Working Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As we turn the corner into February, Lee is back with her project-a-day post on her blog, and I for one intend to embrace it this year. I haven’t drawn in years, and yet I now feel the urge to do so, in part because I’m looking at You Again which now seems to be an Edward Gorey story. Big Gorey fan here. Doing Gorey-inspired drawings of the You Again characters seems like a good way to brainstorm the book, even though mine will be awful, at least in the beginning. I also want to look into doing the cartoons for the character section of Writing/Romance. So one a day? Yes, please. Must go find my sketchbook this afternoon and pencils and my Mars Staedler eraser without which I cannot work. Very excited, so thank you, Lee!

Are any of you going to play along?

Oh, and what did you make this week?