Working Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The clicky part of my trackpad went out and my entire life passed before my eyes along with the entire book I have to finish by Jan. 4.  I found an old mouse until I can get this fixed and ordered a new laptop so that in the future there will always be a back-up machine because the thought of not being able to get to my work was horrifying.  I’m also almost finished with part one of the History of Trees shawl, which means the easy part is over and now I’m going to have to start looking at charts and counting stitches.  Of course, the boring part is over, too, but sometimes boring is good.  In crochet.  Not in books or life, although I did not need the excitement of a non-clickable trackpad.  My god.  It was the like my own private apocalypse.

How’s your work week been going?

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  1. This week has been (mostly) relaxing. First batch of holiday goodies went out yesterday, more today and tomorrow. A lot of my goodies aren’t coming out great this year🤔 A batch of fudge didn’t set properly (that never happens). And I think I forgot to double the baking soda in a batch of gingersnaps because they came out flat as pancakes. I’m taking it as a sign from the universe I need to simplify and slow down a bit.

    I hope to get a run today too.

    The boys have their “winter showcase” tonight. Neither of them enjoy performing, but we’ll get through it.

  2. House full of sick or teething people; nothing but grading at work. And this evening’s schedule does work -> gym-> book club at my house (the one I keep wimping out about quitting—I never read the books and I hate one of the members, but… I like the others and sometimes the terrible one doesn’t show up?).

    Anyway, all that AND still got some Christmas shopping to do. Thank GOD for e commerce and my smartphone! 😝

    1. Peggy, I feel for ya. It’s hard to find the right social outlets as an adult.

      I drifted away from my book club because everything was organized on Facebook and I just didn’t want to use that platform anymore. We only met sporadically anyways.

      It sounds like you’ve got a lot between family, life, and work, so that gives you a great excuse/rationale/ explanation. “Gosh, I’m just so busy. I need a little break.” And then revisit the notion after a few months if you want to go back.

      Just my two cents, probably not even worth that in today’s economy 😂

  3. As they say down here in North Carolina, we’re in the short rows with regards to Christmas. Last weekend, my husband and I were talking of a family friend who can’t live by himself, and who hasn’t had much interaction with family of late. The thought was to make his Christmas special by filling in his wish list. He wanted socks and underwear! It made me sad. I searched through my stash and found the pieces to make up a quilt, and put the top together Saturday afternoon. I’ll be quilting it tomorrow, and it will be ready for delivery by Christmas. (And yes, someone in the family will make sure he has socks and underwear too.)

    While I was on my sewing roll last weekend, I also worked on two different sets of placemats, and created the main part of two baby quilts (a co-worker is expecting to adopt twins in a couple of months).

    All I need to do now is finish at least one set of placemats, quilt the new topper, bake cookies, figure out what I’m contributing to Christmas Eve dinner and make that – and finish crocheting a wrap for my MIL. It’s all good! I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday!

    1. PS – rereading the first paragraph – he hasn’t had much contact with his *own* family of late. My brother-in-law is a close friend. So, our family has decided to make his Christmas special.

  4. I finished the green pinwheel Christmas lap quilt in time to mail it yesterday to a friend for her daughter (who will be there for Christmas). It was made from a set of fat quarters that didn’t match anything else in my Christmas stash, but that were just right for this person. Happy to have it out of my stash and in the hands of someone who will actually use it.

    You can see it here:

  5. Guess what: the other side won’t play ball, plus they forgot one of the documents the seller needed to sign before she went off to foreign parts. So I’m back in limbo until after she’s back, supposedly on 4 January.

    I’m planning to rest and relax as much as I can for the next fortnight. Bought a tree today, which I’ll decorate in time for the solstice on Friday. Also making some good food, and plan to open a bottle of wine. Christmas has begun.

      1. I know: if I was writing it, I’d definitely be editing out some of the repetition. I get that the vendor’s conveyancers are incompetent; they don’t have to keep demonstrating it.

    1. That’s ridiculous. If I was selling a house, I’d be pushing to get everything done fast. What is with these people?

      1. I know. I can’t make her out. She seems pleasant, but must be off the planet – she didn’t think to let her conveyancer or the agent know (1) that her mother, on whose behalf she was acting, had died; or (2) that she was about to go abroad for several weeks. She said she wanted it to go through before Christmas, but it’s evidently not that important to her.

        1. She may be emotionally ambivalent about selling her moms home which may have also been her home at some point. I’m so sorry.

  6. It’s been a worky-work week full of workyness. Not a make something fun week. But I’m hoping this will all change over the holidays, as I’ve got a nice long break from work!

  7. Worky-work is its usual plod.

    Writey-work continues apace. In the past week, in addition to finishing novella #21 (to go to beta reader today), I have done read-through-edits on the big summer novel and the short NaNoWriMo novel.

    Also updated the blog, updated FB and worked on engagement there, wallowed in Jenny’s WIP, and started composing an agent query letter.

    Also also updated my series concordance and timeline, updated my character guide, and started composing a) a locations list b) a new blog post.

      1. Thank you!! 🙂

        It occurred to me if I were going in to pitch this series to Netflix/Hulu/Prime, I really should be able to give them an idea how much they’ll need to budget for locations as well as actors. The levels of complexity, they are infinite.

  8. I usually like to have 2 knitting projects going at any one time – one which is challenging or interesting and one which is super boring knitting that can be done when I am brain dead. (Which happens frequently.)

  9. Saturday I lengthened two curtains that I’m using on bookshelves to hide fabric from the sun. I winged it the first time making them and they were about 4-5″ too short. Oops. I also made curtains for the room that has my longarm in it. When we changed the trim, the blinds no longer fit. You can kind of see the curtains at I really love the fabric!

    I was able to get a quilt quilted on Sunday.

    I also baked orange cranberry bread on Saturday and Spicy Ginger Crinkles on Sunday.

    Monday I tweaked my back and have been binge watching the Great British Bake Off and found the Great Interior Design Challenge, which seems to be a little like GBBO meets Trading Spaces and has a child. I also read the first act of Nita and intend to leave feedback today after work. Hopefully, it isn’t too late. I’m planning to leave the comments on the Dec. 11th post.

  10. Computer glitches can be terrifying and frustrating. A few years ago I spilled tea on my keyboard – managed to unplug it straight away, and hoped it wasn’t too damaged. It seemed to be okay for the next week, though a couple of the keys weren’t working. But then halfway through a morning’s writing it started deleting stuff, completely off its own bat. Just sailing back through everything I’d written, and undoing it. I was frantically hitting the ‘redo’ button, trying to get as much of it back before I switched it off. I got most of it, then tore the keyboard away from the computer and put it in a dark corner to contemplate its sins. Never dared connect it up again.

  11. That’s happened to me one too many times, so now I am ridiculously covered. I’ve got a desktop and a laptop, I subscribe to Carbonite so I can never lose anything ever again, I’ve got Seagate (an external drive), and at the end of the day I save my book to a thumb disc. Overkill? Maybe. I don’t even care, because I don’t trust myself or technology not to vaporize my work!

  12. I am quite grateful that keyboards and mice are relatively inexpensive accessories. Since I hate, despise and abhor the touched-pad on the Acer Chromebook I am forced to use, I have a Dell mouse occupying one of the two USB ports. In Gary’s Box of Mixed Electronics*, there are two Amazon mice. I can see two keyboards still in their original packaging.

    The late wife was enamored of trackballs in her day. I think we bought six mini-track balls at a computer trade show. None survived her. Good luck with your replacement. A back-up computer is an excellent idea. Best that it be compatible with the other, of course. My Chromebook runs Chrome OS, which will not host any of my Windows programs, like Office or Kindle. When I bought it, it was what I could afford, and got me back on the net.

    * Named after Glegg’s Box Of Mixed Magic

  13. I refuse to go on the Cloud with my writing because what if the Internet’s not available and therefore I can’t get to my manuscript when I *need* to? My dh is the opposite — everything’s on the Cloud. But he doesn’t write stories.

    And I always backup by sending the doc from one email address to the other, the hope being that both Yahoo and Google mail won’t go kaput at the same time as my computer. Paranoid much?

  14. Here’s the big argument (and long true backstory, alas) behind why I advocate for frequent automated remote backups.

    Traveler parked 1/4 mile off road to walk dog. Contents of car: person, dogs, laptop, external hard drives (b/u research, b/u writing), usb drives. Elderly person falls asleep driving RV at >90 mph, veers off road, mows down some shrubbery & rear ends vehicle in which Traveler, dogs, etc are sitting. Traveler loses dogs, all hardware & backups, sustains TBI such that has to relearn how to use phone and type etc. Traveler does relearn etc, spelunks through dim past, finds unremembered account on server farm of former employer, makes phone calls, faxes xerox of license, receives access to 200+ GB of personal and professional work, which has greatly accelerated Traveler’s ability to edge back into real life, as it were.

    Back up automatically and remotely and above all, OFTEN.

    1. Holy cannoli. That is horrifying. Glad Traveler is in real life.

      My own subscription to BackBlaze followed the much-less-traumatic crash of a hard drive/death of a laptop. Not even worth complaining about.

  15. Glad you had a mouse handy!

    Also, I for one favor occasional boredom in life.

    As for work, I am proud to say that despite the usual year-end crush (which leaves my husband handling most Christmas stuff), I have not worked past midnight. Well, maybe to 12:15, but only once.

    Staying off Facebook definitely helps.

  16. Life as I know it will not end if my computer dies. I do have a MacBook Air, iPad and a Kindle and we have our old (9 years old) Apple desk top unit with 24 inch screen, so I would have some way to access stuff if my laptop died. Plus my guy has his PC. Plus we have android-type cell phones. And I am not a writer. However, THREE times in the last month, my credit card has been compromised and I only have ONE credit card. And my debit card is really an ATM card which does not work at restaurants, gas stations and hotels (every place else though). And the last time it happened was the weekend before my birthday and we were to go out of town for an adventure and I could only get $200/day on my ATM card. I have now coughed up the bucks and have a second credit card – it costs because I get the Alaska Airlines Mileage one which gives me a companion airline ticket for $120 plus taxes anywhere Alaska flies. So I now have back-up for the essential part of my life: i.e., spending money.

  17. Bear in mind we’ve been without a functioning kitchen for, lo, a year and a half now (we’re working on it) (slowly). This week I made cream of squash soup, experimenting with a black pepper new to me, Urfa, a pepper with warmth and earthiness. I’m pleased. If I could Insta the taste, I would. Also roasted, then vinaigretted broccoli, red pepper and garlic. Again for the win. I may have to take up cooking.

  18. I had a similar issue when my keyboard stopped working on Friday. I was afraid to reboot the computer because then I wouldn’t be able to log into it–then I stepped away from it for five minutes, it shut itself off and refused to reboot for an hour.
    Once it did, everything was fine again, but OMG. I am typing like mad on writing projects just in case.

    In other news, why can’t anyone just let me diddle around at work and just allow me to slack off when things are not on fire? Why must I have to constantly look like I am working hard at THIS time of the year?

    I also made donuts:


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