Decoding Critiques

A very long time ago (twenty years maybe?) I read a manuscript by a friend.  Well, I read the first 160 pages before I gave up.  I handed it back to her and said, “I quit reading at page 160 because nothing new was happening, it was the same damn thing over and over.”  And she said, “But that’s when it gets really good.”

I think that’s tattooed on my brain now because, of course, I say the same thing when people suggest that every word of my first act is not genius, GENIUS I tell you.  But I really thought of it this time because I was going through Act 3 and thinking, “Okay, now this is getting good.”  That’s only 84,000 words into the novel.  I’m sure readers will stick with it that long to get to the good stuff.

 Just kidding, I’m getting out my ax now.

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