The Myths of Happiness

Last May, Psychology Today published an essay by Susanna Newsonen discussing why chasing happiness was a bad idea. Newsonen describes herself as a Happyologist, aka a happiness coach, which would send me running in the opposite direction except that she went on to talk about the three myths of happiness. They are:

  1. Happiness is the absence of negative emotions.
  2. Success fuels happiness.
  3. Happiness fuels success.

Okay, two and three are obvious non-starters, but I found the first one interesting because it seems to just make sense. Negative emotions make us unhappy, therefore getting rid of negative emotions would lead to . . .

Oh, wait

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This is a Good Book Thursday, January 24, 2019

This week I read a lot of old drafts. Why I have forty-six version of the first two scenes of You Again, I have no idea, but I’m skimming through all of them trying to figure out what I was thinking. Mostly, I’m thinking I wasn’t thinking. I may need to step away from the drafts and read a good book.

Any recommendations?

(I know that image isn’t technically about reading, but it sums up my current state pretty well.)

This Is a Good Book Thursday, January 17, 2019

I’m reading old drafts of You Again, searching desperately for big chunks of the book that I’ve lost. Damn it. This afternoon I do one more pass at Nita and send it to NYC. And then I think I’m going back to the Zo stories. I have a lot of those done. I’m suddenly getting into finishing things, which is a good thing, if I could just find all of the stuff I need to finish. ARGH.

So what did you read this week that was good? Or not?

Happiness is An Alligator

Guess what the “F” stand for.

I had a rough year last year.  Many things imploded on me.  So at the insistence of my daughter, I went back into therapy, except I went for the wrong reasons and ended up with the wrong therapist, and that became another implosion.  I was not happy.

  However, half the job of becoming happy again is recognizing you have a problem and doing something about it, so I found another therapist, a great one this time. And she gave me a terrific coping strategy.

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