Advice for the New Year

Do not leave a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies on your bed with three dogs and then go run errands. (In my defense, the dogs weren’t on the bed when I left and I forgot the cookies were there.)

In other news, I turned in Nita to NY. The first third was good thanks to all your feedback, the second third was iffy, and the last third was all over the place, but by damn I got it to NY. One tired person and three fat, burping dogs here now.

ETA: And Jen just told me I can have another two weeks so YAY, I get to go back and fix the stuff I know needs fixed. She’s swamped with mss so everybody wins.

38 thoughts on “Advice for the New Year

  1. YAY for you! Congratulations on getting the book draft sent to your editor today! Hope you can go outside in good winter weather to decompress and enjoy something that does not involve looking at text or screens, or, alternatively, fall face first in bed and sleep for 12 hours. Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time!

  2. 2 good deeds already in 2019! “Prime dog treats” distributed so good deed done for the dogs and your book is with your editor and OFF your guilt list. Way to go. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

  3. And Jen just told me I can have another two weeks so YAY, I get to go back and fix the stuff I know needs fixed. She’s swamped with mss so everybody wins.

    1. Swamped she may be, but with no mss as excellent as yours.
      (yeah, I’m a little suckup, but what I posit is true, yes, it is)

    2. Yay for swamped editors! (Said no author ever except the ones who need extra time and thought they weren’t going to get it.) You can work miracles in two weeks.

  4. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. I loved watching on the sidelines as this came together.

  5. Congratulations! not only for finishing this novel and having it almost ready for your editor, but for writing a book we, your readers, are impatient to own.

    So, so, so many questions raised in act one.

    I loved the way act one ended, too.

    “Sure” the Devil said. “Let’s clean up your island. But you will follow my lead and you will do what I say.”

    “No way in Hell,” Nita said and started back down the path.

    Yeah, Jennifer Crusie is back!

    We only have to wait one year for the book. Sigh!

      1. Not really. When she gets the book, she’ll send an editing letter, so the stronger the book is, the shorter the letter. I need to do a few more character-specific rewrites and then the paper edit (Tuesday) and then get it to beta readers and rewrite it again. Much, much happier with it now.

  6. Yay for you, finishing! And yay for two weeks’ extra time!

    As for the dogs, eh, could be worse. Our dog used to whisk chocolate off the table when our back were turned, and then he’d throw up half an hour later. If yours are just burping, things are going pretty well.

  7. This book is SO my cup of tea. I can’t wait !!!!! even though I know I have to. I’m really happy for you but even happier for all of us for whom this story is yet to be revealed.

  8. Adding to the joy that you made your deadline, and sharing in the sense of relief that comes with a two-week extension.

    Happy new year!

    1. I’m taking tonight off. Back at it tomorrow, but it’s all good. I’m pretty sure I know how to fix most of it now that it’s a whole book. And then I have to do a paper edit and then get it to beta readers and then I’ll feel a lot better about sending it off again.

  9. In my house, it can be dangerous to leave open cookies on the table too. The two small ones have a loose interpretation of which furniture it’s okay to walk on. They KNOW they aren’t supposed to, but if no one’s looking then no harm no foul, right?

    Ha. I am very careful not to leave items that are okay for humans but dodgy for canines on the tables. You just never know.

  10. Great news! And how wonderful that you get a 2 week extension to fix any remaining problems. Now all we, your readers, have to do is wait for publication. 😄

  11. Yaaay! Can’t wait to read the finished version. And probably whatever edited bits you decide to post here while we all wait for it.

  12. Congratulations to you. I am so happy for you and for all your many readers. And any time you want to show us more as you edit, I know I am one of many who will be happy to look.
    Happy 2019

  13. WooHoo!

    Congratulations – or both getting the book off, and the 2 week extension.

    I’m looking forward to reading this!


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