call the ambulance because he’d fallen and couldn’t get up, so they had to come and help her get him into bed (why they didn’t take him with them is beyond me…). Since then, he’s not been out of bed, neither has he been eating and last thing we heard was that he’s in the hospital (though we know nothing more than that). If things don’t improve, there’ll probably be a funeral to plan quite soon. Ugh.

    I can do without these interesting times, thank you very much.

  11. Today, I did some more outlining of current WIP, wrote about 500 words and then did some preparation for next week when school starts again. On Sunday, met for the first time with new critique group – 2 colleagues also trying to work on writing, and it was great. They took a look at my list of projects and the first 1500-2000 words of my two favourite projects and gave me a steer, so am working with that.

    Also have been reading some educational/school-related books. Small steps. Family time. Brilliant.

  12. I’m finishing a book, too – one I’ve been working on since 2017, so feeling good about that! And starting on edits for the next book in the series.

    Also gearing up for launching said books…


  13. Back to work after 11 days off. Really glad for the 3 day work week to ease back into it.

    Super excited about book finishing! Congratulations in advance for the dropbox moment.

  14. So, last night, my daughter invited me to an outing at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. She has season passes with guest privileges, you see. So I went.

    It’s an hour’s drive and we didn’t leave til nearly four thirty, so we arrived in what passed for “dark.” Busch Gardens was decorated with over 1500 live Christmas trees and over ten million lights. “Christmas Town.” I took 97 pictures and twenty short videos.

    It was me, the daughter, and two youngest grandchildren – an older grandchild changed his mind at the last minute (teenager, of course) and stayed home with dad and the middle grandchild, who was never up for this sort of thing. So, Me, Jen, Liam and Lilian.

    Somehow, they managed to talk me into riding a roller coaster (twice!), the tilt-a-whirl, the tea cups, the whip and the carousel. I had no problem with the train and the skyride – a lot of the pictures were from above, and videos from the train.

    Of course, like any modern amusement park, drinks were theater-priced (if you bought their seasonal cup, refills were only $1-2) and snacks were worse, so we smuggled in candy and nuts and water bottles. I did buy a couple of necklaces with lights to make the kids more visible. By the trip home, the batteries were dead.

    I had a fabulous time, and walked more than I had in many moons. Today, I am suffering stoically. Well, suffering, at any rate. Part of my suffering comes from this Chromebook not playing any of the .mov files my camera uses for video. The video is there – I just can’t look at it. There’s probably an app I can download.

    I am overjoyed at your progress on the book. But then I look at Bujold, who now self-publishes and will have her latest available by the end of this month. Now it seems like forever before we’ll be able to give you money for yours. 🙁

      1. The Penric novellas were self-published but I think her publisher is releasing them as a novel now. So she still seems to have a publisher for some stuff.

        1. I think the “publisher” for the Penric novellas is Subterranean Press. First she self-publishes; then she contracts for a printing. She also published “Flowers of Vashnoi,” a Vorkosiverse novella.

          “Figuring out the best time to announce an e-publication is an on-going experiment. Too early, and people will have forgotten it by pub date; too late, and there isn’t time for word to get around. One week’s notice, last time, seemed too tight. I shall try 3 – 4 weeks this outing and compare. (I’m sure someone with a much larger data set than mine has an algorithm for this.)

          “Ta, L.”

          Some links:




      2. A couple of years (or more) ago. She started with short stories/ novellas in the Penric universe, moved to Barrayar and the next one will be in the Wide Green World.


        1. Hi, Philby! Yes, 2015 for Penric’s Demon, the first of six (so far) novellas in what some of us call “The Five Gods Universe,” which includes Curse of Chalion, and two other full novels. (Something Paladin and Hallowed Hunt, I think.) Between her Goodreads blog and the Miles to Go conference of Baen’s Bar, she has spoken about having her rights revert and self publishing… everything. Baen still published Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, but she’s stated that she is “semi-retired” and self publishing eliminates deadlines and the associated stress. Hmmm, who do we know with deadlines and stress?

  15. I am at the day job but hoping to get out of here early. Have been sick since Christmas, no choice about reporting in because of Reasons, but as soon as a couple of letters are signed I am sending them out and buggering off back to hot tea, the world’s warmest knitted afghan, and possibly whisky.

    Yesterday I launched the ebooks of 2018’s two novels, did some more work on New Novel, and somehow also watched six episodes of Mrs. Maisel Season 2. Today if I actually do get home before dark, back to New Novel.

  16. The sun is shining!! The sun is shining!!!!

    We had an uncharacteristically gray and overcast week, with temps below zero and general bleakness. I felt trapped inside, came down with a miserable cold, and plunged deep into the depths of despair. And now the sun is shining and I am 94% recovered from my cold and everything is okay again!!

    I made a big bowl this morning, then came home to write a supremely angry email about a change in City policy that — as usual — makes the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people in our community a little worse off. Righteous anger is my happy place, so it’s nice to feel more like myself again. I mean, it would be even nicer if the fuckers at City Hall would actually listen, but I’ll take what I can get today.

    Good luck finishing the book, Jenny!

  17. Forcing myself to focus on the bills-paying writing about HVAC systems, workforce development programs and supply channel strategies.

    Inspired by all y’all to make time today for writing fiction that contains nothing about systems, programs or strategies.

  18. Laundry, and Un-Christmasing the house. I had a friend/decorator to decorate, but now Decorating Elf Wendy has gone back to the North Pole.

  19. It’s going to be a hot couple of days in Tasmania. 29 degrees C today, 35 tomorrow. So I’m pulling blinds and putting up awnings, and planning a quick swim before it gets too bad.

    I’m also pottering with ideas for the next book. Not in any serious way – this is a wonderful time of year because NOTHING HAPPENS. Schools are on holiday until almost the end of January, my editor is on holiday for a couple more weeks at least, and I feel footloose and fancy free.

    I was vaguely considering cleaning out the Room of Shame, but it’s a bit overwhelming, so I’ll probably just keep tossing things in and closing the door on them, which is how it became the Room of Shame in the first place.

  20. We had our first real frost the last two nights and I would whine like crazy only I am afraid some of you who have had snow for months would say harsh things (deservedly -I grew up in the mountains and know how hard months of snow can be).

    My Christmas tree topper is mostly finished and up on Instagram #workingwednesdaypix. I wanted to find a miniature trumpet for her so I could call her my trumpet strumpet but so far all I have found is a drum. She will stay up until Epiphany.

    The last tree topper I did was over-decorated to such an extent that we called her our honky-tonk angel. But after awhile I found her a little boring so I gave her and attendant tree bows, which matched the ribbon around her waist, to my friend who loves her and has decorated her tree with it ever since.

    Happy New Year to all of you fantastic Argh bloggers. You bring a lot of pleasure to my life.

    1. I also posted the entire tree since I am trying to learn to post more easily. However, for some reason it looks like it is out of focus. Imagine that it is sharp. I don’t want to re-post.

  21. I am back to seriously working on the writing, having struggled through November and December to try and complete the outline for the next Baba Yaga book. Now that things have calmed down, I’m hoping to get back into the zone and get some real words on the page. You know, as opposed to the fake ones.

  22. Driving my queer babies (gaybies?) everywhere and buying necessities and splurging on going out to lunch and now catching up with laundry and prepping for a guest spot on a podcast tonight. Ughhh all these podcasters record at like 9pm. I just wanna go to bed and read and sleep.

  23. I worked very hard at procrastinating today. Two-hour nap. Four hours of scrolling through social media. Maybe two of writing. I am winning at something, I’m just not sure what it is!

  24. Finished making a book (garden columns, 1909-1939) come together digitally to enable SD Floral reprinting. Now I’m going through page by page making a listing of place, plant and person names that are of interest. First time working split screen for the separate document, and I’m finding the process fun, if something tedious can be fun. I love working with historic documents. I can foresee a drive around the city to scout if any of the properties and plants are still in place. (We won the grant for reprinting, yay, from a women’s group that was around back in the day columns were written

  25. Dear friends invited me to join them on vacation in Florida. For reasons of the plot I haven’t left my hometown in more than 2 years, so this is the most amazing gift! They rented a house for their kids and grandkids to visit over Christmas; 2 of the kids wanted to be with friends for New Years, which freed up a bedroom for me. I’m a pediatrician and it’s flu season, but my partner said, “You can’t pass this up, go.” Bless him big, too! I think I could happily sit by the ocean doing nothing for the rest of my natural life, just listening to the waves.

  26. Today I went to my unofficial niece’s graduation from the police academy. She has worked so hard for the last 2 years to make this day possible that all I could do was repeat how proud I am of her and how much I love her. I didn’t get to go to her college graduation, so this one was doubly special.
    At the end of the ceremony the new graduates went downstairs to load their guns with real bullets for the first time. I still can’t get used to the idea of her carrying a gun.

    The other big achievement of the day was that I called a local hospital and got on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist. When I called 6 weeks ago, they said they would only take referrals from doctors in their own system , but today they helped me enter as much as possible into their computer system so that there will be less paperwork once I get there. Then they told me that there was a 6 month waiting list for an appointment until they could hire more shrinks. I hope the process goes as well at the other large downtown hospital.

  27. This was supposed to be my day off after six straight, but I got called in for overtime again so instead of working on fun things I’m just working. Maybe later today I’ll take a nap and then try to write.


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