Rebooting a Novella

We’ve got miserable weather coming in (although not as bad as the midwest, sorry about that, Midwest) so I am counting my blessings. The big one is that Milton is just old, not dying, and his arthritis is giving him hell, so new meds and a snooze on the electric blanket are fixing him right up. With that worry off my mind, it’s time to get back to work. I’m rebooting a novella I began a couple of years ago that has Alice at fourteen and Southie meeting Alice’s art teacher. I only have the first five scenes, and I’m not feeling the heroine, and there are some major plot holes already, but that’s par for my course. My beginnings are always 747s on icy runways: I know exactly where I want to go, I pick up speed, and then I slide sideways into where I’m going to end up. Exciting.

So here’s the beginning of the rebooting process.

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