Working Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I’m finishing a book and working on the start of a History of Trees Shawl because it’s all V-stitch and I find V-stitch conducive to thinking.

What’s are you doing this week?

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  1. I finally got another set of proofs to work on this morning, but was immediately distracted from them by yet more drama in the way of my house purchase. The vendor’s conveyancers don’t want to do what my solicitor has said they need to; plus I’ve just learned the vendor’s going away on Saturday until after New Year. My solicitor’s in a meeting, so I’m waiting to see if she can somehow pull the rabbit from the hat.

    I’ve also been wrestling with paint and flooring choices, although alas it looks as if these may not be urgent after all. My flat’s in a mess – newspaper on the floor where I’ve been painting samples – so I also need to have a big clear-up before a friend arrives on Friday for the night.

    Want to read Jenny’s draft Act One, but probably not today when my head’s all over the place.

  2. I’ll be quite interested in your shawl when you’ve got a photo. It looks very interesting.

    In the meantime, I completed my co-workers’ Christmas gifts. Every year I craft an ornament to give them. This year, I crocheted miniature stockings. I bought a kit with three skeins of yarn and some instructions for 12 stockings. I kept at it, making 17 of the little buggers, leaving not a scrap of yarn left over. I call that a win-win!

    Now on to other projects!

  3. Yesterday I mailed off all but a few of the Christmas cards. Still much
    Christmas shopping to do. We also started up Winter Special Olympics, which is ice skating. Speed skating to be exact, although no one is that speedy yet. Son is still learning (we’d gone twice before as a family), but he’s fearless in a way his mom is not. 😉 I feel like I may be slowing him down, but I genuinely enjoy skating (even though I’m not very good) so I’m determined to get out there with him.

    Today will be a day without cookies. 😕 Probably. I have to get a rough draft of my final exam to my professor today, so that is first priority. Then speech therapy and running, maybe if there is time.

    1. I’m making Christmas presents. I finished a wreath for a gift last night and now I am on to making a bunch of crocheted food.

        1. I’ve done it now 20 years, and every year about October I start wondering whether I’m trapped by my own traditions. But it’s the thought that counts, so I go with it.

  4. Last week I traveled and was in a 3 day class where I had the opportunity to work on my hand piecing project. I was able to finish this rosette

    It will be on the edge of the quilt which is why there is only half a rosette and still complete.

    Looking forward I have longarmer quilting, baking, and sewing curtains in my future. I am also going to read Nita’s Act 1. 👍 oh, and the day job 😝 gets in the way, but pays the bills

  5. Finished Part One of Jenny’s book. I have nothing to add except I am now waiting for part two. I laughed with glee when I’d finished.

    You’ll have to cut from Part One, Jenny because the rest of it is golden. Your more discerning readers may find ways to cut but I raced through the other parts. Nothing slowed me down, except maybe mention of the Hotels. I’ve taken exception to them, I’m sorry. And I like Button much better now.

    I have also been working on Christmas presents (fleece hats and hand warmers). Thank you to Nancy H for mentioning Co-workers because even though I don’t have any there are a couple of previous co-workers that I want to gift. I have ornaments I made for the craft fair, so it’s just a matter of wrapping them.

    I also started on a pattern for a fleece jacket for my daughter’s birthday. (Dec. 22, what was I thinking?). Once I get the pattern right I’ll be able to whip up the garment pretty quickly. Fleece is so easy to work with. But I wish I’d thought to purchase a small size dress form. Then I wouldn’t have to borrow teenagers to hang things on.

    Now back to writing the bazillion words. Writing first!!! (I’m trying here, people, but with all that creating on the table behind me it ain’t easy!)

  6. This is my first non-present-giving Christmas, and I’m feeling so much less stressed. So of course I decided to tackle my stash of Christmas fabrics to get them sorted and the ones that aren’t to my taste get made into stuff and given away.

    First such thing is a lap quilt made out of some really pretty but not traditional green fabrics (that are still clearly Christmas-y). A friend’s daughter likes more muted colors than I do, so I decided to take the five fat quarters and make a lap quilt out of them. (And you know how I said it was lots faster to use up fabric than yarn? Not always! Five fat quarters don’t take up a lot of space, but are taking up a couple of weeks of work.)

    Top is pieced and photograph is at Instagram:

    I’ve since basted it, so it’s ready for quilting and then binding. Not entirely sure it’ll be done to mail on the 17th, but that’s my goal for next week’s WorkingWednesdayPix — that it will be done and in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service.

    1. P.S. Kittens want me to say that they’ve been busy too. Caught a mouse last night. They still don’t understand why I didn’t take a picture of the corpse for Instagram.

    2. I want a non-present giving Christmas! I felt like we were sooo close on the husband’s side (my parents’ side put the moratorium on presents years ago) but then my brother-in-law married a lovely, lovely woman who loves tchothkes and trinkets. (Sigh). Her family is big into presents and celebrating everything. I don’t mind buying presents for kids, ever. That’s fun. But adults? Not always easy or fun. One year we all bought each other Amazon cards and I thought, well, that was silly.

  7. Overseas and US Christmas cards have been mailed. Hannukah came early this year so all major gifts have been given. I have a few Christmas gifts that will go in my luggage to Australia later in the month. Yay! No ridiculous postage fees.
    Yestrrdsy, I signed off on the galley for The Legend of Crying Girl Creek. My eyes are shot and my head aches, but it is done! I’m at the point of being sick of the story. Awaiting a release date. Most likely late spring.

  8. After my muffin-taste-decision-ambivalence last Saturday, I ended up making Matcha-vanilla-blueberry muffins. They ended up very green.
    The taste was also quite… green. The matcha came through beautifully. It was a little bit too strong in the four muffins that were blueberry-free (F’s request, he keeps on thinking he doesn’t like cakes/muffins/pies/cookies with fruit or berries in them and then end up eating them anyway) ), but it worked out very well with the blueberries. However I probably could’ve been a bit more generous with the berries. Unfortunately the muffins were a bit too dry for my taste, so I will have to experiment more with the recipe. More egg and/or butter, possibly. So difficult to know sometimes how much to use of which, since every muffin recipe is different. What would you ladies suggest – how much butter and how many eggs do you use for the best muffins?

    I’ve found some other recipes that I will try out too, when I have the ingredients. For the Matcha-blueberry, I mean. And I will try out the raspberry-chocolate-chili as well, soon. And I can’t believe I haven’t tried pineaple-orange yet… Anyway, the chemo has really started to do it’s black magic on MIL now, so I haven’t really had the possibility to go shopping for muffin stuff since she’s feeling sick and icky and tired and ugh. Poor MIL. I should make her some muffins!

    So in view of our grocery shopping-problem (for some reason you have to eat other things than muffins), I have spent the entire morning trying to figure out how to do the grocery shopping online. And just when I had figured it out and was one click away from placing my order, MIL called and said she felt fit enough to go grocery shopping today after all…….. So we did. But I didn’t buy any muffin-stuff because we had so much already and I didn’t want to make it worse. So, weell. Next week maybe, when I will try the online ordering system for real.

    Tomorrow a gaming-friend comes to visit us for the weekend, arriving from Madrid sometime during the afternoon. It’s gonna be fun. And I could always force him to go get baking ingredients with me…. hm……….

    1. Those muffins look great! When I make muffins, I use the crazy muffin recipe from bigger bolder baking. I will put a link in the next comment down! 👇 the nice thing about this particular recipe is that you’re meant to mix up a big batch of plain muffin batter, then separate it out, and add flavorings to each separate part to get a multiflavored batch. It’s great when you don’t want a dozen of the same type of muffin! I Frankensteined my blueberry-lemon and chocolate-chip-strawberry muffin recipes out of her suggestions for other flavors (lemon poppyseed, blueberry oat, Apple cinnamon, and double chocolate chip).

        1. Wow great, thanks for sharing! I’ll check it out! 🙂 (And also, thanks for the like on Twitter 🙂 )

          F gave me speaking kitchen scales as an early christmas present, so measuring butter and whatnot should be easier now 🙂 Yay!

  9. So, you’ve heard about the earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska from almost 2 weeks ago, right? Yeah, the library I manage was the hardest hit library in the area. We’re still closed to the public, picking up probably 50,000 items and putting them back in order. And cleaning. OMG, the cleaning! So much dust from the ceiling tiles that fell, and it’s everywhere. It’s a big job, and we’re all exhausted, but looking forward to life as usual as soon as the structural engineers say we can be open to the public.

    In other news, I’m working on separating my life from my husband’s after 21 years of marriage. Another big job, lots of stress, and trying to keep things on an even keel for the kids.

    Writing is on the back burner right now, but the brain keeps on churning out ideas. It makes me hopeful if a little frustrated that I can’t do anything about it at the moment.

    Sleep is good. Sleep is the only place I get to escape the stress these days. I may never get enough of it.

    Every step is one closer to a better future, whether at work or at home. I’m looking forward to 2019 and new beginnings of all kinds.

    1. Sending you all the sympathy! We are moving all the books in our much smaller school library – not a disaster, just a reorganization – and it is such a dusty, dirty job. I hope that your library gets to open soon, and your personal life also sorts itself out positively.

    2. Nancy, news of the earthquake hadn’t filtered through to Tasmania, but the after effects sound huge. I hadn’t thought of libraries and earthquakes in the same breath, but of course there would be so much cleaning up to do. Much strength to your arm! And with the separation too. Sleep is very healing at fraught times like this.

  10. I am trying to gain some mastery over the fair isle knitting technique in which one strand of yarn is held in the left hand and knitted continental style and the other strand is held in the right hand and thrown in the British style. I managed to make a very lovely fair isle hat for my husband: Mostly, however, I have been swamped at work (as has almost everyone I speak with this year) and can’t wait for the holidays when I can try to do some creative things (like baking).

  11. I’m working on the new book and coming up against the recurring truth that you have to let things go the way they want to go. I’d plotted this part of the story, and thought it was going in a particular direction. But when I came to write it, part of me kept saying, ‘But he wouldn’t do that. He’d do THIS.’

    I kept pushing back, because if he did THIS, I couldn’t see how the children and dogs could possibly escape. But I eventually came to my senses and just started writing it anyway. And of course a solution appeared. It’s all about trust, isn’t it.

    1. I’m on that boat, too, except I’m not an outliner… And I think I may be throwing out several scenes that are already written because the characters just won’t arrive in the place that they’re written from . It is somehow both incredibly irritating and incredibly freeing. I’ve been dead stuck for months, and I have been blaming the baby, but now I think it may just be what I was trying to put these square pegs into round holes…

      Of course, the baby isn’t exactly helping. But he is cute!

  12. Writing another novella.
    #19 was done week of Nov 26.
    #20 was done week of Dec 3.
    This will be #21. I think years of employment frustration are coming out as “writing the stories I want to read which happen to be set in a world I wish I inhabited.”

  13. I’m making all the appointments: four maintenance for me, three maintenance for the house, two dog maintenance, two social engagements. Busy times ahead.

  14. I am obsessed with little cups (like these: I make them endlessly. Trimmed another batch this morning, and am already thinking of making more on Friday, although I should really be working on a couple of other things. They’re like brain candy though.

    My other project is going to be using up some old yarn for something silly and cute. Must look up some amigurami patterns and find one that fits.

  15. It’s Hell Week at the high school where I teach (week before finals, late work deadline is Friday, kids and teachers alike going mad with stress) so I’m just trying to make it through, lol!

    And maybe make some mini ornaments for my Secret Santa. 🎅 Time permitting…? (Hint: it does not.) Ah well.

    It’s also Hell Week at home, because my husband performs with a semi-professional choir, so he has rehearsals and performances from now until the end of time, so I go from school to juggling the three year old and the baby.

    But tonight I got to work out, got them to sleep, and am enjoying a hot bath before heading back to School Hell tomorrow. Oh, for the power to smite…!

  16. Got almost all the presents wrapped to be shipped tomorrow, but i have to go get pictures printed first as they are part of one present. Also, Christmas cards. I know the number I need, just don’t have all the addresses. >.<

    I'm about to be poor from shipping, and already poor from vet bill today. But my visit to my dentist went fabulously, and my new license is in the mail, so no more illegal driving!

    But! Finished three scarves that are getting shipped! That leaves one and a half for my mother, and possibly redoing one for a new, casual friend. Turns out it's not her style. I also dropped a mother f-ing stitch, which i noticed NOW, two weeks after it's been done. My boyfriend thinks it's good enough, the thought is there, but i want her to like it. 🙁

    I desperately just want to sit and color. Or work on crochet that's not scarves. *facepalm*

  17. I spent the better part of the past week living through and then recovering from a stomach bug, which was bad enough, but the headache and fever that came with the stomach stuff made me mostly non-functional. I did get really, really final revisions back to my editor for one book, and am (more slowly than I’d like) making progress on my WIP, so am trying to give myself credit for something this week.

    As for holiday prep, I’m basically pretending there is no holiday, other than the parties we have to attend (husband’s work and both our families’ gatherings), because if I think about all the things I’m not doing this year, I’ll feel guilty. Also, there’s a family rift that has developed over the past couple of years and my husband and I are stuck in the middle. He throws his hands up and laments that things are not as they once were, leaving me to deal with reality, like reminding all the players we are not their referees, thank you very much.

    Can I just go to bed now and wake up when it’s 2019? Maybe Jan 3, when the new House has been sworn in?


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