Happiness is . . . ZZZZZZ

Happiness is oversleeping and then finding out a water main broke in front of your house and you slept through the worst of the repair.  

Actually, happiness is just oversleeping on a weekend.

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  1. Eyes closed four kitty legs spread out the ultimate in comfort. My happiness included grandchildren helping to decorate the tree (put them anywhere) while I juggled the batteries in the ornaments. We invert them so they wont run out of juice over the summer. Not so happiness was when the kitchen fawcett went on the fritz just when we were sitting down for supper. Scrambled to locate the turn off valve. Spent Saturday morning looking up a new kitchen fawcett but went with a replacement part instead. Companies are using plastic for the nozzle. I suppose if your going to pay megabucks you can get one made of all metal.

    That reminds me, Jenny did you ever get your trash pick up sorted out?

  2. I had that happen to me on Thanksgiving when the water main broke at 3 a.m. Dear lord, could you not sleep through that. I then proceeded to sleep through my alarm (I heard it, I just didn’t react) and thus we didn’t go to the damn Turkey Trot. Which I didn’t want to go to anyway, so that was fine.

    But yes, sleeping in on a weekend is the best.

  3. Hope all the water is running in the right places again. Happiness to sleep through the din, and have the pups do so as well!

  4. When I was younger, I never slept in. I do it more as I’ve gotten older but as much as I enjoy being asleep, I get anxious as soon as I look at the clock – less time to do the things I planned for that day (usually a weekend, since I work full time). It’s less stressful when I’m on vacation, but I don’t think I’m a natural sleeper-inner.

    1. I wasn’t when I was working full time, but within a week of retiring I slept in until 9 am every morning (and this morning, chilly with kittens bored in to warmest places in Our Bed, I slept in until nearly noon).

  5. I can’t sleep in ever (I think it’s genetic) but I love weekend naps, preferably a power nap to a cozy/light audiobook. I also enjoy quiet weekend mornings while the sleep-in-ers are doing their thing.

  6. Argh! Flashing back now to the summer of 2017, when the town replaced ALL the water mains on my major street, and there aren’t any possible detours for traffic, which meant it had to be done at night, when the occasional car could be guided around the work. It took of course twice as long as it was projected to (something like six months and it only finished then because otherwise the snow was going to prevent completion, and they upped their crew size), and they always seemed to be working at least somewhat on my block, even when the bulk of the work was happening elsewhere. Started up at 10 pm, stopped at 6 am. I could handle the noise with earplugs to some extent, but my house is so close to the road (literally no more than twelve feet after a road-widening improvement fifteen years ago) that it shook every time the backhoe moved.

  7. Apparently Microsoft won’t recognize my skype identity, and made me re-invent it. Used the exact same email and password, but no one who skyped with me before can use my previous “identity”, so the board meeting went on without me. Not my favorite thing to do any way, but i am feeling guilty because someone else will have to do the minutes. So sort of guiltily happy. I am doing an extra load of laundry to reinstate myself in my good graces. And making my first batch of Christmas cookies, so extra happies there.

    1. We use Zoom instead of Skype. It’s more reliable, doesn’t require everyone to have an account to join a meeting, and just works really well. Just FYI in case that’s helpful!

  8. I slept most of Friday, but that was because I had some kind of stomach bug (which refuses to go away, although the fever only lasted that first day). Mostly I wake up early even on the days I don’t have to, although sometimes it takes me a while to drag my ass out of bed. Usually impatient cats chasing each other across the top of the bed acts as motivation…

    My happy this week was finally being able to announce that I am joining the St. Martin’s Press family. Not with a novel, alas (some day), but with my first mainstream witchcraft book, aimed at empowering women. Here’s the official announcement.

    Deborah Blake’s A MODERN WITCHCRAFT PRIMER: GODDESS EMPOWERMENT FOR THE KICK-ASS WOMAN, a guidebook to witchcraft as a female-focused religion, including detailed instructions on how to practice self-care in today’s society through goddess worship and magic, to Daniela Rapp at St. Martin’s Essentials, in a nice deal, by Elaine Spencer at The Knight Agency.

    I’m going to do a happy dance as soon as my stomach stops hurting.

    1. I had/have the stomach bug too. It’s nasty. Started Tuesday and now late on Sunday it’s partly better, but not gone. If anyone else gets it, don’t make the same mistake I did — just stop eating for a few days. Or stick to small amounts of bland starches, and avoid dairy at all costs. Apparently being in denial and pushing through it, continuing to eat/drink like normal, makes it worse and prolongs the agony.

      1. I had the same sort of bug and made the same mistake – must push through it and attend all the parties! Not at all a good plan.

        Deb, congratulations on having this reason to do a happy dance! I hope your stomach will allow you to do so soon. 🙂

  9. Glad you got to sleep in, and that the water main is fixed. Yay! I need sleep. I drove down to the desert to party with my gal pals who live there year round, or come from other states for the winter. It was lovely to visit my old stomping ground and catch up in person.

    This was my first long car trip after the knee surgery and it went well. The right never bothered me, but the left one got all achy. Damn thing. I refuse to go through that again so it had better behave. Later this month I’m going to Australia.

    Today was our RWA chapter meeting and holiday party. A fun event at The Ripped Bodice romance bookstore. Tuesday morning I have brunch with another author pal. Then I have to stop eating. Eeeep.

  10. Dog wakens my husband early, so both currently napping. That’s them sorted.

    Books waiting to be read.

    Everything’s done that needs doing. Happiness.

  11. Roughly since 2006 (I think), I’ve been working the 4 PM to midnight shift. I don’t go to bed the moment I get home – I’m generally up until at least 3 AM. I can get 8 hours sleep by rolling over until elevenses. But, as a diabetic, I’ll have been up once or twice for… reasons. If I’m tired, well, the kids are grown and I can sleep in any time I want, as long as I’m dressed and going to work around 3 PM. And I have, from time to time.

    My daughter left me a note that her Christmas With Her In-Laws was cancelled, and could we move up our dinner and shopping trip to lunch? So I went to bed at 2 AM and was up and dressed when she knocked at 11 AM. She said “Noon?” I replied “Why not now?” Off we went. We shopped at all the usual suspects. My Christmas shopping is complete and I’m still well rested, despite crowds and traffic.

    Oh, dinner was Ruby Tuesday, where we both had salad bar and Cajun Ribeyes. They were great.

  12. Happiness was spending the weekend at a friend’s house baking about a dozen types of cookies for a cookie exchange / party at their house. And double happiness was realizing that I just didn’t want to stand around talking to strangers, so I headed to a comfy chair on the upstairs landing and read a book during the party. I could hear it happening and had the option to join, but *didn’t have to.* I have never enjoyed a party more.

  13. I just got back from short Summer camp. Weird weather made it odd. It started on Friday and ended today. I’m so happy. It was wonderful.

  14. I can’t seem to nap *or* sleep in, and it occurs to me I am working on a fairly serious sleep deficit today. The last couple of weeks have been … not insomniac, just insufficient. Staying up too late for Reasons and not having the option (or ability) to sleep late. Eh well. The state of my job is such that I don’t need to be very alert most of the time.

    Happiness was going out with the husband and friends on Saturday, then seeing the same friends plus two more on Sunday and getting well caught-up.

  15. It’s now 2:20 PM, and I’ve been awake since 1:45 PM, the day after final Christmas Shopping. I went to bed at 3:30 this morning, so that’s about ten hours. And I don’t work today!

  16. I love sleeping in. Given a choice, I’d likely go to bed around 2 am and sleep until noon. Sadly, my job nor my husband’s income alone does not support that lifestyle.


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