Stop Harassing Happiness

So studies have shown (don’t you just love that phrase? what studies? who did they study? how did they study? why did they study? did they take study breaks? were there study dates? never mind) that pursuing happiness makes people unhappy. This makes sense to me; if you’re chasing something, it’s because you don’t have it. But the study’s point was that people who were pursuing happiness felt there wasn’t enough time in their lives. The contrast was with people who already felt happy; they felt they had plenty of time. Well, of course they had plenty of time, they’d already caught happiness so they weren’t on the clock anymore, they could just wallow in it. Meanwhile all those people with happiness nets searching fruitlessly knew that even if they captured happiness, they probably wouldn’t have any time left to enjoy it.

Moral of the study: Wallow in the happiness you’ve got and stop chasing other happiness. Maybe it’s just not that into you.

So what did you wallow in this week?