Three More Days . . .

Sing that to the Les Miz music, I have been.

I have three more days to finish up Nita and get it electronically to NYC (good old Dropbox) so Jen can print it out and take it home with her and then write me next Monday and say, “What the hell were you thinking?” She’s usually great rolling with whatever I send her, but a dead hero might be the line she cannot cross with me.

I am now at the point where I’m skipping all over the place trying to layer in things and avoiding the last few scenes I haven’t tackled yet. Most of these, I realized, I hadn’t tackled because I knew they were going to be awful, so possibly it would be better to just get rid of them in a throwaway line and move on. I also need to go back through and add people and motifs I drop and pick up again. Still don’t know if the socks are necessary, but I think they are.

And some time tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll print the whole thing out and marvel, as I have done every damn time, that I wrote a book. A whole book. Me. Every time I can’t believe it. Every time, I think it’s a fluke. And a miracle. Me, I wrote a book. Unbelievable.

Happy 2019, everybody. I’m gonna finish a book this year.

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  1. This is so Peter Pan, but I believe in you … I believe in you… I believe in you

    Don’t worry about the dead hero, ever since Anne Rice made a vampire a hero, along with lots of other rule breaking authors (I don’t read horror) and Terry Pratchett pulled off Death rescuing a damsel in distress (sort of). Right now the supernatural is huge.

    So just be you, 100% Jennifer Crusie that is all your readers want

  2. Yay! I’m so excited to buy the book and read all of it, not just the pieces you’ve shared. I’d say we are going to buy a book this year but most likely it will be 2020, right?

    1. Depends on how much work it needs and how fast Jen wants it out. They’ll have to fit it into the schedule, and then there’s getting a good cover and figuring out a marketing plan. And that’s assuming she doesn’t reject it. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

      1. She didn’t reject a book about a private investigator/Grim Reaper who names inanimate objects and a hot, incorporeal guy with spectacular anger management issues. Also, Together They Solve Crime. Well, Charley mostly solves the crimes, Reyes threatens people.

        That would be the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.

  3. I vote yes to the socks- and the cat! They make her more human and warm.

    So excited to read the entire book once it is published! Thank you for sharing your process, it has been a delight to follow.

  4. I just finished the last (before the paper edit) read-through of the first act (now at 40,000 words) and I like it. I think it’s good. I’m happy.

    On to Act Two which may be still a mess, and then Act Three-Four which I just merged to make things easier. Three-Four is pretty damn good, too. So Act Two and then tomorrow I print it all out which will be the real test. Must remember to find my colored pens and post-its for that one.

    Very happy already in 2019.

  5. I am looking so forward to some serious procrastination while reading your book instead of surfing the internet and wikisurfing. Though, I now know more about old hollywood, venomous snakes and blood banks in naval ships. My friends and family thank you in advance. Surprised I’m not invited to more parties. I almost have my Christmas cards from 2016, 2017, and 2018 mailed. Need to add a note to last year’s letter.

  6. Woo hoo! Doing a happy dance over here that you almost have another book done!

    Happy 2019 for all arghinkers.

  7. “Go! Fight! WIN!” – Edna Mode.

    I had an unexpectedly special experience yesterday. So I’m happy.

  8. Thank you. I believe that I speak for all of your fans when I tell you how excited I/we are to expect a new Jenny Crusie!! Happy 2019 may it be a wonderful year for you.

  9. I can think of no better omen for the year ahead than a completed Crusie novel.

    And they’ve dropped the full trailer for Good Omens on Twitter.

  10. Congrats! What a huge accomplishment! Can’t wait to see it in print! If Jen (your editor?) has concerns about whether there is a market for this story, just point her in our direction!

  11. Cheers and congratulations! It’s no weakling’s job, writing a book, much less finishing it as well. Looking forward to dive headfirst into this story!

    …So don’t forget to demand the very best, engaged narrator for the audiobook version! 🙂 Someone who can bring the world and characters to life in the right way. There’s nothing more annoying than a narrator unfit for the book they’re reading.

    1. I actually don’t have any control over that. Audible picks the narrators. If you’ve got one you really like who’s done my books, let me know, and I’ll tell my agent, and she can pass it along, but it’s Audible’s call.

      1. Since you asked, my absolute favorite narrator is Aasne Vigesaa. I’ve listened to Welcome To Temptation and Faking it so many times. Your words, her voice, perfect! Can’t wait to read this next book. Congrats to you.

  12. So exciting that it is going to the editor WOO HOO! I can’t wait to have the finished book in my hands!

  13. What a fabulous start to the year!!!!!!!!!!! All of us in Argh Nation are deliriously happy. And this progress is a fine reward for all your hard work.

    I salute you.

  14. I’m so late to the party, but I’m so happy for you! It’s always a vicarious joy to watch the conception, development and then the birth of one of your books via your blog. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one and see what you did in the other acts!


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