Cherry Saturday, December 29, 2018

Today is Tick Tock Day, a lovely holiday that reminds you that you’re running out of time. Since I’m dealing with heart failure and a deadline next Friday, I am officially ignoring this day.

You, of course, may panic to your heart’s content.

28 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, December 29, 2018

  1. I’m back to clocking my hours for the day job: but having to cut right down on them because I’m still wiped out. I’ve just decided not to ask for a follow-on job, but to take a break while I’m (hopefully) finally buying this house and getting ready to move. While I really should be earning, it’s more important to take care of myself, I think – I need to be able to keep going with all the stuff for the move.

    It’s been sunny today, and I wish I had the energy for a good walk. I’ve been sitting in the sun, though; and am about to go for a wander.

  2. Racing the clock to turn in grades before midnight tonight. Wasting time on blogs between sets of essays to give my brain a break–it helps a little, but let’s face it: panic over a deadline is what keeps me motivated!

  3. I had this great button that said:

    To do list:
    1. Procrastinate
    2. Panic

    but I usually swap those two around – I panic early, and then procrastinate, which seems counter-intuitive. The Yarn Harlot says, explicitly, Don’t Panic Early, which I take to mean that yes, I will have a good solid panic, but don’t waste energy you could be spending working (or procrastinating) on panic. Not until it is really, definitely time to panic.

    Honestly I am just indulging in sloth and indolence until the year flips over. Shameful, but relaxing.

  4. Hmm. While I suppose the tick tock could be seen as the running out of time in this year, it could also be seen as the gearing up time for the new year. Like the running jump you take to get over a hurdle. In which case, you’re in great shape to hit your book deadline. Plus, it’s not the print deadline so you’ll still have time for edits later.

    Really my takeaway here is that you’ll have a new book in the new year. Ergo a tick tock countdown to something new. Fab all around:)

    This is how I’m thinking about my home reno that didn’t get finished before the holidays. Not that it’s late and I’m still walking around on subfloor, but that all that new is nearly here. Something to look forward to. Because that’t the thing about tick tocks, they move the “story” forward, one way or the other:)

    1. That’s the line I’m taking on my delayed house purchase: it’s going to flow with the new year, and will be a brilliant start to it.

      1. Absolutely. A lovely fresh start. And a calming relief I imagine to be finally settled in all cosy in your new home. So exciting that the time is almost here:)

  5. Wishing you all the best with your heart. I watched the beautiful South-African romance, Road to Your Heart, a bit ago. The lead actress wrote it and she and her husband play the leads. I especially love the main character’s list of things to do to enjoy life and celebrate a new day. Sometimes in the craziness of life it is easy to forget that each day is a gift. Wishing you many more of them.

  6. I mostly ignore clocks, mostly. Can’t ignore one right this minute, the one telling me to leave for work in one hour. I can’t much ignore the one at work, either, but I know it’s just a little under ten hours until my four-day weekend starts.

    It’ll start with dinner with the daughter, some time between 11 AM and 5 PM. When exactly isn’t so important. We’ll eat “after three, some time.”

    That whole “Up At Midnight To Drink In The New Year?” I’m normally up til 3 AM anyway; I’ll bring it in with a 3 ounce glass of heart-healthy red wine (port – I can stand that.) I mean, if I notice it’s midnight.

    My favorite clock is this thing I got for employee appreciation this year. The front is a digital display of date and time under a photo – in this case of the youngest grandson looking quite devilish. He was definitely up to something. The back is a calculator, and I still use it – a lot – despite phone apps and computer apps and spreadsheets and all that.

    Happy Tick Tock Day (and are you sure this isn’t an Oz holiday celebrating automatons?)

  7. I want those ticks and tocks to hurry up. January 1st is the start of my Gap Year, between turning in my last project for a patient-advocacy group I’ve spent way, way, way too much time on for the last fifteen or so years, and settling on a new passion to pursue in 2020.

    At the moment, I’m setting up “rules” for my Gap Year. So far, I’ve got:

    1. Play on Sundays and holidays
    2. Unplug
    3. Nap more
    4. Skip the scale
    5. Do something different with fiction
    6. Quilt lots
    7. Tai chi and/or meditation

    I need three more, I think. Or maybe seven is good. I do use the “rule of 7,” in plotting, after all (I don’t start writing a premise until I have at least 7 pieces of the story, because I used to get started with just one piece of the story, and then I’d peter out, because there wasn’t enough “there” there).

      1. Oh, that’s good. Garden more! I sort of fell out of the gardening habit after I got Lyme disease in my own back yard. Gotta get over that.

  8. Tick Tock to the new year. Have a few deadlines because you know year end and all that accounting stuff. New computer and new program ready to go 2019. Yeah. It will free me up for the stuff I WANT to do and haven’t done in 2018. Horrid Year.

    Starting the downsizing too. Going to be ruthless!

    Jenny – you are amazing and will have the new book out next year.

  9. After breakfast and housework, I spent most of my day lounging on the bed, reading, and resting. I watched a re-run of Grand Designs Revisited – the one with the cross-laminated timber house, and I just love the couple featured. The way they talk to, and about each other = goals.

  10. Good luck with the book deadline. I’ll be missing for s couple of weeks. Off to the Aussie bush. Expect to hear, on my return, that your book has been submitted and everyone loves it!

  11. Christmas is over, so I’ve relaxed into Post Christmas time from the anxieties of Pre Christmas.

    Also, I’m floating between time, having flown across a six hour time difference yesterday. The plane was on time, but heavy traffic and multiple accidents on the road doubled the length of the usually two hour drive home.

    My daughter’s pain levels jumped as a result of the extended traveling; her suffering reminded my husband that her time stretches between when her medication is effective and when its potency decreases.

    This morning he picked up the cat from the kennel; since then, she has spent the day mostly on top of our daughter, her goddess and slave. Occasionally, the cat has wandered around the house howling. She had no idea how long she would be in kennel prison: that sort of time always lasts forever, I suspect.

  12. My own deadlines are bad enough. But people keep giving me their deadlines. And I accept them because they are family activities and if I didn’t have all these damn work deadlines they would be fine. Plus I got sick twice over the holidays.

    I need to grow a spine.

  13. Memo to Jenny’s heart: hang in there, please. We want more years with Jenny (and I’m sure you do too).

    Best wishes!!!!

  14. I keep losing track of which day it is, because of the holidays and an off-kilter work schedule. So I know I’m running out of time, I’m just not sure which time and for what.

  15. I am spending time with the grandkids, so I don’t care about clicked. Though I am amazed at how much they change in the few months between visits.

    I took some time to tag along on one of my mother’s doctor appointments this month. This doctor spent a long time trying to diagnose me and I got to tell him thanks for the effort and thanks for being willing to admit when it was out of his league.

  16. I’m still on vacation (even though it has been a sad vacation because mine got canceled because my mother got the flu) so fuck this. All I do is crochet creatures and watch Hallmark Channel this week.

    And sadly, fight with Mom today because she is feeling better enough to get feisty at me, sigh.

  17. Last night my husband, daughter, and I exchanged gifts. Daughter curled up in bed with black cat, consuming Deborah Blake’s Cat Magic.

    The cat approves.

  18. Yesterday I started to undecorate from the holiday. I thought it was a better solution instead of doing it all at once, so I’m spreading it out throughout the weekend. Only broke one decoration but with the help of my trusty glue gun put it back together (that makes a total of four for this year). The tree will be last on New Years day.

    Our granddaughters were here one day this week for a sleepover and the youngest texted last night to say she lost her cell phone and asked to see if it was in the car. We’ll check this morning. If it is not there we’ll have to call Home Goods and ask if anyone found it. They love that store. The first time I took them it was like Disneyland to young teenagers, they were in awe and mentally doing over their bedrooms.

  19. I always have the days between Christmas and New Year as a holiday. Really just quiet time to potter and rest. I can procrastinate and panic for the rest of the year.

    Managed to knit the fashion fur hat kit I mentioned before, Thanks to Jenny’s suggestion. Otherwise I probably would have sent the mangled wool back to my sister with the words (Knit it yourself!!!) (she crochets)
    My fault I volunteered without knowing it was fashion fur.

  20. I’m at work. I’ve got about an hour of stuff I need to do so payroll can do their thing and everyone gets paid. Then I’m off until the 2nd. I’m going to do my best imitation of a sloth.


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