Working Wednesday, December 26, 2018

I’m still hammering away at the book. Ten days until I have to send it off, and of course, the closer I get to the end, the more I realize it’s rubbish. Sigh. No, it isn’t. It’s brilliant. Well . . .

Quick, tell me what you’re working on so I can stop obsessing about this.

51 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, December 26, 2018

  1. We’re in Christmas recovery mode here, clearing all the holiday detritus out of the house.

    My other main goal is getting the sons out of the house. A cold before Christmas and a lazy holiday means we have spent waaaaay too much time being slothful. I may have to cut off the internet for an hour to unglue them from their screen, but it will happen.

  2. I missed reporting on Happiness Sunday that my happiness was getting Teddy the cat back home. He had apparently found some thread (most likely taken from the spool on my sewing machine) and managed to ingest a ton of it. It was wrapped around his tongue and trailed through his digestive tract. He had surgery Thursday night, came home Sunday and is currently traipsing around the house with his cone to keep him from nibbling on the 19 staples in his belly. But he’s home.

    Needless to say, he impacted my productivity, but I did manage to get all presents completed, and some Christmas cookies baked. Now it’s time to take some of those to the office, so we don’t end up eating them all here!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all here!

      1. Poor little fella! And poor you for having to go through that with him. I’m so glad he’s okay. I’m also glad the Fred the puppy has only eating things like food-grade silicone that have passed right through him and nothing really scary like thread.

  3. I’m very happy because of this book I’m reading, which I’ll talk about tomorrow. I’m somewhat unhappy due to family drama, so great giant unicorn, rainbow FGBVs, and prayers required. Please, and thank you.

    I’m on the last leg of the KonMari, the bit that I keep starting and aborting, the documents. Goddess give me strength. I moved two shelves around. And reduced some clothes and books too. No photos. That’s too much online-essfor me.

    Will post some #WorkingWednesday of vegetarian food from last few weeks. Link later.

  4. The mistakes are what I see. Not glass. I swear this autocorrect. I hope the inventor sees the error in this product.

  5. I’m working on packing. Well at least sorting out things that I’m taking on my Aussie trip this weekend. It will be hot, hot, hot. Wish I could wear shorts. Instead, I’ll wear sundresses that are so loose they look like maternity wear. Ah, well. If my 95 year old mum can bear with the heat, so will I, and it will be great to visit with her.

    1. I used to wear loose rayon trousers, which offer sun protection as well as being relatively cool. But nothing at all round your waist is definitely best!

    2. The Hong Kong granny way is to carry an umbrella, a paper fan, a little bottle of water or cold tea and a little towel in a plastic bag and hug the shade.

      When you get too hot, dampen towel and apply 🙂

  6. 2nd knit kit I have been given with fashion fur!!!

    The first one I got, I eventually gave up on after many attempts.

    This one I am going to take as a challenge, I am more experienced then I was, I will not let fashion fur beat me (did anyone believe me, I didn’t)

    1. Pair it with a thin plain yarn in a matching color. It disappears into the fur and gives you a smoother stitch to work into.
      At least, that’s the only way I can work with the stuff.

      1. Good idea, I’ll try that next time (I’ve already started, thumb cast on sigh) This time I have markers so I know how many stitches each clump is made up of. If I keep careful track of it hopefully I’ll have a bear hat in synthetic green that my sister will lay claim to.

      2. Scrapped the whole thing (didn’t think I could convince my sister that it was a fashion fur lace hat “yes the random dropped stitches are part of the pattern”) Found some wool, that is close to the colour, so starting again using Jenny’s suggestion

  7. It’s Boxing Day here, so I’m still resting. My exhaustion isn’t any better, so I’m a bit worried how starting work again tomorrow’s going to be. I’m going to rest as much as possible when I’m not working. At least I’ll have another week off from house-buying.

    1. Jane, I found once I was in my mid-sixties my energy level dropped. If I take my 2 or 3 mile walk in the morning, I am pretty much done for the next few hours. I gave up refined carbs for a while and that helped. When I get at least 7 hours sleep that also helped. But I still get tired much easier that I used to. It is something I just work around. If I need to finish painting or sanding or gardening, I pretty much can’t do routine exercise also. Needing to work on house projects has really ruined my exercise routine. And my doctors say my health is great and I have no underlying problems.

      Once the house is purchased and you don’t have that nagging at you, you may discover that your energy is better. (I hope).

      1. That’s what I’m hoping, too. I daresay age is part of it; I won’t know what’s which until I’m settled in the new house.

  8. In the first draft of our second book, at around 20k, shooting for another 10-20k in the next week or so between the two of us. Just enough for a framework for me to play with when he goes back to a day job. Whee.

  9. You can do it, Jenny! (I just get so excited when you say you’re going to turn in a book. It will be perfect eventually…)

    I’m working on the detailed outline for my next (self-pubbed) novel. That was the plan for this morning, but I had to go in to the day job on my day off to cover for someone who was sick. So now it’s the plan for after my nap…

  10. Just finished Second Christmas and winding down the holiday marathon (one more party tonight, then we rest until New Years). Then back to my holiday cards (Valentine ‘s day is a holiday!!!) and grading exams (grades due 12/29). Argh. The new year’s resolutions just write themselves! 😜

  11. What did I do today? I downloaded my 1099R from my Navy Retirement account, my paystub and associated files from my current employer (VADOC), the new 1040 form and instructions from IRS.GOV, and the 760 form and instructions from VA.GOV (or somewhere like that.) The VADOC downloads let me estimate what my W-2 will look like. Using that data and the 1099R, I roughed up a tax return.

    In previous years, I got back nearly two grand because I over-withheld. This year, I reduced my withholding to get more in hand every month. By my rough estimate, I can expect between $600-790 back, federally. Virginia taxes are making my brain hurt, so maybe tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll owe, but the refund won’t be much. There’ll be some tweaking on the W-4 and State withholding again this year.

    Other than that, I returned my D*mn Dead Dell to Dell via FedEx before Christmas, and I’m dealing with life on the Chromebook. The Kindle Fire is open to “Young Sentinals” by M.G.Harmon. I’ve lost track of which re-read this is. I’m caught up on all my webcomics. I need a shopping trip for OTC Potassium and such from the local Food Lion. Maybe I’ll buy a crispy snack, too. Or apple spice cake if they have it. Or carrot cake. Or German Choc… no. My glucose level just spiked even considering that stuff.

    Happy Boxing Day!

  12. Cooking up some old soap to make it new. Feeding my sourdough starter so I can make some bread a couple of days hence. Mowing the far-too-enthusiastic lawn. And somewhere in between, working on the new book.

  13. F had some TV-people over last Saturday to shoot a short (3-5 minutes, probably) documentary-thingy about his gaming/e-sport career. Sooo naturally I hid in the guest room and played with clay because ugh, video cameras! Actually wanted to make a silver fox, but the clay didn’t want to stick to the papier-maché (I have no idea why), so eventually I ended up with another piggybank (cat) that I made silvery with black heart contours. I think it turned out ugly so I haven’t made a picture of it… Maybe when someone I trust not to say something mean about it has taken a look at it, I might upload a pic. It felt good to do something with my hands again, regardless of the result.

    I also made approximately 932848365234 meatballs for the Christmas dinner yesterday. (OK it was perhaps 60 quite large ones [2kg] but it FELT like one gazillion.) Most of it came with us back home. Argh. I didn’t make any pics of them either because I never want to see a meatball again this side of 2019… But F eats them and says they taste good, so I’ll have to take his word for it.
    At least they liked my Apple & Cinnamon cake with crumble topping. Yay!
    (I think[!] they liked the meatballs too, we just had too much food like always…)

    I can’t wait to read the finished book, Jenny. I’m sure it will be perfect when it’s done. I have absolute faith in your writing, character & world building and general awesomeness, so I’m not worried one bit I won’t like it. 🙂

  14. You can do it, Jenny – you’re a whiz at analyzing what needs doing and then doing it.

    I am thinking about cleaning my office space, especially the shelf of potential collage materials. We’ll see if thought becomes action.

    1. Much collage stuff sorted and stowed in pinterest-worthy style. Much thanks to our daughter, who’s visiting and happy to organize my stuff.

  15. I tackled the rec room storage closet today. It is a combo of games, photos, blankets, office supplies, nerf guns, and every other random thing we didn’t have a place for. There were boxes from our move two years ago that seem to have come from my former craft room but hadn’t been opened since we’ve lived here, and every electronic my husband ever owned I think.

    I sorted out loads of old documents, photos of people I can’t remember and the unpopular games. Old knitting magazines, empty frames, elderly computers, unused office supplies, and toys the kids abandoned long ago have all gone away. There are piles for shredding, for Goodwill, and the trash, and everything left has a logical place and can be seen easily. It felt so good that I continued on to the linen closet and now I’m eyeing my craft closet.

  16. One of my aunts passed away XMas Eve so looking at what it would take to get to her funeral this coming Monday – not sure if it’s doable, thus the vague connection to working.

  17. DH gave me a wonderful little table for the holidays. We had spotted it at a street art fair where I fell in love and he bought it for me a couple weeks later as a surprise. We went to pick it up at the woodworker’s barn about an hour from our house yesterday and spent nearly two hours touring his civil war era threshing barn, corn crib and hog barn all converted to woodworking shop and storage.

    Otherwise my craftiest effort was a Christmas log that tasted well but didn’t look particularly logged until my daughter added about five different kinds of identifiable mushrooms (marzipan).

  18. I’m trying to arrange my first song ever for the a capella group I’m in – Try by Colbie Caillet, just for the women in the group. I’ve run into a snag (the harmonies in one part aren’t working), but another woman in the group made a suggestion that I’m going to try to implement today. I really hope this works, because air love the song.

  19. I’ve been trying to tackle Shutterfly’s interface to create a table book filled with pictures of my kittehs. I had bought a Groupon for an 8 x 8 book. I think I have it figured out but it’s fiddly.

    I also got a small lap quilt quilted. I will be giving it away to the teal project which is a local project to support the survivors of Nassar. You can see it at There will be a second one that is similar and a bit larger. It is on my quilting frame now.

    I also got six blocks made for a group quilt that will be auctioned off at ALA’s annual conference.

    Finally I made a cheesecake that I will be taking to the extended family party that’s happening tonight in Ohio.

  20. Yesterday I finished writing Novella #22. That takes me up to roughly 400,000 words of new fiction written this year. I am slightly alarmed at what must be going on inside my skull. I mean, scientifically I know there is a wodge of slush full of electrical signals, but from the outside it seems like it should be some Rube Goldberg perpetual-motion machine and/or infinite dominos trick.

    Other than that, not a blessed thing accomplished.

  21. It’s been said before by many but let’s just hear it again, I would read your grocery lists, notes to repair men, notes to yourself, etc. Basically Jenny Cruisie if you write it I will read it. I’m not the only one.

    I’m not going to tell you not to stress, not to worry, and not to break down. Sometimes those platitudes don’t help.

    Go slay the monster because baby you have slayed many monsters in your lifetime. And they don’t stand a chance against you.


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