35 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, December 15, 2018

  1. Well, I spent this week trying to get everyone involved in my house purchase to cooperate so it can actually happen before Christmas. The vendor’s conveyancer didn’t want to do her bit, contradicted herself, and then took offence at my solicitor suggesting a solution. The whole thing was complicated by the unexpected news that the vendor was going on holiday overseas today until sometime in January – and if her conveyancer didn’t revise the documents and get them to her to sign, the deal woukd go back into limbo until her return.

    My strategy was to pass on all the information I received from all the parties involved, in the hope that the more everyone knew, the better decisions they’d make. And it (or something) worked: the vendor signed yesterday and returned the documents to her conveyancer. So if they managed to revise those documents correctly, and update the Land Registry entry, we should be able to exchange and complete this week.

    Then all I’ve got to do is organize the decorating and flooring and movers. Who are all going to be on holiday over Christmas/New Year. But I’m hoping once I’ve got the house I’ll start to relax a bit (although spending money is pretty stressful).

    1. Good luck! I hope you are into your home by early January!

      It almost seems like its illegal to buy and sell homes in your country.

      I feel that Odysseus had an easier time getting home and re-taking his estate by force.

  2. I run an artisans’s cooperative shop with fifty local and regional artists and craftspeople. I’m pretty sure this is the actual definition of trying to herd cats.

    Also, I have cats. (4 of them, 3 of them a bit over a year old and crazy.)

  3. I wish I had a cat to herd. But he’s in Sweden and herds himself at my mum’s place.

    In the meantime, I’m trying to herd my guy here at home, and the visitor we have from Spain right now. Gonna take the latter to the store later on to buy stroopwafels (syrup waffles). I gave him one and he’s addicted. Them dutchies know how to make addictive cookies.

    I’m gonna have one now. Because I can. 🙂

  4. I actually found it pretty easy to herd roommates’ cats.
    1. open can of food
    2. walk with open can of food to where you want cats to go
    3. cats follow
    4. put down food and close door.

  5. I had a cat who came running at the sound of my vintage typewriter tapping. To her it meant playtime because she loved to hit the keys and watch the arms move to strike the paper. I do believe she would have written a book if she knew how to spell. Or maybe she did and I just didn’t know how to read the collection of letters she tapped out. Or the bunch of jangled keys clumped together that she sometimes left behind if her keystrokes were light:)

  6. Every day is cat herding day with three (adolescent) kittens and three middle-aged cats! They’ve come to tolerate each other pretty well. Actually, the kittens have huge crushes on the grown-ups, so the tolerating is on the part of the grown-ups.

    One of the kittens is determined to eat Todd’s kibble. All of them want the “wrong” food actually, with the kittens wanting grown-up food and the slightly obese adults wanting the high-calorie kitten food, so that requires a bit of herding. But Ruby doesn’t just want grown-up food, she wants TODD’s grown-up food. Mind you, Todd has a bit of Maine Coon in him, and he’s close to 20 pounds, whereas Ruby comes from a tiny mother and is maybe 6 or 7 pounds. But she jumps past all the barriers to push her face into Todd’s bowl, and he just moves aside, looking plaintively at me or at the bowl that’s rapidly being emptied and not into his stomach. He’s just so pitiful. And Ruby is completely oblivious to the angst she’s causing him.

  7. I am on vacation until 12/26 and that day I work from home. I am a very happy girl.

    Dealing with my coworkers often feels like herding cats — heck, just dealing with my bud Larry is like herding cats. I have said of him, with perfect truth, that he has a six track mind with trains on every track. He is the king of digressions, but we’re so in sync that he can suddenly say, “Kate, what’s that song?” and I tell him the song he was looking for. Mind you, the question comes with no discernible context, yet I still know.

    1. I can say to my best friend of 25 years, sing that song I like, you know the one. And she knows what song I mean and all the words 🤗

  8. When we first got cats, I was a scientifically minded tween so I tried training them to come when I whistled. By whistling when I fed them, I trained one of the two to come when I whistled about 90% of the time.

    In current times, I have been meaning to clear out the undersink cabinet in the bathroom for while now. It’s a mystery what all is in the back corners.

    1. We used to call our cats by turning on the electric can opener. They’d come on the run. Worked 100%.

  9. This reminds me of one of my favorite commercials – the EDS commercial of 2000 showing the cat herders. I just read the Wikipedia article on how the commercial was made and I’m off to watch the commercial again on You Tube.

      1. That link led to the EDS commercial, followed by at least six “Dear Kitten” Purina commercials. LA (Laughed Aloud. Just like LOL but less bandwidth.)

  10. My actual cat herding success is giving four cats three different kinds of treats all at the same time. It requires some dexterity – I have to pitch the treats to the cat reluctant to rub shoulders with the others – but they’ve learned that the opening of the dresser drawer with the treats is a good thing.

  11. I actually taught one of my cats to stay out of the kitchen. It was a alcove type kitchen so no reason for him to go through it or be in it. I started when he was just a kitten with a broom. Whenever he wandered in I swept him out (gently but firmly). We progressed to where I could just leave the broom at the door, then did away with it eventually. People often asked how did I know he did not go in there at night. Well, his bowl of kibble was just outside the door and if any fell onto the kitchen floor, it was still there in the morning. That was the extent of his education however – he never came when called unless it was to his advantage and moving him off a couch illlustrated how a 10 lb cat can add 20 lbs in an instant.

  12. No cats, not for years. The daughter has two dogs who love to bark at me whenever I ascend from the dungeon (my garage apartment is down four steps from the rest of the house) but then insist on skritchies and lap time.

    No, my cats were the twins, my youngest grandchildren, who were too sick for school but not too sick to accompany mom to the craft store (Michael’s). We went in my car (hers is in the shop) and we only needed some felt for a gnome she’s crafting. (The first one turned out well.)

    I’m telling no one anything new when I say that treats held hostage to good behavior are only effective if you follow through. They knew they were getting happy meals (about which they were at best indifferent) and subsequently, the toys that come-with.

    I’d rather herd cats.

  13. One of my favourite Mythbusters episodes was the one where they tried to herd cats, and came to the conclusion that cats will not be herded. It was hilarious watching them try.

    My cat-herding yesterday took the form of trying to clean out and sort my nine year old son’s bedroom in order to fit in the new electronic drum kit (dear gods, what were we thinking????). I even managed to get him to let go of some of his treasures – that kid collects EVERYTHING. And it’s all now much more dust-free. For now.

  14. I am cat free. We’ve never had any. But dogs, ah, dogs. My beloveds.

    All but one were trainable. So life was good.

  15. We’re trying to trap a lost cat at our place. He’s incredibly timid and it’s going to take days and days to coax him into a trap. We know where his people live but they’d only been his owners for a few days, so he won’t let them near him either. Poor daft puss.

    Herding scared cats is hard!

  16. When my cats were kittens, I tried to toilet train them. Unfortunately, I was too impatient and cut the first hole out of the plastic tray too soon. So, it became a game to push the litter into the toilet and not use it as intended.


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