Happiness is Sleeping with an Animal.

Maybe I’m still on Santa Paws time, but after a day fraught with conflict and repressed anger, I am happy that I have three small dogs snoring in my bed.  There’s something so completely serene about all three of them snoozing away, Milton under the covers, Mona with her legs in the air, and Veronica languishing like a diva in the quilt.  I figure it’s like yawning.  You know how when somebody yawns, you yawn, too?  I think the complete lack of tension is catching.  It’s very hard to be tense while you’re watching a puppy chases rabbits in his sleep or an old dog sigh and smile while she snoozes.  

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a dog.  Could be a cat.  Or another animal.  Maybe Chris Hemsworth.  You choose.

What made you happy this week?