Act One Is A Little Long

In every book writing process, there comes a time when you absolutely cannot see where you’ve gone wrong. And, friends, we have reached that time with Nita’s book.

I’m still rewriting Acts Three and Four, but Act One is ready for beta reads.  And since I’ve posted earlier drafts on here before, I’m giving it to any of you who care to read 42,000 words of too long fictional first act that you probably have read too many times already. (For those of you new to this, a first act must introduce the protagonist and introduce or foreshadow the main conflict, preferably on the first page, introduce all the major characters, foreshadow the antagonist, introduce all the subplots, and end with a turning point that spins the plot in a new direction and makes the story new.  Backward and in high heels.)

So I need fresh eyes, aka beta readers that are not me, to look at this act.  I know some of you have read a thousand drafts of this already, so “fresh” is stretching it, but any help you can give is appreciated.  And if you can’t, that’s fine, I’ll just sit here in the dark alone.

I need to know:

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